A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 57


Heyyyyy Guys….Aakanksha here…M back after a really really really long time…I hope ull haven’t forgotten me…So without any more delay let me start with my episode 57.

Scene 1(Sarna House)
Every1 was sitting on the dining table and having their breakfast.
Just then Yuvi gets a call.
Yuvi: Hello….yes Mr Raichand….today !!!
Very sorry but I can’t accept this….actually my wife is pregnant so….
(While still talking on phone yuvi looks at twinj and suddenly something strikes his head he excuses himself for a moment and then comes back)
Manohar: Arey yuvi kya huwa…Mr Raichand ne kyun call kiya tha ??
Yuvi: Vo papa actually… He was offering me a 1 night stay in his new 5 star hotel outlet… but mahi ki aisi halat hai to….
Bebe: Good u said no to him…mahi will not go anywhere.
Yuvi: Actually I didn’t say no to him.
Bebe: What !!! Are u mad…mahi aisi halat main kaisey jayegi ???
Yuvi: No no bebe we can’t go…but our twinkle and kunj can go ri8.
Twinkle gets shocked and kunj’s mouth is left open.
Manohar: Arey wah !! Ye tuney bohot accha kaam kiya…Now Mr Raichand also will be happy and our twinj too…kyun kunj ???(He smiles naughtily)
Kunj: Han han….ummm…mera matlab hai…jab vo itna pyaar se invite ker rahey hain to jana hi chahiye… what say twinkle ???
Twinkle: Mujhe ek call aa raha hai main attend kerke aati hun.
She gets up…turns…blushes and leaves.
Kunj too excuses himself.
All other family members sit back and laugh.

Scene 2(Twinj’s room)
Twinkle sits in front of the mirror…and blushes thinking about the special night.
Twinkle was all engrossed in her thoughts wen kunj comes inside and quickly goes and hugs her from behind.
Twinkle comes bac to sense and smiles.
Kunj: So Siyappa Queen… be ready… aaj tujhey koi nahi bacha payega !!!
Twinkle gets up and holds kunj’s collar and pulls him close.
Twinkle: Bachna kaun chahta hai !!!
She says it in his ears then blushes and hugs him tight.
Kunj too smiles happily and hugs her back.
Kunj: Ohk lets do 1 thing u get ready in bebe’s room and I’ll get ready here…then we will directly see each other at the hotel.
Twinkle: Done !!

Scene 3(Hotel Lawn)
A car arrives there…and A handsome hunk gets off the car…wearing a hot red nshirt with black overcoat and tie…and black jeans…. obviously its none other than our Kunj Sarna (Uffff I miss him so much)
He heads towards their room….and opens to door….he is stunned to see the lavishly beautiful room….but that was not what he was searching for….He enters the room and his eyes only searching for his lady love.
When suddenly he hears a voice.
“Itni bechaini bhi thik nahi Mr Sarna”
He quickly turns back only to find what his eyes had been searching for so long.
Yes there stood twinkle… looking super hot and gorgeous in the Red shiffon saree with a shiny thin black border and shiny black blouse.
Kunj: Twinkle???…U r looking super s*xy !!!
Twinkle blushes… and moves towards him…he too starts moving towards her.
They keep moving closer and closer….
Sabtera starts playing in the background… kunj holds twinkle’s waist and picks her up…and turns around…he then puts her down…but her feet is on top of kunj’s feet…both are super close almost hugging and dancing…kunj keep touching her sensually… he moves his lips on her bare back…bare neck…bare shoulder… he then sits on his knees and plants a number of kisses on her bare tummy… twinkle softly moans his name and turns around…he gets up and makes him turn towards him…she quickly hugs him and then kisses on his cheek.
He cups her face and they have a cute head touch.
The song gets over and kunj carries twinkle in his arms and slowly places her on the bed…the bed was all covered with rose petals.
Kunj slowly made way to twinkle’s pink lips and locked them with his wet and thirsty lips….they had a deep, long and intense liplock….they broke the liplock cupped each others face and smiled.
Twinkle got up and naughtily approached his ears and said “ab shirt tum khud utaarogey ya main kuch madad kerun”
Kunj got all stunned and excited to see this naughty side of his wife….he quickly unbuttoned his shirt and….
(U surely know the rest?)

Scene 4(Hotel Room)
It’s morning…and everything is usual for everyone… except for our twinj.
The sunshine fell on their bed and faces…asusual kunj woke up but our Siyappa Queen/Sleeping beauty was fast asleep.
Both wer all covered with the blanket…kunj got up a little and his hot upper body was all visible… he looked at twinkle who looked all the more beautiful with the spread out hairs…and messesd up lipstick… he thought of the beautiful ni8 that they had spent together… and got a million dollar smile on his face.
He slowly leaned towards twinkle and planted a contentful and gentle kiss on her forehead…. twinkle finally got up…and had a broad smile on her face.
Kunj: Good morning my love !!!
Twinkle: Good morning !!!
Kunj: Thank you twinkle…for making this night so so so special… I’m so happy that finally we have taken our marriage to the next level.
Twinkle blushes…and gets up and hugs him.
Twinkle: Thank you kunj…Thank you for everything.. for coming in my life…for loving me so much…for all the happiness u have given me.
Kunj smiles and hugs her back tightly.
Twinkle tries breaking the hug…but kunj hugs her even tight and starts kissing her neck again.
Twinkle: kunj…chodo mujhey…kya ker rahey ho…
Kunj: Yaar twinkle dekh…humare paas abhi aur 2 hours hain…to ek baar aur….
Twinkle jerks him off and blushes.
Twinkle: Kunj Noooo….go and get ready humey ghar jana hai…ghar pe sab kya soch rahey hongey !!!
Kunj: Twinkle yaar bas 1 ghanta….
He again holds her and tries kissing…but twinkle smiles and pushes him away.
Twinkle: Kunjjjjj….gooooooo
Kunj: Twinkle yaar plzzzz
Twinkle: Kunj….if u don’t go and get ready now to humari first ni8 humari last ni8 hogi…soch lo !!!
Kunj: Yaar this is not fait Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Kunj everything is fair in love and war…aur humarey beech to love hi love hai na…to now go
Kunj makes a puppy face and goes to get ready… and twinkle smiles and blushes looking at her state and thinking about their first ni8

Scene 5(Sarna house)
Twinj enter
Bebe sees them and smiles.
Bebe: Arey puttar inni jaldi aa gaye tum log.
Kunj: Haina bebe…jaldi aa gaye na hum…dekha twinkle main bol raha tha na 1 ghanta aur….
Twinkle gives him a angry glare and kunj realizes wat he was about to say.
Kunj: Ummm…mera matlab hai ke…ummm aaaa vo hum 1 ghanta aur soo saktey they…kyun…haina bebe !!??
Bebe laughs and leaves.
Yuhi come there.
Yvui: Aur bhi…Hope u enjoyed !!!
Kunj: Bhai aap bhi….
Twinkle: Ummm vo mahi dii aap kaise ho…babies kaisey hain…sab thik hain na.
Mahi laughs.
Mahi: Twinkle tu to aisey pooch rahi hai jaisey mujhse salon baad mil rahi ho
Twinkle: Nnn…naaahiiii dii vo main to bas aisey hi…
Yuvi and Mahi laugh.
Twinj feel awkward and leave.

Scene 6(Twinj’s room)
Twinj stand in the balcony holding hands and being engrossed in each others eyes.
Twinkle: I love u kunj.
Kunj: I love u twinkle.
They hug each other and have to most contentful smile on their faces…their happiness of being with each other and finding their “Soulmate” was very evident.
The screen freezes on twinj hugging each other.

PRECAP- Leap Of 7 Years.

Hope u guys liked the Epi…Guys the next Epi will be my last Epi…so plzzzz do comment on my last 2 episodes…I will miss ull alot…I really hope u liked the Epi…and plzxz don’t forget to share ur views via ur comments…Love u all…Stay blessed.
Profile Of My FF credited to Sunaina??

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