A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 55


Heyyy guys….I know I’m very late as usual… but this time…I have a genuine problem… actually as most of u know that I had been preparing for my medical entrance exam since long…but later it was announced that state CETs are cancelled and all india exams will be held…so now I m hell engrossed in preparing for the all india entrance exam on 24th july…and I have classes for 8-10 hours….so it’s very difficult for me to fetch time to write my ff…so today I’m asking u…I hav only 2 options either the END MY FF…OR…CONTINUE WITH LONG GAPS IN EPIS….So now u all hav to tell me what shud I do….
So here is the episode 55

Scene 1(Sarna House)

Twinj reach home.
They rush to the stairs to check for some proof.
Kunj checks the corners while twinkle checks the flat zones…they wer busy searching…just then twinkle steps on a stair and was about to slip too.
Twinkle: Aaaahhh..aaaahhhh kunnjjjjjj
Kunj quickly runs to her and she falls in his arms.
They look at each other and get lost into each others eyes…sajnave plays.
After a few seconds they compose themselves and kunj puts twinkle down.
Twinkle immediately bends and touches the stair…and to her surprise she finds Oil there.
She shows the oil to kunj and both are shocked.
Kunj: That means we were right…this was planned by some1.

Twinkle: And we very well know…who cud steep so low.
Kunj(with immense anger in his eyes): Now this is just too much…ab paani sar se upar jaa chuka hai…now we cant stay silent…we have to tell everyone about this…and yes I think I shud call the police too and get them arrested.
Twinkle: Kunj I can understand u r hell angry right now…but tell me 1 thing do we have any solid proof against them ???..the answer is NO…and the family members will believe us but police… they need proofs…so 1st we need proof against them.
Kunj: U mean jab tak humey proof nahi mil jaata hum chup chaap baithey rahenge !!!!…Sorry I can’t stay quite… especially after this stunt.
Twinkle: Kunj do u think I’ll stay quite… this time they have crossed all their limits…now its time to show them…ke humsey panga lekar unhoney accha nahi kiya.
Kunj gives her a confused look.
Twinkle signs him to just do as she says.

Scene 2
All family members come back home from the hospital… mahi is still in the hospital and yuvi is with her.

Every1 sits in the hall area…twinj too join them.
Bebe: Rab da lakh lakh shukar hai ke…mahi aur dono bacchey sahi salamat hain.
Manohar: Yes bebe…u r ri8…thank god they all are fine…
Usha: But I didn’t understand 1 thing…mahi used to climb the stairs so many times in a day…but she never fell…but god knows what happened that she fell like this.
Twinkle: Mummy ji…nothing to worry… bas dii ka pair fisal gaya hoga…
Kunj: Han han…wahi huwa hoga…and Nyway they are fine now right…so end this matter now.
Just then the 3 idiots come there(Anita, cherry and manny/manasvi)
Anita: Omg…ye mai kya sun rahi hun…mahi fell from the stairs…ohhh god…is she fine…and how are her babies !!!
Twinj are super angry but they don’t show it on their face.
Manny: Ye aap kya bol rahi ho mummy ji…kya huwa mahi bhabhi ko…is she all right ???
Twinkle: Anita aunty…manny…plzzz don’t worry…mahi di is perfectly fine and both the kids too.
Cherry: What !!!!

Anita and manny give him an angry glare.
Cherry quickly corrects his statement.
Cherry: Whaa…waht a good news…ye to badi changi gal hai…ki vo sab thik hain.
The 3 idiots are unhappy… listening that mahi and her babies are fine.
Anita thinks: Saari mehenat barbaad ho gai…If that mahi delivers boys…that too 2 boys then to bebe and manohar will write all their property on yuvi’s name as he will give this sarna family it’s first waaris and my cherry will get nothing… ufff I have to do something.
Anita was still lost in her thoughts wen the door bell rings.
Manny goes to open the door.
She opens the door and gets shocked.
Bebe: Ohhh manasvi puttar…kaun aaya hai…
Manny stays quiet.
Twinkle: Wait I’ll see…

Twinkle goes there and gets surprised.
Twinkle: Bebe, papa, mummy ji….Kunjjjjjj come here fastttt……
All go there and are surprised to see police on the door.
Manohar: What happened inspector… why have ull come here…what’s the issue.
Inspector: Hill road per ek accident huwa hai…aur jis gaadi se accident huwa hai…vo gaadi aap ke yahan dekhi gai hai.

Usha: Inspector sir…I think u are mistaken…that can’t be possible bcoz…we all wer not at home…we wer in the hospital.
Inspector: I don’t know all that…I have noted the number of the car too…PB 34 6666…whozz car is it.
Kunj quickly: Cherry bhaiya…its cherry bhaiyas car.
Cherry gets shocked.
Cherry: Hhhaaa…hannn cccaa…ccaarr to meri hai…but I hav not done any accident… I didn’t even take the car out of the parking lot today…I swear.
Inspector: I’m sorry Mr cherry sarna but I have to arrest you.
Cherry: No no…how can u arrest me…I haven’t done anything… try to understand…. mummy ji tell them na…
Anita: Sir I think it’s some misunderstanding… my son didn’t go out of the house only today… he has not done anything.
The sub inspectors start dragging cherry towards the police jeep.
Cherry: Stop stop…waitttt…how can I do the accident wen I was at home busy planning to hurt mahi bhabhi so that she has a miscarriage.
All get shocked.
Twinj look at each other and smile

As this was all their plan to make cherry speak out the truth.
Kunj: What do u mean…cherry bhaiya.
Cherry: Han han han…aaj subha se mai , manny aur mummy ji yahi sochne mai busy the…aur vo jo mahi bhabhi stairs per se giri vo bhi humara hi plan tha…humney hi stairs per oil giraya tha taaki mahi bhabhi gir jayen aur unka miss carriage ho jaaye…
He starts weeping.
Anita looks away…
Manny goes and falls on bebe’s feet
Manny: Bebe mujhey maaf kerdo…meri koi galati nahi hai…main to bas apne pati aur saasu maa ki baat maan rahi thi…plzz forgive me.

Bebe moves back.
Bebe: Anita…tu itna neechey gir jayegi mainey kabhi socha bhi nahi tha.
Usha: But y did u do all this !!!
Twinkle: Jaaidat/property…they have done all this for property mummy ji….they thought that if mahi dii gives us the waaris of sarna family… then out of happiness bebe will give all her property to jiju and cherry bhaiya will not get anything.
Bebe: Cheeee anita cheee….jaaidat ke liye tu 2 maasum bacchon ki jaan lene wali thi….aur tu cherry… tomorrow wen ur wife will become pregnant will u let something of that sort happen with her.
Manohar: Inspector sir plzzz arrest all 3 of them…we don’t want to see their faces even for 1 more second.
Police arrests the 3 idiots and leaves.
All family members go in.
Twinj stay out.
Kunj: Waahh meri Siyappa Queen… kya dimaag daudaya hai…saanp bhi mar gaya…aur laathi bhi nahi tooti.

Twinkle: Excuse me Mr sadu sarna… I’m Mrs twinkle kunj sarna…and I’m the best…to ideas to mere acchey honge hi na !!!
Kunj: Achaaa !!!
He holds her waist and pulls her closer.
Kunj: I agree…in sab maamlon mai to tu kaafi smart hai…but ek cheez hai jismey u r a big ZERO.
Twinkle: What…I’m the best in everything.
Kunj: Ohkkk…then prove it…
Twinkle: Yes yes I will prove it…tell me what I have to prove.
Kunj: You have to prove….
Twinkle: Say fasttttt…..
Kunj goes close to her ears.
Kunj: You have to prove that u r the best in romance too.
Twinkle goes all red…she blushes badly.
Kunj sees this…he cups her face with 1 hand and pulls her close using his other hand….he keeps moving closer to her face…twinkle too closes her eyes expecting a kiss.
Suddenly kunj gives a bang on her head with his head.
Twinkle: Aaauuucchhh !!! Kunjjjjj
Kunj: Twinkleeeeee !!! Prove tumhey kerna hai mujhey nahi….
He laughs.
Twinkle blushes and runs to her room.
Kunj stands there and moves his hand in his hair and smiles.
The screen freezes on his smiling face.

PRECAP- Mahi comes back home…Twinj get romantic.

Hope u guys liked the Epi.
And plzzzz do comment and let me know as to what shud I do…end it…or ull don’t mind the long gaps between my epis
Love u all….stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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