The journey together (epi-10)

Hiii… everyone I’m here again your Sharon shrivatsav…. I was really overwhelmed with your comments…. And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything….. Guys……this is my 10th episode wow…. I am so excited????? and wanted give you all a treat?????for bearing me and my writings for 10 episodes but cannot take you all out and hence decided to write a bit longer episode today??????….
Recap: Raglak meeting in Park and then fighting…..
Ragini runs from there to her as it is near to her home only….Lakshya also leaves from there in his car…..

Ragini parked her car and went inside home and all were angry that she did not inform them had been somewhere….
Shekar: Ladoo.. where were you????
Sumi: and why did not you inform us….
Swara: haa…ladoo… do you even know how much we were scared…
Raj: haa…. do not think more and let us if….. There is something like…. Kuch Kuch… (Teasing….)
Ragini went to him and held his ears and twisting them answered to them…..
Ragini: I had called these two my so called siblings to come with me for a walk in the park but they were busy in snoring hence I ignored them and went…. I hope so no and ran from there telling I am getting late I have to go somewhere…
Everyone looked at each other with confusion…
Raj: see… I told there is something…..
Ragini (Shouts from her room): Raj I heard it…..and there is nothing I am getting ready for my college….
Raj: ok….. Sorry…..

And all others sit to have breakfast while Ragini was getting ready…..
Lakshya came home and everyone was shocked to see him awake early in the morning…
AP: Laksh are you alright??????? (Keeps her hand on his forehead….)
Lakshya: maaa….nothing happened to me…
Sanskar: no Laksh I got up and did not see you in the room and searched everywhere but where had you been…..
Avni: maaa…. I called doctor uncle he might be coming anytime….
Laksh: what do you mean???????
Avni: I mean you!!!!!!! You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got up early in the morning and went somewhere and I thought there must be some problem…..
Lakshya goes and holds her ears and twists them and says….
Sanskar: lucky by the way what is in your hand and where did you go???????
Lakshya did not get words to tell about Ragini….
Lakshya: bhai…. I had been to park to meet my friend and there I helped some girl…. And this book was in her hand while helping I had taken it and forgot….. Anyway she is my college only and I will give it to her
Avni: but give it to me let me read it….
Lakshya: it is bad manners to read others diary Avni and by the way it has a lock in it….
Avni: ok….ok…
Lakshya ran from there to his room to get ready and told Sanskar to wait for him…

Ragini is searching for her dairy madly and then realises that it is with Lakshya and gets ready to College and leaves with Raj…..
Lakshya keep the dairy with him thinking to return and leaves from there with Sanskar….
@ College…
Raj: di here is your college get down…..
Ragini: ok..thank you..
Ragini and Raj got down from the bike..
Raj: you forgot something…

Ragini: what????
Raj: your Cell phone and call me I will come and pick you….
Ragini hugged him and waved bye to him and went to class…and was searching for Lakshya…
Ragini (a bit loudly to herself): where did this Dumbo goo….???
Lakshya: who is that Dumbo may I help you find him…..
Ragini: ohhh!!!!! That was you only….
Lakshya: what???????????
Ragini (sees the book in his hand and grabs it and tells): did you read anything in this??????????????
Lakshya: yeah I read each and every page of it and it was only a trash….
Ragini: how is it even possible?????????? I mean you are a big liar….
Lakshya: what???????
Ragini: yess… you cannot even lie to me properly…. See this diary does not open without my finger print ok….

Lakshya (feeling short of wordsοΏ½
…): so…. You get lost I do not want to talk to you…
Ragini: as if I am dying here to talk to you..
And the both walk in the opposite directions…. But Lakshya turns around…
Lakshya: by the way miss unknown I came to know you name written on your name….
Ragini: what??????
Lakshya: ladoo….
Ragini: don’t you ever dare call me that….
Lakshya: ok…bye…. ladoo…
Ragini gets frustrated and goes to her class and sits beside her friend Manu…and starts chit chatting with them….
And Lakshya sits beside his friend Sahil….and starts talking to them…..then they go and sit behind Ragini and Manu….
Lakshya: Sahil you know I love to eat ladoo…. they are so tasty….
Sahil: but laksh…

Lakshya: you know na…they are so round and round…
By hearing this Ragini turned towards him and said stop talking your bullshit Mr.Lakshya….
Lakshya: did I say anything to you…
Manu: hahhh….Ragini he is talking to his friend why are you bothering….
Ragini: because…… because….hahhh….I feel irritated in his presence….
Just then an announcement is made that today is Fresher’s Party hence there is an off to college and all can come to college by evening 6:30pm to join in the Fresher’s Party….
Everyone get excited to attend the party Ragini and Lakshya gives each other a cold Siberian look and leaves class….Ragini calls Raj to pick her up and Lakshya calls Avni to bring car….
Avraj come and take their siblings and go to mall (same one) as their siblings told about fresher’s party..

Ragini and Avni come to girls section to choose clothes and Lakshya and Raj come to girls section to choose clothes…
Ragini after long time selects a dress and comes to counter and sees Lakshya who had also chosen his dress just then and had come to pay bill Lakshya also sees her and both feel irritated and pay the bill soon and goes from there…
Ragini calls Raj and asks where you are…
Raj: coming diii…
Even Lakshya calls Avni and asks where you are…

Avni: coming bhai…
And they went back to their homes….
Ragini called Swara to help her in getting ready…. And Swara came home with Shekar and took Ragini to her room and started making her get ready…
Here Lakshya also got ready and left for college in his car while in his home everyone praised him for his looks…
Meanwhile Ragini also left to college on her own in her car while in her home also everyone praised her for her beauty….
@ College…
We can see and hear the violinist and pianist playing violin and piano in a romantic way….. And it’s a masquerades party

There comes a car…and Lakshya gets down from that car….. He is wearing a black colour blazer and black pant with white shirt his glasses and black bow on …. He is just looking stunning and handsome and all the girls cannot take their eyes off his muscular body….and girls are all walking to him and made a group around him And just then Sahil comes and takes him away with great difficulty… and makes him wear a mask through which only his eyes are seen….
Sahil: what??? Yaar buddy you choice is superb…. ahhhh!!
Lakshya: as always buddy…
And Lakshya takes a glass from the waiter and suddenly turns towards the entrance and feels someone is coming who is very near to his heart….and walks towards the entrance…


Guys… I have made this episode a bit longer as it was my 10th episode and because I cannot post my next episode tomorrow as I have some essay competition tomorrow and classes I hope you all understand and one more GOOD NEWS I am posting the 11th episode also a longer one as a VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL….. so be tuned and plzz… comment….plzz…..

Credit to: Sharon shrivatsav


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