A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 58

Hello everyone…. Shayad aap log to mujhe bhool bhi gaye hogey…Actually galti bhi meri hi hai…I’m posting my ff almost after a month…. and I m extremely sorry for that.
Guys this being my last episode I wud like to THANK each and every1 of u for reading my ff and obliging me with such wonderful comments.
I made so many new friends via my ff and TU….u all are like a family for me now….and I swear m gonna miss u all a lot…infact even more than I miss Sidhant?…Ohk now enough of my blabbering.
So here u go with my last episode ie episode 58…hope u all will like it.

The episode starts with a leap of 8 months.
Scene 1(Sarna house)
Twinj’s room.
Twinkle’s back is shown…she is sitting on a chair in the balcony.
Kunj comes there and hugs her from behind… twinkle gets up and turns.
Twinkle looked super beautiful with a cute round “Baby Bump”
Yes our twinkle was now 8 months pregnant.
Kunj planted a gentle kiss on her fore head and was about to hug her…but twinkle pointed at the bump(her stomach)….and both of them smiled

Kunj gave her a side hug and then went on his knees.
He placed his hand on twinkle’s stomach and planted a kiss on it too.
Kunj: Hello baby…it’s me ur super hero…I mean ur dad…baby plzzz ab jaldi se aajao na…mumma aur daddy se ab aur intazar nahi hota…and han tum boy ho ya girl I don’t care but tum mumma se zyada mujhse pyaar kerna Ok…
Twinkle laughed and gave a soft hit on his shoulder.
Kunj got up and winked at twinkle.
Kunj: Arey tumhey pyaar kerne k liye mein hoon na…to mera baby mujhse zyada pyaar kerega/karegi.
Twinkle: Bilkul nahi vo mujhse zyada pyaar kerega/karegi… after all mein uski mumma hun na !!
Kunj: Nahi mujhse
Twinkle: Nahi bolana mujhse.
They continued their argument wen suddenly twinkle’s labour pain started.
She started wincing and crying in pain and kunj panicked.
Kunj: Twinkle… twinkle tu thik hai na…Yaar sorry vo baby tujhse sabse zyada pyaar kerega/keregi…but tu ro mat.
Twinkle some how managed to speak despite of the pain.
Twinkle: Kunj…r u mad…arey m not crying coz of that ….aaahhhh….aaahhh…m crying coz mujhe labour pain shuru ho gaya hai…kunj mujhe jaldi se hospital lechalo.
Kunj immediately carried her in his arms and rushed to the car…he placed her on the back seat of the car and kept asking twinkle to stay calm as they will reach hospital within no time.
They reached the hospital and kunj took her inside with the help of a ward boy on a stretcher.
Twinkle was in immense pain and kunj hold her hand and kept consoling her.
They reached the labour room and the doctor took twinkle in.
Kunj stayed out all worried…. praying to god to keep twinkle and their baby safe…as twinkle was in the 8th month of her pregnancy and had yet not completed 9 months.
He quickly called up and informed the family members as they had gone to the gurudwara to get yuhi’s twins blessed.

Yes yuhi wer blessed with 2 cute little boys just 2 months ago.
Kunj sat outside the labour room all tensed.
Bebe, manohar, usha, yuhi along with their twins came there.
Bebe and usha went to kunj and asked him not to worry as babaji will not let anything bad happen with them.

After some time they hear the sound of a baby crying inside the labour room.
All of them get relaved and kunj jumps in joy….just then the doctor comes out and informs everyone that twinj hav been blessed with a baby girl.
All get overjoyed and yuvi hugs kunj.
Kunj asks the doctor if he can go to meet twinkle and their baby…doctor allows him and he rushes in within no time.
There twinkle was on the bed all tired and drenched in sweat due to so much of pain…but she had the most contentful smile on her face looking at her cute little daughter.
Kunj rushed to the bed wer twinkle was lying with their baby in her hand.
He first kissed twinkle’s forehead and then took his little angel in his hand.

Kunj: Yaar twinkle… Thank you Thank you soooo much… issey apne bahon mein pakad ker mujhe aisa lag raha hai ke jaise bhagwan ne duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan meri bahon mein daal di hain.
Twinkle smiles and kunj sits besides her holding the baby… the trio(twinj and their baby) look super cute together.
All other family members come in and congratulate them.
Bebe, usha, and manohar bless them and the baby.
Mahi and yuvi who wer holding their boys in their hands…said together.
Yuhi: Lo aa gai tumhari behen…bohot dhyaan rakhna iska.
All of them smile and Twinj kiss the baby together.

5 years have passed now and the kids hav grown up.
Scene 2(Sarna house)
Twinj’s room.
Kunj is shown sleeping with a small girl besides her.
Twinkle enters the room and finds them sleeping.
Twinkle: Kunjjjjj tum ab tak so rahe ho office nahi jana kya…aur SHAINA tum…jaldi se utho school ke liye late ho raha hai.
Yes u r ri8..twinkle’s daughters name is SHAINA.
Shaina and kunj together: Siyappa Queen 5 mins more.
Don’t be shocked sum time our shaina calls her mumma Siyappa Queen and sumtimes she calls her daddy Sadu Sarna.
Twinkle: Accha Siyappa Queen han !!
She climbs the bed and starts tickling shaina… she satrs laughing.
Shaina: Sadu sarna plzzz bachaoooo !!!,
Kunj gets up and starts tickling twinkle and all start laughing.
Twinkle: Basss basss basss…chalo utho dono late hojaoge werna.
Shaina and kunj get up and go to get ready.
Scene 3(Dining area)
All sit to hav breakfast… shaina and kunj hav not come yet.
Vihan asks twinkle: Chaasi wer is shaina ???

Yohan: Han chaasi kahan hai vo…lagta hai aaj fir late kerwaegi ye ladki.
I guess till now ull must hav understood that Vihan and Yohan are Yuhi’s sons.
Twinkle: Bas aati hi hogi vo.
Shaina comes there with Kunj.
Shaina and kunj together: Sorry We Are Late.
All other family members: As alwaysss !!
Bebe: Accha chalo ab baitho aur jaldi jaldi naashta kero.
They sit and all hav their breakfast.
The kids finish their breakfast and get up to leave…. Vihan and Yohan give good bye kisses to yuhi and leave.
Shaina goes to twinj and signs them to kiss her together… they come forward to kiss her and she moves back.
Twinj wer about to kiss each other but they realize and stop.
Shaina laughs.
Twinkle gets up and runs behind her.
Twinkle: Badmaash ladkiiii !!!
Shaina says bye to everyone and sits in the car and driver takes them to school.

Scene 4(Twinj’s room)
B4 leaving for office kunj hugs twinkle and kisses on her cheeks.
Kunj: I love u Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: I love u too Sadu Sarna.

They touch their foreheads to each other and smile.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.
And here my FF A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq comes to an end.
I really hope ull enjoyed reading my ff and this cute little love story of “TWINKLE AND KUNJ”

Guys Plzzz Plzzz Plzzz do comment and share ur views on my last episode…. I love u all…and will miss each and every1 of u….Always Stay Blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh


  1. Tanishasharma2108


    |Registered Member

    Akku di its was a honour to read your ff after so long and the epi was just more thsn anything else akku di iam gonna miss you a lot pls comeback soon with a new ff

  2. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Wow Love it it was Superendo Fabulously Fantastically Awesome loved it What a cute end to the love story of our Twinj

  3. Srija


    |Registered Member

    soo sweet update dear ???
    but ur last update feeling very bad
    please come with new concept soon

  4. panchi

    Wooooooowwwwwwww…… awesome,superb,fantastic akku ………. i wl miss u and ur ff a lot dear …….love u …… pls come wd nw concept soon ……..love u……

  5. sana(aamu)

    AKKKKKKKKUUUU yaar u stoped it……huh
    i cant beleived my eyes for d firdt time wen i saw ur epi…n was soooo happpy
    but u …u gave dis s last epi
    huh i dont wanna talk with u..yaya i know i hav not talk with u bfore coz i m a slent reader so…dats y
    ok tumne to ff stop kr or me b bakbak krti rhi so
    anyways it was a best ff i loved ur ff to d core of my heart
    thank u so much for giving such cute ff
    pls cm with anoder one plz…plz…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Omg I’m very sorry to hurt u sana….actually I’m very helpless I’m lacking time and after SIDS exit I don’t even feel like writing…. but I promise I will keep in touch wid ull by writing onr shots whenever I get time….lots of love for u??

  6. Dheemahee

    final is the most awaited episode of yours I know I can’t say come soon with next one will miss u a lot byy and have a great future ahead .love u a lot byy

  7. Suni


    |Registered Member

    I’m speechless…. ?????? Idk wht to say…. ??
    In ur style its SIMPLY AWESOME ❤❤❤❤.. LOVED IT TO D CORE…. ????….. Will miss ur ff… ?..
    SHAINA ROCKED!!!! TWINJ SHOCKED!!!! ????????????

  8. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Hey Aakanksha, the episode was amazing as always. It was such a beautiful ending.. really loved it.. will miss you loads..hope to see you back pretty soon with one shots?

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Tysm ria…I will miss u too dear…and yes I’ll keep in touch via one shots

  9. Fan


    |Registered Member

    Will miss u n ur ff a lot??…i know it is very difficult 4 u to write a twinj ff again..but plz come up with an another story..its a request from ur fan..all the best 4 ur future ..lots of love❤

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Omg my FAN….I so loved to read that I hav a fan too….don’t worry dear I will keep writing one shots…love u yaar

  10. Krystal_Krysiee


    |Registered Member

    dii r uh sure uh gonna end i mean uh can write another ff bt as ur carrier cones frst….wish uh a very very very gud luck fr it …….. i really enjoyed the ff tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq n really it was nt jst awwsum bt it was soo nice that i cant get wrds to describe ur writing……..Acha tell me r uh shocked???? no???? hawwww…..y r nt uh shocked….fr the frst tym i called uh dii nt akku doll……..hehehehhe m really funny sumtimes….no nt sumtimes bt all the tyms ….. gonna miss uh n this ff a lott really ???????☺??????????????????????????????????☹?????????????????????????i used all d smilyys n emojiis hai n cz m shocked surprized happy …..mixed up emotions……..love uh dear n stay blessed ❤?????❣????????bubyeee hope uh will always remember mee…….muaaaahhh…..yaar cmmnt end krne ka man hi ni kr rha man kr rha h aur likhoo aur likhooo bas likhti hi jaaao ek ff pist kr doon is cmmnt box me bol kya kehti h???? hehehehe dont be so much happy meri tabiyat thik ni h so…..cant post bt will give uh on fb pakka……once again love uh❤?❣????????

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Omg Krystal itna lamba comment….yaar I was actually shocked after reading dii….and yaar thanx alot for all ur compliments feels gr8 to know u liked my ff so much….and yes I luv u too….and will be in touch via fb ????

  11. Loveleen


    |Registered Member

    ohhh akku…..finally….as usual fab awesm brilliant…etc etc….bt i ll miss u alot….cn u plz cm bck wid sm OS atleast ??? love u loads…

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Tysm uttu… and yaar I won’t miss u….coz we will awys be in touch on fb/ whatsapp… and yes dear I will keep writing os for sure…love u???

  12. Aarti

    I’ll miss u a lot Aakanksha..u helped me in starting my ff n hope u wud hv read it too..u were 1 of my best TU frnds..thanq so much for giving us such a great ff..it was a pleasure reading it..

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Tysm aarti…and yes I remember I had told u how to post ur ff…I will miss u too dear???

  13. Chehak


    |Registered Member

    Di kaash aapme ff continue kiya hota…….. mien bohoot miss karungi aapko nd ff ko….
    u write amazingly. ..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Thanx alot chehak….I will miss u too dear…but we will stay in contact via insta… love u lots??

  14. Maggi

    Woooowww….. The epi wz epic…. Jzz lyk a fairly tale…. U write awsm updates…. Nd everything iz so perfect ,… The romance part, fun,maasti the way u bring them out of each character iz magicaaaal…
    CONGRATS on successfully completing ur ff … Im gonne srsly miss u yaaar… I still remembr on TU the 1st ff I read wz this…. So I’m gonna miss u double… I wz always a silent reader recently started commenting…. Im Commenting fr d 1st tym on ur ff BT sadly its gonna be d last tym toooo:(:(:( ur jzz an awsm writer…. I jzz pray loads of luv on ur way n u too stay blessed… NVR ever 4gt one thing that is ” ur ff hz always been a delight to me” stay happy… Luv u loadzzz:)

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Heyyy maggi ur super sweet yaar….but the sad part is u commented for the 1st time but on my last epis…feels so great to know that my ff was the 1st ff that u read and u liked it too….I will Srsly miss u all…but will keep posting one shots…lots of love???

  15. Romaisah

    U no i was happy wen i saw ur ff finally uploaded but im sad ure leaving .. I’ve been reading ur episodes all the time i”ll miss it … Nice ending tho n there children … Bye yaar i’ll miss youu!!! N i hope u come back soon

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Heyy romaisha…1st of all ur name is very unique and nice….and dear m very sorry to make u sad…but I will keep in touch with ul via my ffs??

  16. Lama


    |Registered Member

    Hey Aakansha, Episode was Fantastic…gonna miss u very badly yaar…ur full fc was really a treat to read…loved it to whole galaxy nd back ????

  17. Dreamer...arundhati


    |Registered Member

    Akku di..u nailed it.this ff was truly stunning and a treat to read.i m gonna miss this ff and u ton.di..thank u so much 4 this ff.luv u di.hope 2 see u soon here.
    Have a smiling life.
    Luv u 4ever

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Thanx for all ur lovely words…I feel so good to read ur comment…and I will miss u too dear….love u loads??

  18. Ritzi


    |Registered Member

    Aakansha! Sooooooo sorry for being late…..but yaar u know what…..I was really in a mood to cry….nd ur last line…will miss u….made me srsly teary eyed….pls don’t say tht na….u know what I also m very sad till now due to sid’s exit but then alsoi hv started a new ff na…..but u know what I m really very excited regarding jdlj……well I wonder why r u soooooo busy…..let me guess r u a medical student or what….. Will u visit tu or not nd if u visit it then pls do read my ff once “this is when the feeling sinks in” I will be glad if u cmnt just once but ya will miss u nd cm back soooooooon na…..pls!

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Ohhh ritzi plzzz don’t be sad dear….u know urs and pali’s ffs wer my fav…and I will really miss u all alot….I mi8 not start a new ff buy yes I will surely keep writing one shots…btw r u ther on ny of the social media…. if yes then let me know so that we can stay in touch there….love u loads yaar???

  19. Rashiverma2199


    |Registered Member

    Aakansha ur ff was the most memorable one for me…..I really enjoyed it…..loved every episode…..blessed to have a friend like u….hope u get successful in coming years…..
    The end was lovely…superb…..
    Miss u???

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Thanx alot rashi for ur best wishes…. I’m glad to know u liked my ff so muchhh…and m happy dat I made a frnd like u…and I won’t miss u…coz we will awys be in touch via insta…lots of love???

  20. Sara

    I know I never really commented but I always read each episode! This journey was really very epic and I will really miss u…until then I will be waiting for ur comeback with another epic ff!!!

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Never mind dear…its ohk if u never commented earlier but thanx alot for commenting today…I’m glad to know u liked my ff…lots of love???

  21. Ruchi


    |Registered Member

    Hey Akku…
    After a long time u r back… 🙂
    Missed u nd ur ff alot…
    U nailed it yr…
    The epi was superb…
    Loved it…
    Nd will Miss u yr…

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Thanx a lot ruchi…I’m gonna miss u really bad yaar u wer 1 of my 1st frnds on tu….love u yaar???

  22. Anushka


    |Registered Member

    Di this is not done?? How could u?? ? We decided that we can bear the gaps but not d end???
    I hate this ff to d infinite infinity ? How could u write such a bakwas fan fiction?. Hated it to d core? It was like a waste of my time.
    Okay so now change d words
    Hate- Love
    ?- ?
    Bakwas- Awsm
    Hated- Loved
    Waste of time- investment of my time
    Di u have always been insp for me. All the one slots which I wrote would have never been post by me. It was u who enco me to write. I love u to d square of infinite infinity?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Di this episode was superb, marvelous, lovely, cute, adorable, amazingly amazing, beautiful, awsm, paisa vasuul, block buster,mind blowing ,fantastic, and what not.
    Sooooooooooooooooooo sad that u have ended this ff. I m not gonna miss u because I know we will be in touch. Best of luck for ur exams….. I suppose u had sm in july. Give ur best?? and make ur parents and us proud. Will always love u. Best of luck 4 ur future ??????❤❤❤❤❤
    Ur lil sissy

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Omg the first part of ur comment just scared me….but then as usual u made me feeel out of the world….I don’t understand how do u always manage to get a 1000 volt smile on my face…all I can say is thanx alot for making me us sis and for all the love….love u loads???

  23. shayna aka twinkle

    Hi I really missed ur ff all these days nd the luv story of twinj was really really really awesome nd i luved it to the core nd i hope u would come up with another ff nd hats off to u nd the ending was awesome nd mind blowing

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Ohhh that’s great btw u hav a bful name shayna…and thanx alot for ur lovely comment…. means alot to me???

  24. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    Hey Akku di..
    God!!…the journey was super interesting
    Seriously thanks for giving us such an amazing love story
    N the episode was soo cute
    Please do come up with another ff or even os will do..
    Love you?????

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Tysm dear for ur praising words…U r an amazing writer too….and yes I’ll keep writing maybe not a new ff…but one shots for sure

  25. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Hey akku will miss ur ff to the core I loved it a lot one of my fav TEI ff and the ending is soooooo cute I loved if do comeback with a new ff if possible, okay invisible prani 😛

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Aahahahaha yes joyeee I will surely keep writing on shots yaar….and that name ull hav given me??

  26. shayna aka twinkle

    Nd u kept my name shayna as twinj ‘s daughter’s name she’s Shaina nd am shayna nd i luved that too tq☺☺☺☺☺keep gng yaar

  27. SMC

    Okay..this this really brought me to tears?…
    I’m also end in my ff and the jorney of Friendship turns to Love on its 70th episode which is tomm…I’m really gonna miss u and the whole ff the start and end of it was Awesum..pls read my last episode tomm and give ur feedback…I’m gonna srsly miss u and the entire team of TU and I love u akku di….TBH u were a fab writer and I’ll miss u always and 4ever…don’t forget to read my last episode too..I wl miss u and love u….??????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Aakanksha Singh

      Omg SMC….such a comment from u….I feel so good to know that such an awesome writer like u likes my ff so much….I’m gonna miss ull too…and yes I will surely read and comment on ur last Epi….loads of love??

  28. sonal

    Akku u are ending this ff…….why ??
    N akku u didn’t replied me in your 57 episode I was so sad ….its OK but…akku u didn’t fulfilled my one wish akku plzzz fulfill…. that u know I asked about that wish 2 -3 months ago ….u remember that na plzzz fulfill that …..
    Coming to episode it was fantastic ……superb……awesome…….very nice………very very nice………very very very nice……….very very very very nice ……………..EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N u know today for the first time u made me cry akku ….I will miss u very badly…..???????
    I will not force u to continue but plzzz come up with new ff because you n your ff makes whole world smile….you are so nice ……..thankewwww for being my friend…..n will remain forever ……

    • Aakanksha Singh

      I’m so so so extremely sorry sonal for not replying to ur comment on my 57th Epi….Wen I had posted that Epi I was out of town so due to bad network I cud hardly reply to any one….and about ur wish…can u plzzzz remind me wat was that….actually I’m a very big bhulakad….so I hav forgotten about it…and dear thanx alot for all ur lovely words….u r really sweet and an awesome friend too….all I want to say is I love u ???and I will miss u alot….Heyyy wait I think I remembered wat was ur wish..but still remind me once again

  29. sonal

    Oh akku plzzz sorry but I want to see u ….akkkuu u remember n then I said to put your photo in dp …..u know I m waiting from long time ….even your ff came to end ….if u don’t want then let it be because I had seen your heart ….so beautiful so pure……n may I know what wish u remembered…. Plzzzzzz

  30. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Soooooo sorrrryyyy Akku for the late comment….
    Gonna miss u very badly …ur ff was so amazing nd it was our luck to read such a good ff….I’m feeling so sad to see such a marvelous ff coming to an end….
    All the best for ur future…

  31. twinjfan (tamanna)

    itni jaldi end kardia…will miss u yaar…koi nai come with another great ff….todays episode was really cute…

  32. sonal

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  33. Aliza

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  34. Happy fan :)

    Hai…. Akku didi….I’m new to u but i know everyone of TEI fan club….i was a die heart fan of Twinj and Tashan e ishq ……but i stopped watching it after sid sir’s exit…..
    And I’m a big fan of u also…..
    I was a silent reader of ur ff…..nd trust me i cried a lot hearing that u r ending ur ff…..
    Thanks for entertaining…..urn writing skill is really appreciatable….
    May u reach to ur destination…..and now I’m waiting for ur film….u told u havn’t a dream of making a film….best wishes dear….

    By a heartcore fan of Akansha Singh…..
    Ardra ( 11th grade) from kerala….
    Love u nd ur ff a lot…

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