The journey together (epi-3)

Hiii….. everyone I am here again your Sharon shrivatsav…. And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything…
Recap: the marriage takes place successfully and it was bidai time and the sisterly bond between the bride and the wailed girl…
So… lets start…
The bidai ritual starts the bride while coming out of the house bride takes a handful of rice three times and throws it backwards and the brides mother (Sumi) holds her pallu front and catches the rice.. Then the bride and bridegroom are asked sit in the car bride once again hugs everyone and cryingly goes and sits in the car.

Sanskar was about to move and sit inside the car suddenly somebody stops him… And it is non-other than the wailed girl…
Girl: jiju you will take care of my sister naaa…..
Sanskar: any doubt in that cutie….
Girl: and one more thing if any of the day even one drop of tears come out of her eyes and thats the end of you jiju you will be finished…
Sanskar: yeah!!!! I know how I can forget that my wifey has a sister who is very possessive about her and for whom wifey is equally possessive.
Sanskar and the girl in the wail hug each other (side hug)
Then both the families bid bye to each other and left the place…..
As soon as they left the wailed girl took her car and went somewhere…. Sumi and Shekar tried to ask her where but did not as they knew what pain their daughter was going through and on the other side Lakshya was becoming restless as if he is getting departed from his sole… But do not know why????
Ragini has reached a beach where she sits and remembers herself with some boy (only the shadows of both are shown) and cries vigorously and then she starts to think why am I thinking so much about him when he does not even think about me but I saw pain in his eyes today which I could fell it was real but why I do not want to accept it god….. Why me….????? I am fed up of it now…… and cries vigorously…..

Meanwhile on the other side the bride and bridegroom are doing the gruhapravesh while Lakshya feels uneasy….. Annapurna does aarti to remove all the evil eyes from the couple…. The bride kicks the vessel filled with rice and a coin on top this symbolizes the arrival of wealth and prosperity in her marital house and then the bride with bridegroom puts her right leg in to the tray it contains vermilion power mixed with water or milk. She covers her both feet in the red paste and enters the house bare feet , making the foot prints on the floor this symbolizes the arrival of good luck and fortune in the new house….
Sanskar and bride take the blessings of elders and Annapurna hugs the bride and says beta you should not cry even we are family right….
Bride: Sorry maaa…. I will not cry…
AP: its ok beta now go to your room remove all these jewels it might be heavy right go change yourself into something comfortable…

Bride: ok… maaa…
Sanskar tries to go behind him but Adarsh stops him saying you come with me dear and Pari you take her…..just then even Gadodias join them… But the wailed girl was missing….and Lakshya feels bad for it…
The couple get ready and come down and they start the ring ceremony all the boys sit around the bridegroom and all the girls sit around bride to encourage their respective teams….while the ring is been put by Pari into the big bowl of milk and the couples start surfing their hands in the milk to search the ring…. And both bride and bridegroom together lift the ring up all the family members shouts OHHHH!!!!!!….. And AP tells that both will tolerate each other and move ahead in their life….

Meanwhile they hear Lakshya who was sleeping on the couch being tired shouting Ragini…… (loudly) and lifting his hand up in his sleep only……Everyone run to him even the bride who was shocked to hear the name

Precap: revelation of pairs….. (Keep guessing guys…….)

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  1. Good update Pls update soon the next part

  2. May be its swasan & raglak..agar aisa hai to mujhe bohot khushi hogi ..

  3. Again suspense… Wen u r gonna reveal the pairs… Make it Raglak…

  4. bride swara groom sanskar raglak love story mystry

  5. I think Ragini is the wailed girl and she is avoiding Laksh because he cheated her but Laksh is falling for her now and feeling bad for what he is done.. Is it crt Sharon…

  6. it’s sure pair is swasan raglak

  7. Sharon shrivatsav

    I Will in the next part for sure???…. and thankxxx…… for comments and plz… continue reading my ff and keep commenting….. ?????

  8. nice episode and raglak please

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  10. superb. waiting for next episode. plz update soon

  11. the bride is swara and her sister is ragini
    so the pairs are swasan and raglak

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