A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 56


Heyyy guys here I am back with my 56th Epi…I felt so so so good to know that all of ull didn’t mind the gaps but wanted me to continue… I had decided to continue but I’m very Sorry…I will have to end my ff…the reason being…now that our beloved Sidhant Gupta is quitting tei…I will stop watching it as I used to watch tei ony and ony for him…so now that I stop watching it and sid will be out too it will be very difficult for me to continue with my ff…as every single time I will mention the name kunj in my ff I will miss him very badly and frankly speaking Ab na mera man hi nahi hai likhney ka aur bina man ke likhungi to its of no use…I just hope ull understand.
Around 3-4 epis more and I will end my ff
So here is the 56th episode.

Scene 1(Hospital)
Yuvi is sitting besides mahi…holding her hand.
Mahi: Yvui…I wanna go back home…I feel sick here…and they give me such tasteless food…wahan ghar pe mummy ji, bebe aur twinkle mujhey mere man ka sab kuch bana ker khilatey the…plzzz take me back home.
Yuvi: Jaan try to understand it’s for u and our babies… here there are so many nurses and doctors to look after you…at home every1 will have their own work..and u need special attention atleast for some days.
Mahi: Yuviiii….plzzzzz !!!(she makes a puppy face)
Yuvi smiles and touches his head to hers…mahi smiles too…yuvi keeps his hand on her stomach and mahi places her hand over his hand…both look at their hands and smile.
Raabta song plays in the bg.
Just then the doctor comes there.
Yuhi compose themselves.
Doctor: So mrs mahi sarna…how r u now…u look much better today.
Mahi: Yes yes doctor… I’m perfectly fine now…so u will discharge me right ??
Yuvi gives her an angry glare…and she becomes quite.
The doctor laughs a little and says.
Doctor: Hahaha… yes yes mrs sarna…just a few confirmatory tests…to check whether u r 100% fine…and then u can go back home.
Mahi smiles… yuvi too smiles looking at her.

Scene 2(Sarna house)
Bebe: Oyeee ushaaa….twinkleeee…wer r both of u ???
Twinkle: Aaaiiii bebe.
Usha: Bas abhi aaaiii bebe.
Twinkle and usha reach the hall.
Bebe is all happy.
Usha: Wat happened bebe…u look very happy ??
Twinkle: Yess bebe…wats the matter ??
Bebe: Han han khus to main bohot hun…coz yuvi had called just now…and he said that he is coming home with mahi…doctor has discharged her as everything was perfectly fine.
Twinkle: What !!! Really bebe…thank u thank u thank u so much babaji.
Usha: Twinkle vo log aatey hi hongey…jaldi se aarti ki thaal le aao.
Twinkle nods and leaves to get it.
Just then the door bell rings.
Usha rushes to the door and opens it.
Bebe too goes there.
They get glad to see yuhi standing there.
Twinkle comes there with the thaal.
Bebe asks usha to do their aarti.
Usha applies Vermilion to both of them and does their aarti.
Yuhi take blessings of usha and bebe and come in.
Twinkle quickly hugs mahi.
They have a nice cute sissy hug.
Bebe: Mahi puttar tu kinni kamzoor lag rahi hai…ek kaam ker tu jaa apne kamrey mein beith mei kuch changa sa bana ker laati hun tere liye.
Mahi happily gives a peck on bebe’s cheek.
Mahi: Tysm bebe???
Yuvi smiles and takes her to their room.

Scene 3(Twinj’s room)
Twinkle is sitting on the couch and biting her nails.
Twinkle: Wah mrs twinkle kunj sarna…fir se naya Siyappa… kunj ne na mujhey ekdam sahi naam diya hai Siyappa Queen… kya zaroorat thi kunj ke saamey shining marney ki…mein to sab kuch mein best hun(says this in a funny voice)…ab ho gayi na gadbad…kunj ka challenge accept to ker liya…but ab poora kaisey kerungi.
She keeps thinking.
Suddenly an idea strikes her mind.
And she jumps in happiness.
Twinkle sings: Yay yay yay…I’m the best…. I’m the best….I’m the best…hoooo I’m theee besttttt !!!
Twinkle: common twinkle ab kaam pe lag ja bohot kaam kerna hai…vo bhi kunj ke aaney se pehle…vo to accha huwa vo kisi client se mikney chala gaya.
She gets engrossed in doing something.

Scene 4(Twinj’s room)
Kunj comes back and enters the room….but to his surprise there was no 1 in the room.
Kunj: Wer did this Siyappa Queen go now !! Twinkleeee…twinkle are u there ??
I think she might be in the kitchen… let me freshen up then I’ll check.
He turned towards the cupboard and was surprised.
He found a note on the door of the cupboard.
Note- Hello mr sadu sarna…change mat Kero…kaafi hot dikh rahey ho is red shirt mein.
Kunj reads this much and smiles.
Note cont- Now stop smiling.
Kunj is surprised…
Kunj thinks: How did she know I wud be smiling !!
Note cont- Don’t be surprised… I know u more then u know urself… and yes If u too know me then come to my favorite place right now…the place wer I get peace.
Kunj reads this and immediately looks towards the balcony.
He finds the balcony door shut.
He quickly goes there and pushes the door.
He is hell amazed to see on the other side of the door.
There was a beautiful date set up with a round table and 2 chairs in the centre.
Just then he herd a voice from a dark corner.
Voice: Ab kya bahar reh ker hi dekhne ka iraada hai ya andar bhi aana hai.
Kunj smiles and goes in.

Kunj: Twinkle yaar kahan hai tu…bahar to aa…I’m dying to see u.
Just then some1 comes from behind and gives him a back hug.
Kunj with no doubt knew the touch.
He turned around to see twinkle.
And his eyes wer left wide open.
Twinkle looked more then hot in that beautiful red shot dress(knee length)
Kunj was all lost in her beauty.
Twinkle smiled and snapped her finger in front of his face.
Kunj came back to his senses.
Twinkle: So mr sadu sarna…kaisa laga mera surprise ??!!
Kunj looks at her from top to bottom and says “HOT”
Twinkle blushes and hits him on his shoulder.
Twinkle: Kunjjj…I’m talking about this date set up…
Kunj places both his hands on her waste and pulls her close.
Kunj: Jab saamney itni hot biwi khadi ho…to koi pagal hi hoga to set up dekhney mein time waste kerega.
Twinkle goes all red blushing.
Just then twinkle presses a button on her phone and Sab tera song starts playing.
Twinj sensually dance on the song.
Kunj moves his fingers on her bare arms…she closes her eyes…then he slowly holds her hands and lifts her up…they move around and he puts her down…twinkle turns towards him and takes his hand in hers and places it around her waste…she then places both her hands around his neck and they keep dancing…towards the end of the song kunj touches his head to her head and both smile looking at each other.
The song ends and twinkle tries freeing herself from his grip…but he tightens the grip and pulls her close.
Kunj: Maan gaye Siyappa Queen tu bhi kaafi romantic hai yaar…but mujhse zyada nahi…aur agar hai to….
Twinkle knew wat exactly he meant so b4 he could complete… she quickly placed her soft pink lips on his.
Kunj was not surprised this time but he was more then just happy.
They had an intense and long liplock.
Twinkle kept caressing his hair and kunj kept pulling her close.
Then after sum time they finally broke the liplock and smiled looking at each other.
Twinkle quickly hugged him…kunj hugged her back.
Twinkle: I love u Kunj…U r my life
Kunj: I love u too twinkle…I love u more than my life.
Just then twinkle breaks the hug.
Twinkle: So I won the challenge right.
Kunj: Hahahahaha challenge yaar abhi tak to we are equal-equal.
Twinkle: Hawww…vo kaisey ???
Kunj: Twinkleee…kiss to main bhi tujhey kai baar ker chuka hun na…to romance mein best honey ke liye tujhey issey kuch zyada….
Twinkle blushes badly and pushes him away.
Twinkle: Shut up kunj…issey zyada kuch nahi milega tumhey ok…And tum bolo ya na bolo I have won.
Kunj moves close to her.
Kunj: Arey aisey kaisey…dance aur kiss to ho gai ab aagey aur bhi to bohot kuch hai kerne ko…
He goes extremely close to her.
Twinkle keeps moving back but is stopped by the railing of the balcony.
Twinkle: Kunjjjjjj !!!!
She closes her eyes.

Kunj goes to her ears and says.
Kunj: Twinkle…dance aur kiss to hogay na…ab sabse important cheez bachi hai…pucho kya.
Twinkle: Kkk..kyy…kyaaaa ???
Kunj: Khanaaaaa !!!!
Twinkle: Whatttt !!!!
Kunj starts laughing loudly.
Twinkle: Khana ???!!!!
Kunj: Han to bohot bhook lagi hai.
Twinkle: Ummm han han chalo khaatey hain.
She goes to serve but kunj holds her hand and pulls her close.
Kunj: Waisey tujhey kya laga tha han ???
Twinkle: Mmmm…mmuu…mujhey…
vo…mujhey kya lagega…
Kunj: Waisey hum vo bhi ker saktey…
Twinkle quickly frees herself from his grip.
Twinkle: Ummm…vo khana thanda ho raha hai…lets eat..
She turns around and blushes.
Kunj smiles and says “yes lets eat”
They have dinner and some romantic talks then go to sleep.
Twinkle hugs kunj and kunj wraps his arms around her…they close their eyes and have a broad smile on their face.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Not Yet Decided.

Hope u guys liked the Epi…plzzz do comment….love u all…stay blessed


Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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  1. meri didi vapas aa gyi… ff was the reason by which i got such a lovely prsn in my life ….di plz try to come at tei written updates ..as i want to be in ur touch…. and di by mistake i deleted ur no. so if u donot have a prblm ping me and i also stopped watching tei bt i visit the page for u all bt it seems of no use now as bcauz u ritzi ..sanam di and pali and many more had stopped writing…i can do only thing ..missing u all..really i had a gr8 time with u all…

  2. We will miss you too aakansha and nice episode you are really good at writing skills don’t give up on it OK

  3. Miss u aakansha and sid….

  4. Akku di yrr this is not fair. Plz don’t leave this ff. BTW episode was fab

  5. Really nice akki di???????????…….well If u’ll continue then I will b very happy but I really respect ur decision and even I am sad about sidhant sir’s exit from tei but that track will take place nearly in August or September till then v can enjoy his presence in tei as this decision of his is for his future and career,though he will not b kunj anymore after that but remember he is not leaving this industry v love sidhant sir and after tei we will b able to see him in a different avatar and now as he made us all love kunj (remember that in starting most of the tei fans didn’t liked entry of kunj) he will make all of us love the other characters also that he will play in future so don’t b sad and continue loving sidhant sir☺☺

    1. shreya how do u know that he will leave nearly in august or september? but ya wen i watched todays sbs seg. sidhant specified the word ‘might’ tht he might have to leave the show nd the reason behind is tht he will be seen in jhalak dikhleaja so he is leaving it… m not sure but it was told in sbs seg

    2. yeahh shreya is absolutely right….i wil miss him too

  6. Aakanksha, please for God’s sake don’t end the ff.. please! I was already sad because Sidhant is leaving the show and now if you also stop writing I swear I would start crying.. please don’t stop! I really beg you but, then it’s all upto you.. I can’t force you.. And, back to the episode it was damn romantic and amazing.. I loved it.

  7. really u rock everytime ??????
    u r right if no sid then no tei ????

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  12. Plz dont end this ff.. plzz its not fair!
    The episode was osm.. eagerly waiting for your nxt epi!

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  17. well akku i can understand ur problem…bt i would suggest if not this ff write atleast os…i wont force u..i respect ur decision..just that as u r gonna miss sid…we r gonna miss u badly…nd ur ff more…it had been the best ff i had been reading since so long…love u nd ur ff…muah…

  18. Guys I do understand that u all r really very upset that sid is leaving the show but he is doing this as he has got a better offer for him . so u all shd b happy 4 him . But yes evenI will miss kunj a lot
    and akku dear I understand that u r really very upset about that . I had the same feeling when my fav couple of anakin and padme from star wars got separated
    but u have to accept the fact and move on . We should support sid for his upcoming project

  19. Aakansha dear I know u r very very upset but plzz don’t end ur ff …..just think once before heading towards any decision ….but u just give a thought can u smile without writing ur ff ; can u feel good without meeting ur TEI family .
    I know ur upset nd feels no happiness while writing it but just think twice before ending it plzzz.
    U Ritzi nd many others r on the verge of ending ur ff ; the pain I’m feeling while quitting TEI same I’m feeling when I hear that u people r ending ur ff. Rest decision r all urs..

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    Without twinj ….ff’s are only there to smile…..plzzzz akku ……today when i saw your ff there was big walii smile on my face….akku you are very very nice ,lovely….friend …i dont want to LOOSE. you ……plzz

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    You are my very nice loving friend …
    I don’t want to LOOSE u ….
    Plzzzzz akkku plzzzz ??????

    1. Aakanksha Singh

      Same here sonal but don’t worry I’ll end my ff but I’ll take tara’s suggestion and will continue writing OS wenever I’m free

  22. Aakanksha Singh

    Thanx a ton guys for all the love and support and I’m extremely sorry as I know I’m hurting few of u by ending this ff….but plzzz try to understand guys its better to end something on a good note then to drag it without any reason….and I promise I will be in touch with u all through my 1 shots as writing is my passion and love w
    And I can’t stay away from it?

  23. Awsme part bt now a days i hav no i trst in any wrk whn i gt to knw dat sid s leaving d shie seriously only some more days of tei den i wont see it den only mera sahara hai twinj ek saat dwkhne ka kyu ki serial mein toh wapas twiraj hojaye ga pyaar ka maxak banake rakha hai jaose feel horaha hai

  24. OK akku but when u write os then write your name first in block letters so that I will get to that it is yours os
    Write it so that I can see it in home page
    Becoz I don’t read all os sooo how will I identify that its my lovely akku’s os ……………???????????????????????????????????????

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  28. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Akku please try to write more episodes if u can because I love your ff a lot that’s why and I m a big fan of ur writing skills n stories 🙂 and I don’t comment in all episodes as I m busy in weekdays

  29. awesomeeeeeeeee
    miss u

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