The journey together (epi-7)

Hiii…. everyone I’m here again your Sharon shrivatsav… And hope you all like my ff and plzz.. comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything..
Ragini starts the story of Flash back and here it goes…
Flash Back Starts…

The first day of the college here…. a girl has come to her college wearing a burka (Because she had been to mosque) and she comes out of her class room laughing with her friends and goes towards canteen while only her eyes are shown which are glittering in sun rays and while going to order a coke a person passing by spills water on her dress and apologises and she lets him go and starts removing her burka there and the group of boys sitting there stares at her and tells what a beauty…. she is wearing long anarkali suit with peach colour and starts sipping her coke and her lips are shown with red lipstick and then her face is shown…she is non-other than our Ragini….. With a smile in her face and the person sitting next to that table turns on hearing what a beauty…. And sees her and is mesmerised to see her and keeps staring at her….and the person is non-other than Lakshya and Ragini does notice him but ignores….
Meanwhile a bike shown on the highway and a person riding it with all the bikers accessories and with a high speed of 120 km/hr and having all the enjoyment while riding that Aprilia (Red and silver colour) bike while all the others are staring at the person…..
College…. At last Ragini cannot control..

Ragini: Stop staring at me….
Lakshya (coming to senses): oh hello!!!! What??? Are you Miss Mumbai that all are staring at you…..
Ragini: oh!!! Just shut up!!!!!
Lakshya: oh!!! Dressed like a Behenji and expecting boys to stare at you….
Ragini: don’t you dare call me Behenji…its Monday today or else…..
Lakshya: I am telling how you are looking… Or else what is Monday an auspicious day…????
Ragini: mind your language Mr.???
Lakshya: Lakshya Maheshwari..
Ragini: what????
Lakshya: my name..
Ragini: whatever….don’t you know how to behave with girls????
Lakshya: what??? I know how to behave or else it would have been different Miss???
Ragini: Unknown to you… And better to be..
Lakshya: kya Ambani ki beti hooo..
Ragini: yess… kya karloge….
Lakshya: kidnap karke paisa mangoonga….
Ragini: kyu bikari ho…. Kehedo mein apni todi paisa dedungi…..samaj seva samajke..
Lakshya: kithna bakti hooo..
Ragini: tum bak raheho aur wo bhi bakwass..

Lakshya gets irritated and holds her by her waist and pulls her towards him and whispers in her ears ‘akad bohat hai tume… Apne gar mein Rajkumari hogi yaha nahi’ Ragini pushes him and tries to go but again he pulls her and pins her to wall and says ‘mere changol se banchna impossible hai’ for that she hits his foot with her high heels and tells ‘never mess-up with me…’ and moves away… Just then the person in the bike enters the same college and comes near the canteen and gives the acceleration of the bike high, horns and gets down and comes behind (not exactly) Lakshya by hearing that bike sound Ragini bends to see and gets stunned and then pushes Lakshya away Because of which he falls down and Ragini with so much of enthusiasm goes and hugs that biker tightly and says ‘I missed you so much’ and the biker lifts her and turns around and says ‘me too…’ while Ragini shouts leave me….. And tells let me bring my bag and goes back to canteen and the girls sitting there tease her “NEW BOYFRIEND HAHHHH!!!!!” Ragini without giving any explanations to the girls runs away to the rider meanwhile Lakshya feels frustrated due to the fall and sees her sitting behind that biker and leaving and returns home with his car….
Flash back is interrupted by Raj…..
Raj: oh!!!! So the first meeting was a fight..
Ragini: yess…

Ray: so who was the biker….?
Ragini: was….. no I will not tell….
Raj: tell it Na diii….
Ragini: think a bit buddu… And laughs loudly…
The other side ..
Sanskar: I am happy to hear Ragini laugh like this…
Swara: me too…
Avni: but who was the biker???
Swara: I know who it was….

Precap: Revelation of the biker…

(keep guessing guys…)
And plzz… tell me if you all are feeling bored I will end this ff….

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  1. I think biker would be ragini brother or swara..

  2. superb plz update today itself

  3. Superb was it swara ???

  4. Awesome ft loved it year am a silent reader don’t end it

  5. superb dear

  6. very nice epi. i loved it a lot

  7. I think its swara right
    And update long one dear i knew how it will take time to update long one but still try

  8. Awesome episode

  9. Not at all boring awesome yaar the biker iz non other than swara

  10. Is d biker swqra OMG ….plzz update d next part soon can’t wait for it ..nd ya believe me this ff is just awesome ….

  11. Sharon shrivatsav

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  12. Update today itself… What to knw wat happ… Cnt wait…

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      Ji was waiting or r comment yaar and I have posted episode 8 in the name of all the commenters……??????? and episode 9 on the name of some one special called ani who had commented in all my ff..???? it would get posted by 2:30 am or something……. plz… read it….

  13. Swara was biker… Interesting

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