JOURNEY – Three Couples , Six Persons (Episode 5)


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Abhiya Yoga Medical College:

In the morning, Avni comes to college. she sees her friends comes to college. she goes and talks with them and teases each other.
Jeeva also comes by the time they start teasing. he talks about the work that lecture Satyavathi gives to kuttan and arjun. they go to the canteen and starts to write work. while writing, Jeeva gets disturbed by the laughing sound of Avni. he gets irked. he sees them from the canteen. Jeeva sees Avni’s friends face. but didn’t get a glimpse of Avni when he about to see Avni they goes from there. kuttan and arjun came there.
“what happened, machi? kuttan asked from behind him.
“nothing, da.” Jeeva says.
“then, why you still looking? we have to finish the work. come, let’s go.” arjun takes Jeeva and kuttan.

class room:

miss. Ketki comes to the class room. she greets the students and they greet back. miss. Ketki sat in the chair and starts to take attendance. when she says Avni’s name. Avni didn’t hear her name and talks.
“who is Avni here?” miss. Ketki says.
Avni hears it and asked her friends that the lecture called her name. and they said didn’t know. Avni stood. miss. Ketki sighed.
“so, you are the Avni Khandelwal?” miss. Ketki asked.
“yes. miss” Avni tumbled.
“didn’t you hear that I’m calling your name. but it’s OK. this is your last warning. if you did this again. I will punish you. okay?” scolded by Miss. Ketki.
after the scolds Miss. Ketki starts to teach them science. Avni hears about science. but hate miss. Ketki.
after the class ends, Avni starts to dream of her to become a doctor. she gets distracted by the sound that came from outside. Avni goes outside and sees at left side. she didn’t see anything. she then turns to the right. Avni sees three boys teasing each other. she smiled and gets into the class.
Jeeva teases his friends ,funnily. they pats on their shoulders each other and starts to run for their classes.

in the hostel:

the alarm rings. ragini gets up. but didn’t open her eyes. she searched her lovely family’s picture and took it to in front of her face. ragini opened her eyes and looks at the picture. she smiled. ragini put the picture in the table.
she takes the towel and gets into bathroom. she gets bath and gets ready for her office. she sings a song while getting ready. her friend in that hostel named, shrishti wished her good morning. ragini wished back.
ragini gets to the bus stop and waited. lakshya comes there eventually. when he sees ragini, lakshya stopped his car. lakshya calls her for a ride to the office. she didn’t take it and waited. lakshya goes.
ragini waited a long time but bus didn’t come instead rain comes.
“oh no! I’m getting late.” ragini worried.
lakshya comes there again asked her again. ragini hesitate. lakshya waited there. after few minute, ragini gets into the car. lakshya laughed. ragini sees it.
“why are you laughing?” ragini glared.
“nothing you first hesitate but now.” lakshya laughed.
“hahaha. it’s so funny.” ragini gets annoyed and start to get outside.
lakshya sees that and stops by grapping her hand. ragini turned toward him. she sees his eyes and sat. she doesn’t want to see him. she sees straight. lakshya comes closer to her and take the safety belt to put to her. ragini takes that from him. their hands touched. she puts the belt around her herself.
lakshya start the car and they drives from there.

twinkle and Kunj’s house:

twinkle do the all chores in the house. she gets tired of working. but durga didn’t let her go. her phone beeped. twinkle comes and takes the phone. she checked it.


Kunj sends the message and sighed. Usha came beside him. she gets worried of Kunj.
Kunj and Usha comes downstairs. manohar stops them.
“do you messaged to twinkle, Kunj?” manohar smirks.
“its means, do you know that I’m in love with twinkle?” Kunj look shocked.
“yes. of course I do.” manohar said.
“then why did you want our son to marry another girl?” Usha asked from behind Kunj.
“because of money and pride that come from this marriage.” manohar said greedily.
“you don’t want your son to be happy, papa” Kunj utters.
“I want you to be happy. if you marry that girl I chose, you will live a life of rich man than me. and if you marry twinkle, You Will live life like a poor man.” manohar said.
Kunj didn’t utter a word and goes away, angrily. Usha scold manohar for his greedy behaviour towards Kunj.

Kunj and twinkle came to the coffee shop at the same time. they walked inside the shop. they sat in a table. twinkle looks at Kunj’s angry and worried face and gets into an thinking

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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