The journey together (epi-36)


Hiii… everyone I’m here again your Sharon shrivatsav….
Episode 35

Recap: Ragini gets kidnapped by Ishaan…….

Ragini says she is fine and escaped from the kidnapper somehow. He asks where she is. She asks a woman about the area and tells she is in sangharsh nagar. Lakshya asks her not to worry and stay right there till he comes. He asks Sanskar to bring police there while he reaches there first.
AP, Sumi and the family worry for Ragini. Swara calls Sanskar who informs that Ragini has eloped from kidnappers den and called Lakshya, so they are going there. She says she will come with him to whom he says it is a dangerous place and he is going there with police.
Ragini sits in a building stairs and reminisces Lakshya asking her not to worry. Goons come there and drag her out. She pushes them and runs. Lakshya enters just then and runs behind her……he shouts Ragini…..Ragini sees him and the goons also and Ragini runs to escape from Goons but somehow they both RagLak reach each other and hug each other….
She asks where he went leaving her. He says you left me; and asks her to promise that she will never leave him. She promises. Tere haath mein mere haath ho plays…….they smile at each other and again starts to run goons follow them…..they see a hut nearby and go and hide behind that Goons search them……Ragini was about to shout seeing an insect nearby but Lakshya closed her mouth before she could shout and Goons did not see them and went from there….
Lakshya says why were you about to shout it was just and insect…..Ragini keeps mum! So, Lakshya tells now, speak up!
Ragini bit his palm with her mouth and told how can anyone speak when you are closing my mouth….?
Lakshya: nothing happened to you right?
Ragini nodded in negative and hugged him…..Lakshya also reciprocated…..
After some time when Ragini was consoled she told I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Lakshya: BTW it is not the time to romance…..but, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! And told her we have to escape before they see us again…..they start running and reach some high way…..
Lakshya was searching for network in his phone and walking here and there at last he got it and called Sanskar……
Sanskar asked who it is….
Lakshya: bhai…..
Sanskar: Lakshya where are you why was your phone switched off! And did you get Cutie……
Lakshya: bhai…..i will answer everything plzz….come to XYZ Highway we are there and your cutie is with me come soon…….Sanskar told okay! I’m coming fast stay there only…..
Lakshya told Ragini that we will be in home in few hours….
Lakshya: BTW Ragini who was the one who kidnapped you? Did you see him? How does he look? Can you identify him if you see him….?
Ragini: how many questions will you ask…..?
Lakshya: ok….tell now….
Ragini: it was non-other than……

Before she could tell….Lakshya held her hand and started running Ragini did not oppose as she also saw some goons coming in their way…..Goons saw them running and followed them……RagLak saw a Jungle nearby to the left side and ran into it to escape from the goons…..
They see goons coming in the highway and runs into the jungle but this time goons follow them. They run around in the jungle to flee themselves from the goons. They see an old hut there and hide inside that…..Goons starts to search for them here and there and calls Ishaan and tells him to reach there soon… which Ishaan readily starts leaving…….Then the goons find the couple in the hut and surrounds them Lakshya says we have to find a way now. Just then Ishaan reaches there (as he was nearby to that place). They corner RagLak at the hut. Lakshya starts beating and also gets hit by some he beats all the goons and they fall on the ground….Ragini sees Laksh’s hand bleeding and tears up her dupatta and ties it to Laksh’s hand and tell him what was the need to fight like that and hugs him…. Ishaan reaches and walks towards the hut Lakshya sees him and calls his name…..Ragini gets shocked…..
Lakshya: Ishaan you came on the right time…..we are being kidnapped plzz…..take us from here……
Meanwhile Ragini grabs Laksh’s hand tightly and tells him Ishaan is the one who kidnapped her….Ishaan starts to laugh loudly that they will not be spared now.
Lakshya: how can you do this with me Ishaan…….?
Ishaan: actually I did not want to do this……but, was compelled…
Ragini: don’t you dare Ishaan…..Lakshya he wanted to kidnap Avni but he kidnapped me…..
Lakshya: what…? And shockingly looks at Ishaan…
Ishaan laughs more loudly (like a devil) and tells to Lakshya I do not want to waste two bullets, so she is your life right? So……….
Lakshya says do not even think and comes in front of Ragini and says before doing anything with her you have to reach me. Ragini says no…..this cannot happen and asks Ishaan to kill her first. Ishaan says Lakshya that you are very lucky to get a lover like her who can to anything for you and I will fulfil her wish and kill her first then her would be husband will kill himself.
Lakshya slowly tells Ragini to run behind him when he runs…..Ragini nods her head and Ishaan was about to pull the trigger but, RagLak start running towards the Highway where they had told Sanskar to come…..

They see Goons and Ishaan running behind them and starts to run very fast……they do not notice that there was a truck in the Highway with full speed……

Precap: what next…..?There is going to be a twist in the story and I hope you all will not scold me for that twist which is going to change the whole plot of the story…….and guys there is going to be leap in the story and you all suggest me for how many months or years……

Guys I know you all are angry on me for that kkb scene….but, I took that as it was suitable… did not mean I copied every scene….if you all feel so, plzz…tell me I will end this ff…..i am not blackmailing anyone……I just said what you all wanted…..i just took one scene from kkb and some reacted as if I had done some murder…..i really felt bad when one of you called me ‘copycat’…..was I copying every scene… you all think so then plzz….do tell me…..i never wanted to say you all this but, it was needed I felt…..and if anyone has any criticises also plzz…do post in the comment section…..and I will answer you….
[And you xxxxxxxxxxxxx (*infinite)……..just stop irritating me all the time by commenting find me! Find me! Find me! It’s very irritating…..I’m not interested to find you…..if you know me well and good but, I’m not interested….and if you can put some courage into yourself and come in front of me…i am telling this as you told you don’t have courage to come in front of me…..and don’t you dare comment here from today!!!]

Credit to: Sharon shrivatsav

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  1. An apology in advance.. I think that you are dragging the story.. I would advice you to wrap up the story soon and start a new story… Being a regular reader I felt not little but more boring…. Just a friendly advice

    1. Thanks for such a lovely cmnt suba….and guys o tell me without hesitation if u all alsthink the same way I will wrap of the ff!!!!!

  2. Again accident….one accident is just over that is the reason behind the whole another accident interesting….plz update soon plz

    1. I Know dear…I was just wondering wht accident in the start then it flashed that sanlakrag met in hospital and why that accident happened is still a mystery!!!! Thanks for reminding abt that I had totally forgotten……. ???? I will reveal it soon…..

  3. Nice……I was waiting for the episode and you didn’t tell me about the leap…… how mean….? Anyway plzz….don’t take leap year……OK..if you want to then take it for just 2-3months……
    And don’t feel bad abt that kkb scenes comments…….chalta haiii!!!!!!

    1. One more thing who is that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (*infinity) who is troubling you……. just ignore him/her dear……..and again it was a nice episode and thing again abt leap……

      1. Thank you so…soo……sooo….. much Ayushi…..I luv u dear…..

      2. Nd Ayushi sorry to hide abt the leap……???

  4. months leap

    1. Thank You lovly….

  5. Nice episode Sharon…but are RagLak going to die……??no….or only accident????? Or accident n memory loss or coma?????? What is it….yaar update next epi soon…..

    I guess 5yrs leap????as u said it will change whole plot….

    1. What a thought Nita!!! But RagLak are protagonists so they are not going die…but something mimight happen like you specified….???

    1. Thanks kriya…..???

  6. Nice episode.hope the twist will also be good

    1. Thanks dhara….??? nd hope u find it good rather interesting….???

  7. Just forget abt kkb scenes comment… U r a fabulous writer… Today’s episode was interesting… Dnt want accident and all… Let Raglak marry and live happily… Make the truck hit tat ishaan…

    1. Hope your wish becomes true dear about the accident dear……I will keep the fingers crossed instead of you……. and thanks for the support…..

  8. Very nice episode dear

    1. Thanks ammu dear….

  9. Don’t feel bad dr just ignore those bad comments may be they r jealous of u… Wow accdnt I think rags will get hit and may be die but in reality she may be alive… Anyways eagerly waiting for the nxt epi


  10. hi nice episode i love u

  11. hey dr u go on wid the story jst lved it . N plz dnt sperate them for a long tym n jst ignore the guys who call u so called copycat N that xxxxx (infinite*). u jst go on n i think leap should be of 1 mnth.

  12. hey dr u go on wid the story jst lved it . N plz dnt sperate them for a long tym n jst ignore the guys who call u so called copycat N . u jst go on n i think leap should be of 1 mnth.


  13. nice one don’t wrap ur story it is nice one that my favourite raglak ff
    and don’t care about that xxxxxxx

    1. u can call me jane but real name is kavya


      1. So…I will call you Jane…..

  14. Take a month leap and don’t end this ff


  15. hi baby i will come ok

  16. plzz plzz no more accident ‘s track..
    already last two updte was quiet dragged ..
    Sorry no intention to hurt u…
    Dat ishaan jz send him to hell.
    RagLak my poor babies..

    1. Anzana I missed u dear and sorry it was dragging but I hope next track will be interesting …..

  17. Sindhi rm dii..rafee..dafsi..darsh..ayesha..kaira..kalai..naimi… many others missing you guys are you all angry??? on me…..? And did not cmnt….. ????

  18. […] comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything……… ĤĔŔĔ ŶŐÚ ĞŐ…. Plzz…. Don’t kill me for such a short episode today…..hope none of you miss this […]

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