The journey together (epi-35)

Hiii… everyone I’m here again your Sharon shrivatsav…. I was really overwhelmed with your comments…. And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything………I have replied to everyone in the last episode guys……
Recap: RagLak’s engagement……and Ragini hiding from Lakshya…
The episode starts with Lakshya searching whole house for Ragini and not finding her….Sanskar asks if he found her…..he says no….Sanskar says both the sisters are torturing us….Lakshya says he loves being tortured and says he should also love it….and they continue their search again….Kidnappers see SwaRagini and Avni entering store room……..

Swara and Avni walks out of the store room telling Ragini to sit there itself Kidnappers think now only Avni is inside and goes there….Ragini sits there wearing shawl and hopes Lakshya searches her now….She gets happy hearing ladoo…ladoo…from Lakshya. Avantika safe guards the store room while Ishaan and goon kidnap Ragini after smelling her chloroform….
Lakshya and Sanskar walk towards the storeroom. Avantika stops them telling she already saw Ragini is not there…..Sanskar asks Lakshya to check once more….Before they could check, kidnappers walk away with Ragini……Avantika gets happy seeing Avni’s watch on floor and says she is sure Avni is kidnapped and tells it’s stopped time signifies Avni’s bad time from here on…..
Avantika says she should celebrate now…..she goes to her room and takes drinks. Swara comes out of room in search of Ragini and calls her name….Avantika hears her voice and ignores…..and goes down…..

Lakshya with Sanskar sadly goes back on stage. Raj taunt if he did not find Ragini…….Sumi scolds him and tells to tell where Ragini is…..Lakshya asks her not to scold and says now Ragini will come running to me but I feel she is in some trouble…..he takes mike and says he knows she can hear me and plzz….come to me I am feeling restless..……he wants to count 10 she has to come between that times, else he will get engaged to Avantika. Avantika gets shocked and asks what….?
Lakshya starts counting 10…..9……..8………7……….6……..5…….. 4……..3……..2………..and he was stopped by Swara……
Swara: Laksh! Laksh! Sanskar!

Sanskar: what happened…..?
Swara: Ragini…..Ragini…..
Lakshya: what happened to Ragini….?
Swara: she is not in the place where we hid her and……
Avni: I searched her in home everywhere she is not there……..

Sumi: Swara and Avni if it was not Ragini’s engagement I would have slapped you both now bring Ragini……Swara cryingly tells she is really not found……Avantika walks out angrily thinking how Avni came here and then it flashes to her that they have kidnapped Ragini….
Here Sahil was coming to RagLak’s engagement with Manu (They both are now in love with each other…..) he crashes his car with kidnapper’s car and starts yelling at him. Manu is shocked to see Ragini in that car and tells Sahil but by that time they were gone so Sahil tell that he will follow those people you go and tell everyone in MM.
Whole family gets worried for Ragini. Lakshya calls her number, but phone is not answered. AP gets worried. Lakshya asks her not to worry, he will search her. Swara thinks to search again and goes to check with Avni. Sumi senses something is wrong.

Lakshya, Swara, Avni, Sanskar and Raj search for Ragini, but do not find her. They call her number and it is found near houses backdoor. Avni tells nobody comes here…
Sahil follows kidnapper’s car in his car and stops them. Kidnaper asks driver to crush him and elope. Sahil falls on ground. People help him get up. He thinks who those people who kidnapped Ragini are…..

Lakshya and family reach store room and see waiter tied down. Waiter says someone hit his head and took his dress. Lakshya asks if he saw his face. Waiter says not really, it was blurring. AP and Sumi worry hearing this, DP and Shekar are about to call police and inform them. Manu reaches there and tells she and Sahil saw Ragini with kidnappers and Sahil went behind them.
Lakshya asks Manu where she saw Ragini. She tells the place and they receive Sahil’s call that goons bet him and escaped. Lakshya asks Sanskar to inform police.

Kidnappers confine Ragini in Ishaan’s hideout. Usually Ragini is tough and let’s no one take her down, however, this day was different. Fear controlled her like nothing else; it kept her quiet and hopeless. Ragini heard a loud noise that woke her up! At first she tried hard to remember where she was, she had a small pain in her head. Ishaan comes there and says he loves her a lot and cannot live without her as she is his life and would gain her in any manner. Ragini thinks who this is. Avantika calls Ishaan and is about to tell him, but he cuts her call saying he is with Avni and does not like disturbance. He comes in front and is shocked to see Ragini instead of Avni. Ragini holds his collar and shouts how can he do this being Laksh’s friend and tells she will get him punished. He calls his men and ties her back. He scolds his men asking why they brought her instead of Avni. She asks if he forgot Lakshya can do anything to reach her and starts shouting for help! He makes her sniff chloroform and she fall unconscious again.

Sumi and AP gets worried about Ragini. Lakshya consoles them and asks not to worry about Ragini. Inspector comes there and asks who saw kidnapper. Lakshya shows waiter and SaNu….Ishaan on the other side beats his men for kidnapping wrong woman. Avantika calls him and asks him to leave Ragini before it is too late as police is searching him already and says Ragini is Laksh’s life and he will send whole troop to find her. She panics thinking she will get caught.
Ishaan says if Ragini is left alive, he will be killed, so he asks his men to kill Ragini before he comes in the morning. He enters Laksh’s home as Avni’s friend.

Confined Ragini thinks about Lakshya and gets emotional. Lakshya also thinks about Ragini and gets restless. Ragini falls asleep, but then wakes up and reminisces her moments with Laksh and Lakshya proposing her. She thinks she has to get out of here at least for Lakshya. She starts moving. Ishaan’s kidnapper come and asks if she is hungry. Another says when she is about to die, there is no need to feed her. They both walk out. Ragini sees table and tries to cut the rope on its edge. Goons came back and she acts as sleeping. They get busy. She frees herself from ropes and runs.
Swara asks AP and Sumi to stop crying and says if Ragini was here, she would not have liked them crying. She asks other family members to relax and asks everyone to have tea. Ishaan just then enters and says nothing can happen to Ragini. Avni gets irked and asks why he came here…Ishaan tells he will not leave any stone unturned to bring Ragini back and then silently whispers to Avni that he told her to marry her, but she did not, so it is her punishment. Avni asks him not to worry about her bhabi and asks him to think what will happen to him while Raj comes here…Ishaan’s starts his emotional drama and says AP that he is trying to help her and holds her and says he cannot see her in tears and will even kill the culprit. Avni feels irritated and tries to push him.

Raj comes to Avni’s rescue and asks Ishaan how dare he is to hold Avni. Ragini on the other side hides under the boxes and tries to pick Ishaan’s kidnapper mobile, but phone rings and she hides back. Once goon keeps it back, she tries picking it again. Goon says he has called a killer who will kill Ragini. Raj on the other side says Ishaan that he knows why he has come here so get out of here. Ishaan tells that he is doing mistake and only he can find Ragini. Raj says you are speaking as if you have kidnapped Ragini. Ishaan gets nervous and tell that he is not a fool to kidnap her and come here. Raj asks him to get out and throws him out.
Ishaan says he will repent afterwards, he shouts that Raj did not do right and he will teach him a lesson. Avni comes there and asks if he is not ashamed to come here. Ishaan tells he just loves her and will do anything to marry her. She says he is not even equal to Raj’s nail and says whoever does not respect women are insult to human kind. So he is also an insult. Ishaan gets irked about her talk and watches her going.

Ishaan reminisces about Raj and Avni’s insult and thinks to teach them a lesson for his insult and thinks to stop his men from killing Ragini and rushes to his den. Here Ragini sees a window and climbs drums. Lakshya on the other side sees Sumi and AP worried and not eating anything. He promises them to get her back and punish the kidnapper. He tells commissioner to speed up and tells even he is coming there but commissioner tells they might call for money you plzz…stay there. Avantika gets worried hearing that and Avantika thinks because of Ishaan she will be caught. He will tell Lakshya that she is the master mind behind the kidnap.
Sanskar tells Lakshya that waiter and Sahil have helped in making kidnappers sketch. Ragini elopes through window and calls Lakshya. He receives the call. Ragini gets emotional hearing his voice and says hello crying. He identifies her and asks ladoo….where are you….are you alright?

Precap: what next guy’s keep tuned to know more and plzz…tell me if you are not finding the ff interesting…….and do tell me about the story line without any hesitation………

So babe’s ready to comnt……. ????????

And also tell me how was the episode……??????

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  1. superb plz updte nxt part…. cant wait…

    1. This episode looks like kumkum bhagya pragya’s kidnapping track bcoz in that serial pragya was kidnapped instead of bulbul

      1. I know Ragini and as the track was suitable I took the reference….

    2. Thanks rafeee…..

  2. Ragini looks like Anushka Shetty in your pic.

    1. Sorry roshni I did not understand which pic may be it is dp….if so thanks….

  3. Now ishaan will try to marry ragini or insult her

    1. I have not thought of it diiii…..anyway I will take ur suggestions it would be a great help to brain..

  4. Superb dear

    1. Thanks ammu dear……

    1. Thanks ridhi…

  5. Awesome

    1. Thank you swati…

  6. superb epi bt dnt kill ragini cant wait for next epi .

    1. Heena y would I kill her……?

  7. awesome

    1. After long time kriya…..missed u dear….

  8. did u find who am i baby episode is nice

    1. Thanks for the compliment about episode and have no intrst in finding u and wasting my time……????

  9. keep it up it was nice

    1. Thanks jane… hope u have no objection with me calling u Jane….

  10. Nice episode.

    1. Thanks roshni……

  11. awesome epi sry couldnt comment due to board exams now it is over hence i will comment for every epi sharon and like always mindblowing epi

    1. That’s ok…dear and glad!!! Ur back and stay tuned priya….

  12. Hey…i sum hw feel tat tis episode s similar to the kidnapping scene in kumkum bhagya….anyway nyc story….

    1. Hey Reha ur reply is down…..?????

    1. Thanks dear….

    1. Thanks dear……

  13. Awesome epi… luved it… as my final exams start frm Monday i won’t be read r cmt any ff… so don’t thought don’t lik ur fc n stop reading… i will read all parts once my exam get ovr…

    1. Oh!!! All the best then taiana….

  14. Interesting episode… Waiting for the nxt part… Update it soon… Make Laksh to find Ragini soon… And ishaan shld be punished…

    1. Thanks ani…..and i will that for sure…..

  15. Nice episode….

    1. Thanks Nita…how did u do ur exams babe…

  16. Hiii!!! Reha as I told before i found the track interesting and suitable so I have used it…..anyway thank u….

  17. What is this yaar oks dont copy any scenes from serials atleast from high trp serials. Create someting of ur own instead of copying from serials. Same like kumkum… not even a single thing is changed. Dont be a copy cat .till now i was a silent admirer of ur ff but now from this copy scene…….i dont like it

  18. Iwaniya I’m glad that u spoke ur heart out dear???…..but as I had told to many above……I liked the idea and it suits the track well hence I added it…..and I’m not a copy cat…..but,I’m really glad u comnted here…..anyway sorry if u have felt bad……my intention was not to hurt u but I felt I had to tell this after reading Ur comment……and stay tune know more dear…….and I have taken this scene form kkb and I think we can take some ideas from daily soaps according to the situation I am not telling will all ways take it from daily soaps but as I said it was suitable……hope u don’t feel bad and will continue reading this ff……..all depends on u…..

  19. Sorry yaar baron commenting after many episodes but you know the reason right….? And the episode was nice……

    1. Sorry for the typos it is Sharon……

  20. oh it’s fully kumkum bhagya bulbul engagement with pragya kidnapping scene without little change u have given.. upto now it’s had been awesome but now it’s little boring & if ragini is in problem means laksh will senses about it na.. while in starting u shown like that little think is going to happen ragini means it’s affect laksh then still he not getting out to search her, ur showing he is dumb & consoling ap & sumi extract wat abhi done being dumb ur showing & planning to show same how abhi saved pragya like that u will also take the story..

  21. Nice yr plz update the nxt part soon i can’t wait to knw wht happened to her?

  22. luved it

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