A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 7

Heyy guys Here I am with my 7th episode.
Scene 1
Twinkle is sitting in her room she thinks of all the moments spent with kunj and has a smile on her face. She recalls how all the confusion was created and how leela saw them…suddenly the smile on her face disappeared. She quickly took her phone in her hand searched for something and said “OMG how cud we do such a big mistake” she calls kunj immediately kunjs was just about to sleep wen he got twinkles call
Kunj: Offo ye ladki…(picks up the phone)Now what happened twinkleee(in an annoyed tone)
Twinkle: Kunj..kunjjj..We hav done a very big mistake.
Kunj: (Shocked)What..what mistake…??
Twinkle:Kunj do u remember whats the date tomorrow..???

Kunj: Twinkle stop asking questions in reply to a qiestion and tell me whats mistake hav v done.
Twinkle: Kunj its 13th feb tomorrow..Usha aunties BIRTHDAY… we hav not planned any thing for her and leve that v cud hav planned it later but v hav our flight tomorrow evening at 5 so we won’t able t through a party aswell.

Kunj: Ohhhh shitttt…how cud i forget moms birthday…what will we do now…we can’t even cancell the trip as bhai and bhabhi are very excited about it…Twinkle yaar mom does so much for us i won’t to do something special for her.
Twinkle: I hav a plan.(she tells the plan to kunj and its muted).
Kunj: Brilliant what a plan…I love u twinkle…(he thought what am i saying and corrected himself) i mean i love the plan twinkle.
Twinkle blushed a little nd said so vll meet tomorrow all the besttt and cuts the phone.
Kunj: Jhalli hai per sweet bhi.?
Scene 2
Its morning kunj gets up an goes to yuvis room wakes him up and both of them go to wish usha. They enter usha’s room and start singing birthday song for her.
Usha and manohar get up. Usha thanks both of them and hugs them. Manohar also wishes usha.
Kunj: Ohk selfie timeeee.
Usha: With these sleepy faces.
Yuvi: So what mom these are memories.

They take a selfie and usha asks them if all their packin is done..??
Kunj and yuvi say yes maa all set for Kashmir.
Usha: Great.
They leave.

Scene 3
Twinkle explains her entire plan to mahi and asks her if she has understood what she has to do.
Mahi: Yesss
They giv each other high 5 and twinkle says ok bye I’m getting late and leaves.
Kunj gives a high 5 to yuvi (he has also explained the plan to yuvi) and leaves.
Kunj comes outside taneja house with his bike this time twinkle does not hesitate she sits on the bike keeps her hand on his shoulder and says lets go.
Kunj happily smiles and they leave.
Taneja house and Sarna house the phones ring together.
Mahi(Taneja house)/Yuvraj(Sarna house)pick up the phone, they r shocked listening to what they hear and the reciever falls from their hand.
Leela/Usha (together):What happened..???
Yuhi (together):All of us will have to rush to Golden Lawn Hotel…actually kunj and twinkle had gone there for some work but the room in which they were had caught fire and they r stuck inside.
All are shockecd.
Both taneja family and sarna family rush to Golden Lawn Hotel.
They reach the hotel and both the families see each other and run into the hotel.
Yvraj: Plz follow me i know which room they are in.
They go behind him.

They reach a door and raman, manohar, and RT try breaking the door to get in.
Suddenly the door opens on it own.
Its all dark inside everyone get in hurriedly except YUHI they stand outside and smile. (This was all Their and twinjs plan).
They also enter the room and the lights are put on.
The entire room is decorated beautifully.
Twinj And Yuhi start singing Happy birthday for Usha.
Usha is glad but scolds twinj and yuhi for scaring everyone they laugh.
Twinkle and mahi bring the cake.
Usha tells what was the need for all this
Kunj and yuvi say how and why was it not needed you do so much for us and we can’t do this much for u.
Leela:Says I have chosen diamonds for my daughters…I m soo happy to see that ull love and respect ur mother so much.
Twinkle and Mahi: Aunty plzz cut the cake it melting.
Usha cuts the cake and feeds it to everyone.
Usha: Twinkle and mahi thank you soo much. I’m lucky to get daughter in-laws like u 2.
Twinkle and Mahi: You r most welcome aunty.
Usha: Now start calling me Maa not aunty (she hugs them)
Scene 4.
Twinj and Yuhi are leaving for the airport leela and Usha ask them to take care of themselves and have fun.
Twinj And Yuhi nod…wave bye and leave for the airport.
Scene 5(At the airport)

All 4 are waiting in the waiting area.
Twinkle: Jiju I’m hungry let’s go and have something.
Yuvi: The flight can be announced anytime so ull wait here only I’ll get something.
Kunj: Ohk bhai I’ll come with u.
Mahi: kunj u be with twinkle I’ll go with yuvi. She holds yuvis hand and they leave.
Kunj: Twinkle u wait here I’ll go to the washroom and come plz don’t go anywhere.
Twinkle nods in affirmation.
Twinkle is alone sitting there 2 boys come there and start passing dirty comments on twinkle.
Twinkle ignores at first but then one of the touches her and she gets up and slaps him. This hurts the boys ego and he holds her and tries to kiss her.

Just then he gets a hard hit on his head and he falls down its kunj who hit him.
Twinkle was really scared she went to kunj and hugged him tight and started crying(sajna ve plays).
After she released the hug kunj wiped her tears,cupped her face and said I’m with u always I won’t let anything happen to u ever.
The other boy was about to hit kunj as a revenge wen yuvi came there and stopped him. Yuvi started beating the boy brutally and kunj tried stopping him
And said leave him Bhaiya let’s not spoil our mood. Yuvi left him and said don’t even dare try to molest a girl next time.
The 2 boys ran from there.
Their flight to Kashmir was announced and all 4 boarded the flight.

PRECAP:Kashmir…Valentine’s day Special.

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  1. Love it can’t wait for tomorrow

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  10. Aakanksha…..I am telling you that initially I was a silent reader….but ur episode of today has forced me to appreciate ur work…..I do not know u personally….. Somebody has said that the way of writing depicts a person’s character….Nd ur writing Nd u are very sweet Nd bful…..keep writing…Nd now???…..u r just as cool as Tara Nd smc….Tara I must admit I feel that u r an unexpected writer….just awesome. I feel so blessed when u smc or Aakanksha cmmnt…..btw Aakanksha where r u living Nd r u south india…!!!( I am only asking out of curiosity since one of my friend’s name is also Aakanksha….???

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  14. Aakanksha…same here I am a north Indian…..from uttrakhand….Nd Plss actually u made my day by replying to me…..u r so nice Nd sweet Nd ur FF itzzzz just amazing…..can u pls do me afavour can u Plss tell me how to give update of regular episodes as u gave day before yesterday when atuba was not able to..pls

    1. it was my pleasure replying to ur comment….if u want to write the written update of an episode then first write it some where on a notepad or something and save it then come to the telly updates page and on the top of the page u will find a option submit ur article….go on that page on fill in all the details and just copy paste ur article in the box assigned….choose the category as episodic analysis and then post it for review
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