A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 58


Hello everyone…. Shayad aap log to mujhe bhool bhi gaye hogey…Actually galti bhi meri hi hai…I’m posting my ff almost after a month…. and I m extremely sorry for that.
Guys this being my last episode I wud like to THANK each and every1 of u for reading my ff and obliging me with such wonderful comments.
I made so many new friends via my ff and TU….u all are like a family for me now….and I swear m gonna miss u all a lot…infact even more than I miss Sidhant?…Ohk now enough of my blabbering.
So here u go with my last episode ie episode 58…hope u all will like it.

The episode starts with a leap of 8 months.
Scene 1(Sarna house)
Twinj’s room.
Twinkle’s back is shown…she is sitting on a chair in the balcony.
Kunj comes there and hugs her from behind… twinkle gets up and turns.
Twinkle looked super beautiful with a cute round “Baby Bump”
Yes our twinkle was now 8 months pregnant.
Kunj planted a gentle kiss on her fore head and was about to hug her…but twinkle pointed at the bump(her stomach)….and both of them smiled

Kunj gave her a side hug and then went on his knees.
He placed his hand on twinkle’s stomach and planted a kiss on it too.
Kunj: Hello baby…it’s me ur super hero…I mean ur dad…baby plzzz ab jaldi se aajao na…mumma aur daddy se ab aur intazar nahi hota…and han tum boy ho ya girl I don’t care but tum mumma se zyada mujhse pyaar kerna Ok…
Twinkle laughed and gave a soft hit on his shoulder.
Kunj got up and winked at twinkle.
Kunj: Arey tumhey pyaar kerne k liye mein hoon na…to mera baby mujhse zyada pyaar kerega/karegi.
Twinkle: Bilkul nahi vo mujhse zyada pyaar kerega/karegi… after all mein uski mumma hun na !!
Kunj: Nahi mujhse
Twinkle: Nahi bolana mujhse.
They continued their argument wen suddenly twinkle’s labour pain started.
She started wincing and crying in pain and kunj panicked.
Kunj: Twinkle… twinkle tu thik hai na…Yaar sorry vo baby tujhse sabse zyada pyaar kerega/keregi…but tu ro mat.
Twinkle some how managed to speak despite of the pain.
Twinkle: Kunj…r u mad…arey m not crying coz of that ….aaahhhh….aaahhh…m crying coz mujhe labour pain shuru ho gaya hai…kunj mujhe jaldi se hospital lechalo.
Kunj immediately carried her in his arms and rushed to the car…he placed her on the back seat of the car and kept asking twinkle to stay calm as they will reach hospital within no time.
They reached the hospital and kunj took her inside with the help of a ward boy on a stretcher.
Twinkle was in immense pain and kunj hold her hand and kept consoling her.
They reached the labour room and the doctor took twinkle in.
Kunj stayed out all worried…. praying to god to keep twinkle and their baby safe…as twinkle was in the 8th month of her pregnancy and had yet not completed 9 months.
He quickly called up and informed the family members as they had gone to the gurudwara to get yuhi’s twins blessed.

Yes yuhi wer blessed with 2 cute little boys just 2 months ago.
Kunj sat outside the labour room all tensed.
Bebe, manohar, usha, yuhi along with their twins came there.
Bebe and usha went to kunj and asked him not to worry as babaji will not let anything bad happen with them.

After some time they hear the sound of a baby crying inside the labour room.
All of them get relaved and kunj jumps in joy….just then the doctor comes out and informs everyone that twinj hav been blessed with a baby girl.
All get overjoyed and yuvi hugs kunj.
Kunj asks the doctor if he can go to meet twinkle and their baby…doctor allows him and he rushes in within no time.
There twinkle was on the bed all tired and drenched in sweat due to so much of pain…but she had the most contentful smile on her face looking at her cute little daughter.
Kunj rushed to the bed wer twinkle was lying with their baby in her hand.
He first kissed twinkle’s forehead and then took his little angel in his hand.

Kunj: Yaar twinkle… Thank you Thank you soooo much… issey apne bahon mein pakad ker mujhe aisa lag raha hai ke jaise bhagwan ne duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan meri bahon mein daal di hain.
Twinkle smiles and kunj sits besides her holding the baby… the trio(twinj and their baby) look super cute together.
All other family members come in and congratulate them.
Bebe, usha, and manohar bless them and the baby.
Mahi and yuvi who wer holding their boys in their hands…said together.
Yuhi: Lo aa gai tumhari behen…bohot dhyaan rakhna iska.
All of them smile and Twinj kiss the baby together.

5 years have passed now and the kids hav grown up.
Scene 2(Sarna house)
Twinj’s room.
Kunj is shown sleeping with a small girl besides her.
Twinkle enters the room and finds them sleeping.
Twinkle: Kunjjjjj tum ab tak so rahe ho office nahi jana kya…aur SHAINA tum…jaldi se utho school ke liye late ho raha hai.
Yes u r ri8..twinkle’s daughters name is SHAINA.
Shaina and kunj together: Siyappa Queen 5 mins more.
Don’t be shocked sum time our shaina calls her mumma Siyappa Queen and sumtimes she calls her daddy Sadu Sarna.
Twinkle: Accha Siyappa Queen han !!
She climbs the bed and starts tickling shaina… she satrs laughing.
Shaina: Sadu sarna plzzz bachaoooo !!!,
Kunj gets up and starts tickling twinkle and all start laughing.
Twinkle: Basss basss basss…chalo utho dono late hojaoge werna.
Shaina and kunj get up and go to get ready.
Scene 3(Dining area)
All sit to hav breakfast… shaina and kunj hav not come yet.
Vihan asks twinkle: Chaasi wer is shaina ???

Yohan: Han chaasi kahan hai vo…lagta hai aaj fir late kerwaegi ye ladki.
I guess till now ull must hav understood that Vihan and Yohan are Yuhi’s sons.
Twinkle: Bas aati hi hogi vo.
Shaina comes there with Kunj.
Shaina and kunj together: Sorry We Are Late.
All other family members: As alwaysss !!
Bebe: Accha chalo ab baitho aur jaldi jaldi naashta kero.
They sit and all hav their breakfast.
The kids finish their breakfast and get up to leave…. Vihan and Yohan give good bye kisses to yuhi and leave.
Shaina goes to twinj and signs them to kiss her together… they come forward to kiss her and she moves back.
Twinj wer about to kiss each other but they realize and stop.
Shaina laughs.
Twinkle gets up and runs behind her.
Twinkle: Badmaash ladkiiii !!!
Shaina says bye to everyone and sits in the car and driver takes them to school.

Scene 4(Twinj’s room)
B4 leaving for office kunj hugs twinkle and kisses on her cheeks.
Kunj: I love u Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: I love u too Sadu Sarna.

They touch their foreheads to each other and smile.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.
And here my FF A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq comes to an end.
I really hope ull enjoyed reading my ff and this cute little love story of “TWINKLE AND KUNJ”

Guys Plzzz Plzzz Plzzz do comment and share ur views on my last episode…. I love u all…and will miss each and every1 of u….Always Stay Blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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  1. Awesomeee… simply amazing… gonna miss u badly aakanksha… i waited 4 ur episodes evrydy.. bt due to ramzan i was not allowed on TU.. so m late… really sorrrrrrryyyyy 4 dat….??? n yea guys i hope ull hve not forgotten me… m gonna cont wid my ff “Tashan aur twists” soon.. bt still i need 2 days n then i’ll post many episodes to make ull contented…??? till then please wait… i request..????????

  2. Hai…. Akku didi….I’m new to u but i know everyone of TEI fan club….i was a die heart fan of Twinj and Tashan e ishq ……but i stopped watching it after sid sir’s exit…..
    And I’m a big fan of u also…..
    I was a silent reader of ur ff…..nd trust me i cried a lot hearing that u r ending ur ff…..
    Thanks for entertaining…..urn writing skill is really appreciatable….
    May u reach to ur destination…..and now I’m waiting for ur film….u told u havn’t a dream of making a film….best wishes dear….

    By a heartcore fan of Akansha Singh…..
    Ardra ( 11th grade) from kerala….
    Love u nd ur ff a lot…

    1. Oops a mistake…. U hav told u have a dream of making a film…

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