JOURNEY – Three Couples , Six Persons (Episode 2)


hi guys i’m already write a ff of swaragini.. but now i’m start a new ff of raglak, twinj, avni from aur pyar ho gaya and jeeva from a tamil serial named saravanam meenatchi. in the serial his name is [email protected] but now in this ff, i have changed his name. his real name is kavin. okay guys i start the ff…

Hills Side:

the episode starts with a family driving their car in a hills side. they were very happy and made fun with each other.
in the opposite side, there were a car came. a man driving the car. he was scared. there car is in not in his control. the break wire was cutted. the two car came closer. the oersons in two car were very scared. suddenly, the man’s car turned aside and hitted in a tree. he fell unconcious. on the other side, the family screamed to death. the screen freezes with their screaming face.

A Temple:

a girl is shown. she prays in front of god. she prays that she will avenge her parents death. her eyes is shown and her lips. she wears a blue colour ear rings. her face is shown. her eyes were closed. the temple bell rang. she opened her eyes. she looked at the god statue.

in a house in chennai:

a young man is shown. he puts his dresses in a bag. his mother came to his room. she just stared at his son, smiling. the man turned to look at his mom. he came to his mother’s side. he takes her blessing.
“why you are in a hurry. your boarding time is 5:30 p.m. now only 11:30a.m.” his mother sudha said (they are speaking in tamil but i write in english-la.). “aiyoo, sudha the boarding time is 5:30 p.m. but , out road condition… you have to think about it.” jeeva said mischiveously (jeeva always calls her mother with name mischiveously.). sudha pinch jeeva’s hears. jeeva says sorry. her mother smiled.

A House:

a man is shown. he goes to a room and he called out for her sister, avni. a girl is shown. her face not shown because of a blanket in her. she removes it. her hair is in an mess. she gets from her bed. avni goes and opened the room door.
“akshay brother. what?” avni asked in sleepy mode.
akshat sees her and starts to laugh. avni asked why u laughing. akshat takes her to the mirror. she sees herself and scared of the look in herself. she start to slap her brother on his shoulder. they run to the hall. sukhet came there(her father, a lawyer.). he stops avni.
“what papa. akshat brother is made fun of me” avni makes a face.
sukhet takes a letter from his pocket. avni sees. avni asks about the letter.
“it’s your college admission.” sukhet says.
avni in surprise and starts to catch that paper. sukhet plays with her. she makes a face and sukhet gives the paper to her. she starts to reading the paper and excited. bhavna (her mother) came there and gives her sweet. she ate it and smiled.

In A Garden:

A man is shown sitting in grass. he waited for someone. he sees a couple. he sees sad. suddenly he takes a phone and type a number and called. on the other hand a girl’s voice. he asks her where are you. and she said that kunj, i’m coming. he hangouts the phone and looks at the couples in the garden.

in a house:

a girl is shown. she is getting ready to go to some place. she says that kunj is waiting I have to go , twinkle. she goes to the main door. her aunt sees her and starts to taunt her that she is loser and orphan. she starts to cry and runs to take a auto. she remember her aunt’s taunts.

in a house:

parineetha sings bhajan. all the members in the house starts to pray and sing. after puja, parineetha gives prasadh to all member. annapurna realizes that laksh is missing. she asks about him to sulekha. sulekha says that she doesn’t know. on the other side in a room, a man is shown.

okey, guys how is the episode if juouney?….

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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