JOURNEY – Three Couple , Six Persons (Episode 6)


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BBC Channel :

raglak come to the parking place. laksh parked his car. he unbolt the car door. ragini take out the seat belt from her. she opened the door and gets out.
ragini sighed. she starts walking. lakshya called out her. she turned and looks.
“your beg,” laksh said out.
“oh yeah, I forgot.” ragini comes.
ragini takes her bag. she starts walking again.
“ragini.” laksh stopped her again.
Ragini sighed deeply and glares at him. laksh stared at her. ragini gets annoyed.
“what?” ragini annoyingly asked.
laksh gets distracted from his long but short stares. he blabbered. while, ragini sighed deeply to control her anger towards him.
“ragini, you didn’t say a thanks to me for the ride.” laksh said at last.
now, ragini stared at him and asked what. laksh said that again.
“thanks foe the ride.” ragini smiled at him truly that could understand by laksh by seeing her eyes once.
ragini turns and goes from there to her cabin. laksh smiles seeing her like a mental case.

Abhiya Yoga college :

After the classes ended. the students get out from the main gate. Avni still sitting in her bench, alone. she does her works silently.
after few hours, after her work done, she walked out of her class room.
the sky was dark gray like in any time the rain will comes. the place was dark. Avni gets scared. she chants a mantra. she gets a sound that someone is there.
she stopped chants. she couldn’t think what to do. she closed her eyes and starts to walk fast. she hit her leg at a stone. and about to fall.
“aaaaah” she screamed.
suddenly a hand wrapped around her waist. she stopped falling. she looked at the hand and looks at the man. the man is none other than Jeeva. she helped her get up.
“are you a blind? if you had fallen down the you will gets hurt.” Jeeva scolded at her.
“I was scared when I hear a sound. and I’m starts walk fast, then this all happened.”Avni said.
“ok, next time if you gets scared, you just say DON’T PANIC to your heart.” Jeeva says.
“ok” Avni says and goes.
they goes from there.

At the coffee shop :

Kunj didn’t utter a word. twinkle thinks. twinkle put her hand in his hand in the table. Kunj looked at her eyes. they looks. twinkle broke the look first.
“I’m your lover, Kunj. didn’t you tell me the problem.?” twinkle asked quietly.
Kunj melted by her words. he couldn’t control himself from saying to her. Kunj sighed. he look at her. she already looks at him
“okay, I’ll tell you.” Kunj says.
twinkle look at him. he speaks out the problem that arises in his house. twinkle laugh out loud. Kunj looks on.
“I’m serious, twinkle. but you’re laughing.” Kunj gets annoyed.
twinkle stopped laughing. she looks at him, sympathy. Kunj didn’t look at her. twinkle turned Kunj head toward her. he looks at her.
“because, we are made for each other, Kunj. why we want to be sad. it’s our lives. if your dad or whoever wants to separate us. they will be failed. we will live together forever. don’t worry. I’ll speak to your father.” twinkle breathed.
“it’ll never work. my father won’t accept. he is a greedy man. he will never understand what I’m feeling. he never know.” Kunj speaks out of him.
“let’s try once.” twinkle breathed quietly. he looks on.

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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