A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 6

Episode 6.
Please note that i will be posting only one Episode today as i have oral exam in college since I’m in 12th and my boards start from the coming week.
The episode starts with.
Scene 1 (Taneja house)
Twinkle and mahi are packing their bags for the kashmir trip.
Mahi: I…sorry We are so lucky to have such a nice mother in law. She cares soo much about us…i can’t believe that she is sending us to kashmir so that we can spend time with yuvi and kunj.
Twinkle: I totally agree with u dii except on 1 point.
Mahi: Whch point…???
Twinkle: I’m not happy bcoz I’ll get to spend time with kunj…I’m happy bcoz i badly needed a holiday for refreshment.
Mahi: Let it be let it be i know everything… U nd kunj don’t leave any chance of romancing and ur saying this…what do u think i didn’t see what u 2 were doing in the hall when i came to call u.
Twinkle: Diii it’s a misunderstanding…we were not doing anything of that sort…actuallyyy
Mahi’s phone rings(its yuvi calling her)
Mahi: I’ll talk to u later u finish ur packing and come down we have to go to buy some warm clothes as it was be too cold there (she leaves).
Twinkle: Ohhh babaji how to make diii understand… leave it I’ll not spoil my mood (She starts humming and continues packing)
Just then her phone starts ringing(kunj calls her)
Twinkle: Hello…kya huwa..??phone kyun kia..??
Kunj: Listen there is a problem maa has booked only 2 rooms 1 for mahi and yuvraj and another for us. And i can’t share a room with u…I’m going there to enjoy and if u be in my room leave enjoying I’ll hav to suffer.
Twinkle: As if I’m dying to share a room with u….Nd btw y r u telling this to me ask aunty the name of the hotel…call there and make a booking of 3 rooms simple.
Kunj: Wooow so smart twinkle…how can u be so brilliant… i hav already tried asking mom the hotels name but she is telling its a surprise.
Twinkle: Ohh god…so what do v do now..???
Kunj: I hav an idea…u message maa from leela auntys mobile and ask her the hotells name I’m sure maa will tell it to her.
Twinkle: Kya baat hai…. i didn’t i get this idea.
Kunj: Coz to get ideas u need brain which u don’t have.
He laughs and cuts the phone.
Twinkle: U meet me once kunj sarna…i won’t leave u.

Scene 2
Twinkle silently goes to leelas room and messages usha what kunj had asked her to.
Usha was talking to someone as soon as she cuts the phone she gets the message. She thinks Leela was the 1 who suggested me that hotel nd she is asking me the name of the hotel, strange. She messages leela that u r the one who suggested me that hotel then y r u asking me the name now
Twinkle reads the message and gets tensed. She replies saying ohhh ya sry actually i forgot…I’m such a bhullakad.
She deletes the messages keeps the phone and runs from there.
Mahi: Twinkle where r u come down fast v hav to go to the market.
Twinkle: Coming diiiii

Scene 3
Twinke and Mahi are in the shop selecting warm jackets. Mahi shows twinkle 2 jackets and asks wich one.
A boy answers righr one. Its yuvi. Mahi goes to him and hugs him.
Twinkle is shocked seeing kunj and yuvraj there. And kunj is shocked seeing mahi and twinkle.
Twinj: (Looking at each other) Tummmm..!!!!!
Mahi: I had called Yuvraj and asked him to come. Come on lets finish shopping fast maa wud be waiting for us.
Yuhi are busy choosing stuffs whe kunj pulls twinkle to a corner of the shop.
Twinkle: Where are u takink meeee
He pins her to the wall and says Shhhhh.
They both are really close they look into each others eyes and get lost in them.(sajna ve plays)
After few seconds the come into scences and kunj moves a little behind
Kunj: Tell me the name of the hotel fasttt..I’ll call now itself so that the booking are not full.
Twinkle: I don’t know the name of the hotel.
Kunj: What…ek chota sa kaam bhi nahi ker sakti tu…jhalli
Twinkle: Just shut up…i messaged usha aunty (she tells him what had exactly happened)
Twinkle: (Holds kunjs collar and pulls hi closer)next time mujhe jhalli bola na tooo..
Yuhi come there the see the from behind and think that twinj are kissing each other as twinkle is pinned to the wall and kunj is standing facing towards her that too very close to her face.
Mahi: Twinkleee…
Twinj move apart
Twinkle: (ohhh god what wud diii be thinking about me)Diiii vo actually mein..i mean hum..mera matlab
Yuvi: It’s ok saali ji…but plzz teach ur sister also something. He laughs
Mahi blushes.
Twinkle give a angry look to kunj.
Kunj makes an innocent face ,holds his ears and says sorry.
They stary leaving.
Yuvi: Mahi how will the two of u go home.
Mahi: By rikshaw …how else.
Yuvi: I nd kunj both hav brought our bikes so u come with me and kunj will leave twinkle.
Twinkle: No no jijuuu its fine we will go by rikshaw its not that late.
Mahi quickly goes and stands near yuvis bike and signs him to come. They leave.
Kunj: U wait here my bike is parked a lil far I’ll get it.
Twinkle: No need ill take a rikshaw. (She starts going ahead and calls out for rikshaw).
Kunj goes behind her holds her hand and pulls her towards him
Kunj: Don’t act mad it’s too late and not at all safe for u to go alone. Quitely come with me…I’m not letting u go alone…if not as my fiancee then as my best friend jUST come.
Twinkle sees the concer in his eyes and does not resist she quietly waits for him to get the bike.
Kunj comes with the bike she sits on it but is hesistant to hold him.
Kunj holds her hand and keeps it on his shoulder
Kunj: Hole me properly and sit….coz if u don’t hold me and fall and get hurt then u will blame me that i don’t ride bike well.
They reach and kunj applys a sudden break. Bcoz of the jerk twinkle sticks to kunjs back and her hand lowers down to his chest.(sajna ve plays) (Both feel something as they are really close)
Kunj: Sry sry…are u fine..??? U didn’t get hurt right.
Twinkle: (gets down) no im fine she says bye and starts leaving. After covering a particular distance she turns back an says thankyou and good night and waves to him.
Kunj waves back and says good night and btw pleasure is mine. The both smile and twinkle enters the house and kunj leaves.

Scene 4
Twinkle is sitting in her room she suddenly remembers something and says OMG how cud we do such a big mistake. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: No precap guess what mistake had twinkle done and what did she mean by “we” who else was a part of her mistake. Plzzz comment ur guesses. U will be able to answer it if u hav read all my previous FFs

Thanx alot for all ur support and love.

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