The journey together (epi-21)

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Recap: everyone planning to bring Ragini back home….and doing preparations for that respectively….
AP: so now everyone knows their responsibilities….and hence has to work on it….
DP: and yeah! I do not want any mistakes or irresponsibility’s in each of their works…
Shekar: but we all have to work on it soon because we do not have much time….
Sumi: ok everyone…plzz…disperse now…
All go in their own direction and start their work….and Lakshya goes and sits beside Ragini who was in deep sleep…
Avni was about to go towards BAADI but Raj interrupts….
Raj: Avni come I will drop you…
Avni: it is ok….i will go in this car…..
Raj: anyway we both are going towards the same destination so let us go together…
Avni: ok……

Avraj sit in one car and leave for their destination…..
Sanskar: Swara are you sure that you do not want my help…?
Swara: why is there any doubt…and if I have any doubt I will call you….
Shekar: what I was thinking we will not do so much of decorations in the house let it be simple….
DP: yeah! Because it should not be like artificial…..
Swara: uncle let us leave…’s already late we had leave in flight for Canada now we will tell them that we will work from here only…..
Shekar: yeah! If it needs so much then you can go after few days…..
Sanskar: no need of that uncle…..Swara will manage….
Swara: yess….now we have to leave I have to get ready for the conference….
DP: then come let us go…
Shekar: even we will leave…..
Swara and DP in one car and Sanskar and Shekar in one car they leave for their respective works…..
In office

DP is seen working on some office papers and Swara is making her laptop ready for the conference which is going to be conducted in just 15 mins…and she gets Sanskar’s call….
Swara: yep! Who is this…?
Sanskar: me Sanskar and did you get ready for the conference and have you kept all the things necessary…..and goes on naming some items…and Swara goes on telling yess….
At last Swara got bored and told that she has kept everything and what about your decorations….you know what Rags does not like heavy Decorations….and plzz… use some sky blue, red, purple and orange these are her favourite colours….
Sanskar: I know and all the best for your conference its only 5 mins left do well and bye…..
Swara: ok…bye…..
Sanskar cuts the call and thinks of her words and automatically smile comes on his face without his knowledge and he comes back to reality when Shekar call him for work….
Avni was taking out all the dress from Ragini’s cupboard which was shown by Raj and Raj was taking few of her photos which he had to edit…..
Avni: do you know how to edit those photos or you will take it to some editing shop….
Raj: what do you think…..?
Avni: I think you will…

Raj lifts his collar showing he is proud but….
Avni: you will send it to editing shop…..
Raj: what!!!!!!?
Avni: yess….did you expect something else…..

Raj: no…nothing…. Actually I will tell you wait…and goes to chase her….Avni runs from there and comes to living room…
Avni runs around the sofa’s so that Raj cannot catch her but Raj jumps over the sofa and holds her but misses his balance and falls down….Avni on Raj and the both fall on the sofa nearby…..Avni has buried her face inside Raj’s chest afraid of falling and Raj has wrapped her in his arms….Avni looks up at Raj and Raj also looks at her and they have an intense eye lock….
Meanwhile Swara had finished her office for temporarily and had come back home with DP and he went to meet Shekar and Swara went in search of Sanskar and while searching him she got a call and was told that their meeting worked out and the foreigners had agreed to meet them Swara was on cloud nine and she saw Sanskar right then she ran to him and hugged him suddenly due to the sudden force Sanskar lost his balance and they both fell on the bed of roses which were spread there to welcome Ragini and Swara had closed her eyes tightly due to the fear of fall and had hugged Sanskar tightly…..and Sanskar was lost in Swara’s cuteness when she opened her eyes….they had an intense eye lock….

In hospital Ragini was sleeping and Lakshya was sitting beside her admiring her….suddenly she started to murmur something and got up bend down to hear her and suddenly Ragini got up from her nightmare and hugged Lakshya and Lakshya without his knowledge reciprocated it…
All the three pairs have their own sweet moments together…..and the song Sanam re plays in the background….

Precap: some sweet moments between all the pairs…. (plzz…ŗęād ţђę pāŗāgŗāpђ āŋd voţę ƒoŗ yoųŗ wįşђ….)

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Credit to: Sharon shrivatsav


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