JOURNEY – Three Couples , Six Persons (Episode 3)


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the episode starts with a man is shown. he is laksh. his face didn’t show. he walked to the mirror. he looks at his face
“laksh, you are always looks handsome.”. laksh comments.
laksh takes a selfie of himself. his look is so romantic like any girl would fall for him when they see him. laksh uploads his photo on instragram, twitter, facebook, wechat.
annapurna called out for him. he thinks why did mother calks him. he checked the time.
“oh, shit. It’s time for puja.” laksh runs to downstair.

they all glared at laksh. he feels awkward. laksh came to the puja altar and stands. tgey didn’t turn, just looked at him. h e closed his eyes and prays to god. annapurna takes puja plate from parineetha. annapurna goes near laksh. she dotted the red colur powder in his forehead. laksh opened his eyes and smiled. annapurna also smiled and gives prasadh to laksh. he ate it.

in the garden:

kunj waited for twinkle for a long time. but now he is turned into impatient. he cannot wait anymore. he gets up from the grass and starts to walk. a little bit distance from his , twinkle came.
she is crying. her eyes were red because of tears. kunj sees her but cannot realize that she is crying. kunj stopped walking. and waited for her to ask why late. when twinkle sees kunj, she start to run toward him. twinkle wiped her tears while runnig to him.
he stands there and held his hands. twinkle came and hugged him. kunj asks twinkle that why did you crying.
“kunj, can i say this to you?” twinkle sobbed.

“tell me” kunj cares her face in his hand.
“kunj, we should run from here and marry each other.” twinkle said.
” no twinkle. my papa will accept our love for each other. so, don’t worry. once i speak to him, i will come to your house and ask your hand in marriage.” kunj adviced twinkle.
“is this a promise?” twinkle asked.
“yes, this is a promise that i made for you. if my papa didn’t accept my love, i’ll run with you” kunj says.
twinkle smiled at him. kunj kissed her forehead. she closed her eyes. after the kiss, twinkle opened her eyes. and they walked in the garden in very long time with their hand in each others shoulder.

BBC Channel office:

there were peoples standing, walking , talking in the office. in a rowed chairs, there were many people sitting in chair with a file in their hands. the girl from the temple is shown. she wears a white shirt and a skirt.
‘oh god, please help me to get this work.” she prayed.
“miss.ragini” a voice called out her name. she stands and walks. l
laksh is shown walking towards her. she too walks. in the floor, water is dropped. when raglak about to cross fro each other, ragini feet her food on the water and slips. she drops her file. suddenly laksh put his hand on her waist and catch her in his arm. they looked in each other eyed and realized. laksh take his hands from her waist. she dropped in the floor. she is in pain.
“oops, sorry” laksh said and held his hand to her.
“no thanks” ragini glared at him and slapped on his arm.
she gets on her knees and start to take the papers that fell from the file. laksh also gets on his knees and looks at her. when she glared at him he pretends to be help her. ragini takes the oalers and put it in to her file. laksh gives the papers that he takes. ragini taked it from him and gets up. he also gets up.

ragini didn’t say anything and walked away. she thinks how to know her name.
“excuse me.” laksh says
ragini turned to look at him. he start to blabber at her. she came toward lakshya.
“what?” ragini gets annoyed with him
“my name is laksh. and yours?” laksh held his hand to her for a shake.
ragini didn’t give her hand or utter any word. she just stared at him and walked away.
“i will do anything to know your name” he said loud at her to hear.
ragini didn’t look back and got in to the manager cabinet. she sat in the chair and gives the file to manager. the manager reads her files and asks some questions. after she answered the manager said that you are appointed. ragini looked surpise.

do hw is the episode?…

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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