A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 54


Heyyy guys I know I’m very late this time but plzzz forgive me as always… Today without wasting much time lets just start with the Epi.
So here is the episode 54

Scene 1(Hospital)
Mahi is inside the diagnostic room…and all other family members are waiting outside.
Yuvi is all tensed and stands outside the door joining his hands and praying to god that mahi and his babies are fine.
Leela, usha, bebe, manohar and raman are also there…leela was unable to stop her tears…wer as raman and others were consoling her.
Twinj come there rushing.
Twinkle sees leela and goes to her.
Leela hugs immediately hugs her.
Leela: Twinkle…puttar humari mahiiii !!
She sobs and twinkle tries consoling her.
Twinkle: Maa..Sshhh…bas bas maa plzz stop crying… mahi dii ko kuch bhi nahi hoga…babaji sab thik kerenge.
On the other hand yuvi hugs kunj and bursts out crying.
Yuvi: Kunj…kunj accha huwa tu aa gaya…dekh na teri bhabhi ko kya ho gaya…agar teri bhabhi ko ya mere bacchon ko kuch bhi huwa na…to mai khud ko kabhi maaf nahi ker paaung…
He sobs too.
Kunj: Bhai…1st of all stop crying… and why are u blaming urself…it was just an accident right ??
Yuvi: Yes it was an accident… but it wud not have happened if….

A flashback is shown.
Yuvi enters the house all happy… as their company got a very big contract bcoz of his appealing presentation.
Yuvi: Maaa…bebe…mahiiiii….wer are u all….come down fast…I am soooo happy today… mahiiiiiii kahan ho jaan…plzzz come here fast….
Mahi was in her room…she hears yuvi’s voice and comes out of the room.
She looks at yuvis happy face and starts running down…and that’s wen she slips on the stairs and tumbles down.
Every1 come there and get shocked… leela too comes there with mahi’s fav gajar halwa as mahi had demanded that.
Yuvi is hell shocked to see mahi like that…she becomes unconscious and all rush her to the hospital.
Flashback ends.

Yuvi: This wud hav never happened if I didn’t call her out like this…I shud hav gone to the room and told her…its all my fault…He cries.
Kunj: Bhai plzzz don’t blame urself…it’s not at all ur fault.
Twinkle and kunj together(But twinkle to leela and kunj to yuvi): But I don’t understand 1 thing how did bhabhi/diii slip…she climbs steps everyday and runs too but she never slipped earlier… so how come this time !!!!
Just then the doctor comes out.
Yuvi rushes to him.
Yuvi: Doctor…doctor how is my wife and my babies… they are fine na…is everything ok…
Doctor pats yuvi’s shoulder.
Doctor: Calm down Mr yuvraj… ur wife and babies…all are fine.
All get glad to hear that.
Doctor: There is just 1 problem that ur wife will now never be able to conceive after this…I mean that she will never get pregnant again.
All are shocked and stunned !!!!

Twinkle and kunj look at each other in surprise.
Yuvi cud not believe his ears.
Usha: But doctor what happened… aisa kya ho gaya ke vo fir kabhi maa nahi ban payegi.
Doctor: Actually Mrs Sarna… wen ur bahu fell from the starts by gods grace she didn’t get any bad hit on her womb so the babies are perfectly fine…but her fallopian tubes got ruptured and bcoz of that she wud never be able to conceive… this wud not affect her health…but it is important that u all take utter care of these babies…so that she atleast has these two children in her life.
Yuvi is heart broken.
Twinkle: Doctor we assure u…that we will take 100% proper care of dii and we will not let anything happen to the babies.
Kunj: Yes doctor… and there is request… plzzz don’t tell this to bhabhi ri8 now as she will take stress and I think its not good for her health.
Doctor: Yes Mr kunj u r ri8…we wont tell her anything now.
Leela: So doctor wen can we take her back home.
Doctor: Let her be here and rest today…you can take her home tomorrow.
Bebe: So can we meet her now.
Doctor agrees.
Yuvi and others go to meet mahi.
Twinj stay out.

Twinkle had been holding her tears for long…but now she couldn’t… she hugged kunj and burst out in tears.
Twinkle: Kunj humare saath hi hamesha aisa kyun hota hai…jab bhi humey lagta hai ki sab kuch accha chal raha hai…aur jab bhi humey koi bhi khushi milti hai to…humesha hamari khushiyon per kiski nazar lag jaati hai…babaji humare saath aisa kyun kerte hain…
She hugs him tight and cried.
Kunj hugs her back and consoles her.
Kunj: Bas bas…twinkle aisey rotey nahi hai…chup hoja yaar…tu to meri sherni hai…tu hi aisey kamzor pad jaayegi to baaki family members ko kaun himmat dega…bilkul tension mat le twinkle… hum dono mil ker sab thik ker denge.
Twinkle: But mujhey ek baat nahi samjh mai aai…
Kunj: Yahi na ke mahi bhabhi stairs per se slip kaise ho gai.
Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle: Han kunj mai bhi yahi soch rahi thi…we have to find out…lets go home and see…maybe we will get some proof.
Kunj nods and holds her hand.
Twinj hold hands and look at each other.
The screen freezes on their hands interlocked.

PRECAP- Twinj reach home and search for some proof near the stairs… twinkle finds something and gets shocked.

Hope u guys liked the epi…plzzz plzzz plzzz do share ur views via ur comments… love u all loads…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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  7. thank u so much guys…means a lot to me…and very sorry again for not replying to all ur comments actually the reason is the same due to which I got late in posting my epi…that is my cousins have come over to my house so we be roaming out with them…and wen ever I use my phone they be like…yaar u be with the phone always but we come 1ce in a year…so very sorry but plzzz keep commenting

    1. Don’t be so sorry.. We understand.. It’s okay.. Ff will go on.. First enjoy with your cousins.. And, of course they are very much right. They just come once.. You should enjoy with them.. We also can wait for sometime yaar come on.. We aren’t that selfish also.

      1. Lol i suffer the same problem
        Hey akku I really want u get ur autograph
        U r just sooooooo fab yr srsly β™₯β™₯β™₯

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