A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 53

Hiii Guys… after are u all…long time no see…and yes as a routine habbit… I am late again… but I’m very sorry…I hav my entrance exams going on…but 5th may is the final 1…after that it will be over…so maybe then I will post 1 Epi every day…
Ohk so enough of my chapad chapad…u all read the Epi.
So here is the episode 53

Scene 1(Engagement Hall)
Twinj reach the hall…and immediately get to their work…twinkle checks the decor and stage work…wer as kunj is busy with the lighting and catering stuff.
Twinkle was facing the stage…she keeps moving backwards looking at the stage to see how it’s looking from far…she keeps moving behind.
Kunj was explaining the workers about the lighting at the entrance which was exactly in front of the stage…. he too moves back still facing the entrance in order to see how was the lighting looking from far.
Both kunj and twinkle wer moving towards each other…but both of them wer facing the opposite side.
Suddenly both of them turned and banged into each other and fell down.
Twinkle over Kunj.
They looked into each others eyes and got lost in them….sajnave plays.
After sum time they came back to their senses….and got up.
Kunj: Siyappa Queen… can u ever do anything properly…can’t u see and walk.
Twinkle: Ohh hello Mr sadu sarna…u are asking me to see and walk…and what about you han !!!!
Kunj: Siyappa Queen it’s ur fault…I was walking like that coz i was checking the lighting of the entrance… got it !!!
Twinkle: Ya ya…and I was roaming in a garden…even I wanted to see how is the stage looking from far so I was walking like that…did u get it !!!
Kunj: Ohk ohk…stop fighting now and concentrate on ur work.
Twinkle: Same goes with u…and btw u started…not me.
Kunj: Uffff these wives !!!…ok meri maa…u wer right and I was wrong…now can we get back to work.
Twinkle smiles and nods in yes.
Just then the Boy and his family enters.
All are amazed to see all the arrangements.
The boy’s father praises twinj for their exceptional work.
Twinj look at each other and smile.
The girl and her family come too.
The engagement ceremony starts.
The couple exchanges rings…and all clap for them.
Kunj hits twinkle’s shoulder with his.
Kunj: Ohhh Siyappa Queen… humari engagement yaad hai !!
Twinkle has a thousand watt smile on her face.
Twinkle: Obviously… how can I forget.
Kunj: Yaar kitni mehenat aur koshish ki thi…humne engagement rokne ki..
Twinkle: Jail bhi jana pad gaya tha…
Kunj: Han as usual… coz of Siyappa Queen the great…aadhi raat ko madam ko milna tha…vo bhi kahan…Lovres park mai…
Twinkle: Ohhh helloo…vo na situation ki demand thi…samjhe…aur kamse kam maine try to kiya…tum to aaram se baithey the…
Kunj: Waisey accha hi huwa na twinkle ki engagement ho gai….
Twinkle: Han kunj…agar vo saari confusion na hoti to shayad hum hamesha friends hi reh jaatey.
Kunj: Hmmm…waisey yaar…thoda wait kerta to shaayad koi better mil jaati…nahi ???
Twinkle: Ohhh accha…to thik hai…today in this party u are a Bachelor and I am a Spinster… and both of us are free to do what we want.
Kunj is surprised.
Kunj: Are u kidding me…seriously… Woooowww… thank u soo much… babaji aisi biwi sabko dena…ur sure na I can do anything !!
Twinkle: Ya sure !! and btw I can do anything too….lets see tumhe zyada attention milti hai ya mujhe.
Kunj: Done ?.

Scene 2(Engagement Hall again)
Kunj is seen near the bar…standing with a bunch a bful girls…infact he was all surrounded by them…he was purposely flirting with them…his only intention was making twinkle jealous.
And he was doing very well…twinkle was actually very jealous.
And she was actually feeling awkward to talk to any guy…so she just stood there staring at kunj.
Just then there was a pat on her shoulder.
Twinkle turns to find a good looking man standing there.
Man: Hello miss…why are u standing here all alone.
Twinkle hesitates at 1st but then to make kunj jealous she starts talking to him.
Twinkle: No actually… all are very busy here…so…
Man: No no…all are not busy..I am free.
Twinkle fakes a smile.
Man: So…whozz side are you from.
Twinkle: Ummm…actually the boy’s father has appointed me as the wedding planner.
Man: Ohhhh so u r the 1 who has done all these bful arrangements…woowww…its so bful just like you.
He steps closer to her.
Twinkle feels awkward but fakes a smile.
The man then holds her hand.
Man: Wud u like to dance with me.
Twinkle didn’t want to but he just pulled her to the dance floor.
Kunj was continuously looking at them.
Twinkle started dancing with the man…but he started touching her sensually…that made twinkle very uncomfortable.
Kunj saw that and fumed.
He was trying to control himself some how but…
He saw tears in twinkle’s eyes out of helplesness.
He couldn’t control anymore.
He rushed to the dance floor and moved twinkle away from the man and gave him a tight slap.
Every1 present there was shocked.
The man was surprised too.
Man: Excuse me…what’s ur problem.
Kunj slaps him again.
Kunj: What’s my problem…han whats my problem… u cheapster… u are touching my wife like this…she has tears in her eyes and ur asking me what’s my problem.
Man: Ur wife !!??
Kunj: Yes my wife…she is my wife…how dare u….han how dare u touch her.
He was about to hit him again wen he was stopped by a voice.
It was the boy’s(boy who was getting engaged) voice.
Boy: Mr Kunj !!! How dare u hit my best friend… you don’t know what u hav done…u will hav to pay for this…Dad we will not give him a single penny now.
Kunj: Ohhhh is it….u know what…I wud myself not take a single penny from people who don’t respect women… so u better keep ur so called money in ur pocket….and yes wen its related to my wife…leave money even if u wud hav asked for my life…I wud hav given…coz wen u love some1 truly…all that matters is their respect… and if someone tries to play with it…then they had it !!!
Twinkle stands there with tears in her eyes…she looks at kunj lovingly.
Kunj goes to the girl (the boys finace)
Kunj: U are marrying this creep…I mean…U better re think on ur decision…if he can’t respect others wife…I am damn sure he won’t respect u too.
Kunj says this and holds twinkle’s hand and leaves.
They come outside and take a cab.
Twinkle kept crying and kunj too faced opposite side and wept silently.
They reached the hotel and neither of them uttered a single word.

Scene 3(Hotel room)
Twinj freshen up…and change their clothes.
Kunj is all silent…he quietly goes to sleep.
Twinkle goes to him and sits besides him….he acts to be sleeping though he was awake.
Twinkle takes his hand in her hand.
Twinkle: I am very sorry kunj…kunj…kunj utho na…kunj.
Kunj still acts to sleep.
Twinkle couldn’t resist anymore.
She got up and ran to the balcony and burst out crying.
Kunj cud hear her sobs.
He immediately went to her…he placed his hand on her shoulder.
Twinkle quickly turned and hugged him tight….he too hugged her back.
Sajnave plays in bg.
They stayed like that for some while.
Kunj broke the hug.
Twinkle was still sobbing.
Kunj cupped her face.
Kunj: Twinkleee yaar rona band ker plzzz…u know I just can’t see tears in ur eyes…plzzz stop crying.
Twinkle says in between sobbs.
Twinkle: Kunj…kunj I m very sorry…I didnt know that he was a cheap guy…I didn’t even want to talk to him…but wen I saw u flirting with girls I got so jealous that…I thought of talking to him…but the dance trust me he pulled me purposely…I didn’t want….
She was stopped by kunj’s hand on her lips.
Kunj: Ssshhhhh…u don’t need to give any explanation… I totally trust u…but I was angry bcoz u didn’t stop him…u allowed him to miss behave with you.
Twinkle: I am sorry kunj…I am very sorry…but I didn’t want to create any scene there.
Kunj: You didn’t want to create any scene !!! Are u mad…u will tolerate all this ony so that no scene is created…woooowww twinkle…u r great…
I must really clap for you.
Twinkle: But it was ur mistake too…why wer u flirting with those girls…u know I was feeling so jealous… especially that red dress one…kaise chipak rahj thi vo tumsey…mera bas chalta na to muh hi tod deti uska…
Kunj looks at her and smiles.
Twinkle: Tum hans rahe ho…get lost…I don’t wanna talk to u.
She goes inside the room.
Kunj goes behind her…he quickly runs to her and drags her to the wall..and pins her there.
Kunj: Accha… u won’t talk to me…pakka ??
Twinkle nods singing him pakka.
He asks again… she again nods.
Kunj: That means u won’t say anything.
He moves closer to her and moves her hair to 1 side….and kisses her neck.
She closes her eyes.
He keeps kissing her neck…everywhere.
She clutches his shirt with both her hands.
Kunj then kisses on her closed eyelids.
Twinkle was on top of the world… this was much needed for her.
He then kissed her chheeks…forehead and finally…..
Her soft lips…kunj started kissing her soft lips…twinkle tried hard but couldn’t control… she too started responding.
They wer kissing very passionately…they wer out of control now…kunj held twinkle by her waist and started moving towards the bed.
They reached the bed and twinkle fell on the bed with kunj over her….still kissing each other…they rolled on the bed.
They broke the liplock and twinkle started unbuttoning kunj’s shirt.
Kunj kept kissing her neck…hands…cheeks..
Twinkle removed his shirt and threw it of…she too kissed his bear chest…
Kunj again kissed her lips and they started kissing again….
Wen suddenly twinkle’s phone rang.
Twinkle broke the liplock and was about to pick the call…but kunj pulled her back.
Kunj: Twinkle today don’t stop…don’t let this phone call spoil everything today.
Twinkle smiled and kept the phone aside…but it was ringing continuously.
Twinkle: Kunj I think its something imp…orelse maa wud hav never called so many times.
Kunj: Yes u r right…pick it up.
Twinkle picks up the phone.
Twinkle: Hello maa !!
Leela: Twinkleee…twinkle vooo !!!…
She cries.
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle: Maaa…maaa why are u crying….maa bolo na kya baat hai.
Kunj is also surprised.
Leela: Twinkle… plzzz come back fast…Vo…vo actually mahi….
Twinkle: Maaa kya huwa maahi dii ko…bolo maa
Leela: Twinkle mahi fell down from stairs…yuvi and all of us hav brought her to the hospital.
Twinkle is shocked !!!
The phone falls from her hand.
Kunj: Twinkle… twinkle… kya huwa…kuch to bol.
Twinkle starts crying.
Twinkle: Kunj mahi dii…mahi dii fell down from the stairs.
Kunj is shocked to hear that.
The screen freezes on kunj’s shocked face.

PRECAP- Twinj come back to amritsar.

Hope u guys liked the Epi…and Yesss keep thinking what will happen to mahi and her babies now…and plzzzz plzzz plzzz do comment… ur comments mean a lot to me…love u all loads…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh


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  1. Anushka

    Akku di missed u although we had a talk 2days before. Episode was fab I felt had for twinj as they didn’t got money for what they did and that cheapster tried to misbehave wid twinkle. Track is going good di. Lets see what happens next. But all I can say is, I m in love wid this ff. Love u and ur ff to the moon and black??

  2. kruti

    Finally u updated…..was waiting fr it since long …..Great episode dear lekin har bar romance me beech mein haddi kahan we aa jati hai yaar……..eagerly waiting fr ur nxt epi……..and all d best fr ur entrance exam

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    • Aakanksha

      Thanx ria…and I am very sorry if I disappointed to u…yaar actually I don’t want twinj to consummate their marriage so soon…I want my story line to be a lil different… but yaar Srsly very sorry…love u loads

      • Ria

        You didn’t disappoint.. It’s fun.. Vaise bhi Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai.. Lol! And, I hope Mahi is all fine. Nothing happens to her and yuhi’s children.

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    woowww akku it was all dat was needed…chota packet bada dhamaka ( no no dnt get me wrng epi was long enough) i jus wantd to quote smthng…..lol…best of luck fr ur xam….m feeling happy dat u ll b uploading daily soon..love u..

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    • Aakanksha

      ummm….frankly I am too waiting for this in ogi tei….but I thnk in my ff there is still time for consummation…hope u understand dear….anyway thanx alot

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