A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq

Hiiii Guys this is Aakanksha and this is my first fan fiction on tashan e ishq
i would like to thank ruchi and tara for helping me out. i am able to write this ff only bcoz of them…thanx once again
Hope u all like it and plzz share ur views (positive/negative) via ur comments
All the characters are the same as that in the show only relations are a litle different

scene 1 (taneja house)
Leela:(entering into a room)OHHH god both of u are still sleeping its already 10 am…Get up Mahi, twinkle plzzz get up
(mahi is twinkle’s elder sister and as modern as her)
Mahi: Maa 10 min more plzzzz
Leela: mahi its ur engagement in the evening. lots of work is to be done, ur lehenga is still with the tailor for alteration..omg soo much work is left to be done.
Twinkle get up right now or ill bring cold water and pour it on both of u
Twinkle & Mahi together: NOOOOO Maaaaaa !!!!!! and jump out of the bed.
Leela: Get ready in 10 mins and come down…lots of work has to be done(she leaves)
twinkle and mahi go to get ready.

scene 2 (sarna house)
everyone is seated on the dining table to hav breakfast…2 handsome and charming boys enter saying good morning lovely people
their faces are shown they are Kunj and Yuvraj(Yuvi).
Bebe: Oye Hoye kinnay sonne lag rahe hain dono(both of u are looking so handsome)
kunj: thank u bebe give us something to eat v r very hungry
yuvi: yess the aroma of ur aloo parathas is mouth watering.
Usha: both of u have your breakfast soon as i ha lots of work for u. Yuvi btw did you get ur shervani ironed you hav to wear it in the evening na
Yuvi: No maa not yet….I nd kunj will go after breakfast.
Manohar: yuvi its ur engagement in the evening and ur shervani is not ironed yet. When will you grow up and understand all ur responsibilities.
Kunj: Chill dad everything will be done and that too on time…why fear when kunj is here(all laugh)
(By now u all must hav understood that yuhi ie yuvi and mahi are getting engaged and yuvi is kunj’s elder brother)

scene 3 (taneja house)
twinkle and mahi come down after getting ready
twinkle: Maaaa !!!!! V r going to get diii’s lehenga the v will go to by all the matching accessories nd v’ll be back before luch
Mahi: byeeee maaa
leela: arey tum dono naashta to ker k jaao(atleast do ur breakfast and go)
twinkle: no maa v r getting late and there is lot of work to be done. she holds mahi’s hands and runs out with her saying Byeee Maa
leela: my daughters are s weird fiert they were not getting up and now they are so busy that the dont hav time for breakfast.
babaji kya karun main inka.
(kunj and twinkle are good friends from last 2 years and YUHI also met each other through them and they fell in love with each other)

scene 4 (amritsar market)
mahi and tinkle reach the market and twinkle sees yuvi there and hits mahi’s shoulder by her shoulder saying “dii see whose standing there in the ironing shop”
mahi: sees there and is surprised to see yuvi, she goes there and meets yuvi and they hav a romantic conversation
twinkle thinks in her mind let them romance i dont want to be bone in the meet (kabab mein haddi) and she turns to go to the tailors shop
she bangs into someone and both of them fall. twinkle fall on that person and his face gets covered by her hair. The man moves her hair and he is none other than
kunj sarna.
kunj: twinkle tuuuu !!!(twinkle youuu)
twinkle: kunj tummm, tum yahan kaise.(kunj you, how did u come here)
kunj: ill tell u every thing first get up…ur soo heavy aaaaahhh
twinkle gets up immediately and says “cant u see and walk”
kunj: how would i know that u will turn suddenly and fall on me. Y are u so kiddish
twinkle: Youuuuu how dare u call me a kid kunj sarna
kunj: what else wud i call u if u always behave like a kid miss twinkle taneja
they keep arguing and yuhi hear them and say togrther”fir shuru ho gaye ye dono”
they go there and stop them
yuvi: twinkle kunj to hai hi aisa per tu..tu to mature hai na fir kyun jhagda ker rahi hai ?
mahi tells the same to kunj
twinkle: but jiju as usual he only started…he called me a kid
kunj: bhabhi she fell on me and instead of saying sorry she started shouting at me that y i was not seeing and walking
yuhi together again: ok stop it now say sorry to each other and finish this off
kunj: sorry
twinkle: its okay
kunj: see bhabhi
mahi: twinkleeeee !!!!!!
twinkle: accha accha thik hai sorry
all four go and continue their shopping

PRECAP: yuhi’s engagement and a surprizeeeee

so this was my first epi plzz give ur valuable suggestions

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  1. Interesting!! Mahi is big sister of twinkle!!!pls continue… I love your story?

  2. Ur most welcum Aakansha nd episode was Awsum… just loved it… 🙂 😉
    waiting for the next epi eagerly…

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    ..just loved every bit of it….amazing
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  6. Thanx Aarti and ruchi im ready with the next Epi nd will post it soon
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    1. Ur most welcum Aakansha… ??

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  10. ur welcome aakanksha…this epi was really nice and thaks for making mahi the elder si… 😉 😉

  11. Very nice Aakanksha it’s fabulous pls keep the next episode today!?????
    Keep writing coz this is becoming the best FF

  12. Thanx tara….I’m realy happy that ull liked my decision of making mahi the elder sis
    And btw m really sry for all the typing errors I’ll try that there r no typing errors in the next epi

  13. no problem..we ll manage..

  14. Its superb

  15. Thanx swetha. Thanx alottt SMC i hav already posted the next Epi thanx for all ur comments means a lot to me

  16. I hav changed the profile picture of my ff for the next Epi its the twinj scene wen they fall on the sofa and RT’s mobile falls and breaks

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