The journey together (intro and epi-1)

Hiii…. everyone I’m here to write a fan-fiction on the sisterly bond between Swara-Ragini and better say SwaRagini… And the brotherly bond between Sanskar-Lakshya and better say SanLak…. And hope you all like it and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything… and this is Sharon shrivatsav….

All the characters are same except for 2
Avni: sister of SanLak… studying 1st year
Raj: brother of SwaRagini… studying 3rd year
Both are studying in the same college….

The story starts from here…
A big marriage hall is shown and the bridegroom is wearing a sherwani of hot ink colour with silver embroidery and he has peta on his head and he is waiting for his bride to come and sit beside him And the bridegroom is non-other than Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari sitting and waiting for his bride to come and a girl is walking here and there with a wail on her head and greeting every one and welcoming them for her sisters marriage…
Meanwhile a boy is shown coming down the steps making his collar proper and sees the girl in the wail and goes towards her…. While the girl ignores him and moves away…
And in the meantime Avni comes there and calls the boy…
Avni: lucky bhai…
Lakshya sees her comes towards Avni leaving the girl alone ..
Lakshya: Avni what happened????
Avni: bhai I know your hurt but give her some time she will be ok…. And plzz… at least she is smiling and walking happily all around and if remind her about the incident again she will lose her interest in the marriage so let her enjoy… Plzz….
Lakshya: but…
Avni: bhai plzz… understand her also always she cannot adjust even you have to adjust and respect her feeling bhai… give her some space..
Lakshya with a sad face moves from there and goes to the garden area and takes out a girls photo from his pocket and stares at it with mixed emotions.. .
Inside the hall
Sanskar is waiting eagerly for the arrival of the bride and she arrives with the wail on her face and even the bride is having wail on her as per the ritual…
Bride comes and sits beside bridegroom and she is wearing a bridal lehenga of hot pink colour and silver embroidery and both bride and bride groom remember how they had told the designer they want to wear same colour dress on their marriage and there came a small smile on both faces (Only the lips of the bride is shown with Hot pink lipstick..)
The pandit starts telling the importance of the marriage that this ceremony depicts the transition for the both bride and bridegroom from the first stage Brahmacharya ashram to the second stage grihast ashram it takes through the logical steps of their first meeting, their decision to get married, both the side parents approval, the couple then committing to get married in front of the sacred fire all the family members, friends and relatives with their blessings of each and every one present and then bride meeting her new family…
By saying this pandit asks the bride’s parents to come forward for kanyadan and recites some of the mantras…. Then the kanyadan takes place and then pandit asks for Brides sister to do gatbhandan and the wailed girl comes there and does gatbhandan and whispers into the couple’s ears…
Girl: I soon want a girl or a boy who will call me chachi…
Both the couples feel embarrassed and blush… And the girl runs from there…
Then pandit asks them to stand for phere Lakshya comes inside with fully red eyes and the wailed girl eyes him and a tear escapes her eyes but she controls herself (only her eyes are shown with mascara and kajal)

Precap: Marriage takes place successfully and the bidai ceremony full of tears…..

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