JOURNEY – Three Couples , Six Persons (Episode 4)


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BBC Channel:

the episode starts with the manager appoint ragini to be a collegue. manager called a collegue to come to the cabinet. after a few minutes, the collegue comes.
“may i come in , sir?” the collegue asked while openig the door.
“yes. come in , laksh.” the manager said.
ragini turned to look at the person because of the name. it’s none other than laksh. she turns back and prays to god to make him didn’t know her name.
‘oh, you are here. wait and watch. i will know your name in a while.’ laksh smirked thinking in himself.
“aah, laksh , this is ragini gadodia, your team’s new collegue. take her with you to your team and introduce her and make her know her cabinet.” the manager said.
“okey sir.” laksh said and takes her with him, while the manager gets a call.
they walked, ragini didn’t talk while laksh talked with her non-stop about how i know your name.

five people teams up in canteen. two girls three boys. they talked about ragini
“hey guys, there is a new girl in our team.” a girl named, pari said.
“yeah guys. laksh messaged me a while before that her name is ragini gadodia.” akshat(avni’s brother works for BBC Channel)said.
while they talked, raglak came to the canteen. they silents and looked at laksh. laksh waved at them and they waved back. laksh walked towards them and ragini comes behind him. pari and naina asked about her that why you choosed to become a journalist.
“because, my family is dead in a car accident. after their death, my aunt complaint and they take that case to the court. the other car is in a break failure, I know. but his lawyer said that my papa, who drives the car is in alcohol. so, I want realized them their deeds.” ragini said to them, crying.

“hey, don’t cry. we all be with you. we will support you till you win.” kabir and Amit consoled ragini.
lakshya realized her situation and make a soft corner into him for ragini. lakshya looks at her. when ragini looks at him, he turns. she glared.

In College:

Jeeva comes to the college in a auto. he walked to the main gate of the college and reads the name ‘Abiya Yoga Medical College’ and gets in.
Jeeva goes to the college chairman cabinet and gave the college sheet to him. he reads that and gave Jeeva the instructions in the college. the chairman gave his hostel room number.
he goes outside and gets in the auto and goes to the hostel. and moved bus things to the room. there, he gets two friend. one is a Malayali named, kuttan and another is a Bengali named. Arjun. they become good friends.

Avni’s house:

Avni walked to the main door to go to college. gabbar stops her. Avni stops and turned.
“eat ready?” bhavna asked.
“maa, I’m getting late mom. so, I haven’t eat. ” Avni said.
bhavna pinched her ears and said to eat, laughingly. Avni came and sit at dining table. bhavna puts food in Avni’s plate. Avni eat it fastly.
“slowly, slowly, slowly.” bhavna said.
“no mom. I haven’t any time to eat slowly.” Avni says and starts to caugh because of the over load in her mouth.
bhavna gives her water. Avni drinks it. bhavna worries. Avni smiled awkwardly. bhavna also smiles.
after Avni eats, she gets inside the car to the college. bhavna waved at her and Avni waved back.

In College Campus:

the driver drops Avni at the main gate of the college. she sees the college.
“I loved it. ” Avni takes a photo of the college and update in the facebook.
on beside of her, Jeeva also comes. they moved in the college at the same time. but they didn’t see other.

Kunj’s house:

after the talk with twinkle, kunj comes to his house. some new people’s is in his house. he looks on. then Kunj looks at his mother, Usha. Usha says I don’t know.
Kunj didn’t look at them and walked to his room. while cross them, Kunj’s father, manohar stopped him. Kunj stopped walking and looked at manohar.
“papa?” Kunj said.
“I have choose a girl for you. they are her family member. greets them.” manohar said.
Kunj looked shocked and looked at his mother. Usha too looked shocked. Kunj control himself and greets them. manohar give the girl’s photo. Kunj take it and walked to his room. Usha goes behind him.
Kunj opened the door and gets inside. he throws the photo away. Usha comes and close the door. she consoled him that I will talk to manohar about your love to twinkle. Kunj hugged his mother and she hugged back.

Twinkle’s house:

mahima gets ready in a bridal attire. she looked stunning. her mother comes to her and gives a necklace. durga says to mahima that this necklace is good for you. they get ready.
twinkle comes and looks at them. she gets confused. they both see twinkle and glared.
“where are you both going?” twinkle innocently asked.
“we are going to a wedding.” durga said.
“may I come with you?” twinkle asked.
“why? you stay at home and clean the house ” durga instructed.
twinkle is distraught and says okey. when twinkle crosses mit to me mahima, she sees the necklace.

“hey, this is mine. my mom gave it to me.” twinkle says.
durga comes there and says that you are a orphan. so, why you want a necklace. and we are taking care of you so, it’s charge to us. twinkle gets teary eyed with the way durga speaks. she goes to her room. durga and mahima goes, locking the door.
twinkle gets into her room. and takes her family photo. she talks to the photo and Sobs. after a while, she gets tired of crying. twinkle hugged the photo and sleeps.

so, guys how is the episode. did u like it?…

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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