A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 52


Hiiiii Guys I am back…today is no bukbuk day….Lolllzzz?…just kidding….I hav decided to directly start with the Epi.
So here is the episode 52

Scene 1(Mumbai Market)
Twinj are busy in finding all the materials that they need for the decoration of the engagement hall.
They are roaming here and there selecting items….it’s afternoon time and very hot as usual in mumbai.
Without bothering about the heat twinj are just hell bent towards finishing all their shopping asap so that they can start with their work as time is very less.
After roaming in that fierce heat for almost 3 hours their shopping was finally done.
Kunj who was all wet with sweat said.
Kunj: Ufffff ye mumbai ki garmi…. twinkle chal jaldi se kisi restaurant main chal ker kuch khaatey hain.
Twinkle nods in yes and starts going with him.
But due to intense heat and empty stomach… she starts feeling dizzy.
She some how manages to walk a little but eventually faints.
Kunj gets shocked.
Kunj: Twinkleeee….twinkleee…what happened twinkle…paani…paani lata hun…twinkle…..
He rushes to a cloes by shop and buys a bottle of water.
He goes to twinkle and splashes water on her face.
After some splashes… twinkle gains consciousness.
Kunj: Twinkle… twinkle are you fine
He makes her get up…but she is feeling very weak….he looks at her state and quickly picks her up in his arms.
Twinkle looks at him lovingly.
Sajnave plays.
Kunj carries twinkle in his arms and heads towards the taxi stand.
Kunj too had not eaten anything from morning and was tired too….but it was his love for twinkle that gave him the power….he held twinkle firmly and walked with ease….only bcoz he was constantly looking into twinkle’s eyes and the love that he could see in it…gave him all the strength in the world.
Twinkle: Kunj…Umm I am feeling better now….
Kunj: Good…why didn’t you eat anything in the morning han…apna dhyan rakha ker yaar Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: You too didn’t have anything… are you not feeling weak ??
Kunj: Ohhhh Siyappa Queen…. don’t forget I am kunj sarna…aur mai na punjaab da sher hun….kuch ghante kya…kuch din bhi bhooka rahun na…to bhi mujhe kuch nahi hoga….samjhiii
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Han han pujaabi sher….I m fine now….so put me down I will walk.
Kunj: We hav almost reached the taxi stand….I’ll put you down there only.
Twinkle: Arey but….
Kunj: Oyeee ssshhhh…tujhse zyada bhaari to teri baatein hain…jab se tuney bolna shuru kiya na…tu bhaari lagne lagi mujhe.
Twinkle: Hawwwww….kunj !!!
Kunj puts her down.
Twinkle: Bas hogaya….thak gaya punjab da sher….
She laughs.
Kunj fakes a smile and signs her to turn and see.
Twinkle turns and finds that they had reached the taxi stand.
Twinkle looks here and there and tries ignoring…as if nothing has happened.
Kunj looks at her and smiles.
Kunj asks a taxi driver to take them to the hotel.
twinkle: What…we are going directly to the hotel !!! but I’m hungry.
Kunj: Han han I know…we will order something in our room ony and till then we will plan about the event aswell… what say ???
Twinkle: Hmmmmm….so finally u started using ur brains…good…lets go.
Kunj gives her a not interested look and sits in the cab…twinkle sits too and they leave.

Scene 2(On they way to hotel)
Twinj are in the cab…kunj is taking a power nap and twinkle is busy enjoying the view.
Suddenly twinkle shouts.
Twinkle: Bhaiyaaa…bhaiyaa gaadi roko…plzzz stop the car.
Driver immediately stops the car and Kunj gets up.
Kunj: Twinkle what happened…why did u ask him to stop…is everything ok.
Twinkle doesn’t reply she just gets down the cab.
Kunj gets down too.
Kunj: Twinkle wer are you going…what’s the matter.
Twinkle goes and stands infront of a stall
Kunj is surprised.
Twinkle: Kunj GOLAAA !!!!
Kunj hits his head with his hand.
Kunj: Twinkle are you mad…like srsly u stopped the cab for this….I mean u know na we don’t have time.
Twinkle: Offfooo kunj…gola khaane main kitna time lagega…and don’t worry I am there na…I’ll manage everything.
Kunj: No ways !!!
He starts pulling her towards the cab.
Twinkle jerks his hand off.
Twinkle: Yaar kunj…Mumbai aaye aura gola nahi khaaya to kya khaak mumbai aaye…. Bhaiya(gola vendor) 2 kala khatta
Kunj is helpless so he sits on the bench kept near the stall.
Twinkle comes there with 2 golas in hand…she hands over 1 to him and starts enjoying hers.
Kunj keeps looking at her….muskuraane ki wajaah tum ho plays.
Twinkle enjoys the gola just like a small kid.
Kunj is busy looking at her.
Twinkle looks at him and signs him to have it too.
Kunj smiles and tries eating but in vain.
Twinkle keeps her glass aside and teaches him how to eat.
He tries imitating her and finally gets the right way.
They enjoy the gola together.
After sometime…the taxi driver comes there.
Driver: Sirrr…ma’am I am waiting from past half-n-hour do ull want to go or not.
Twinj are shocked to know that 30 mins passed…. they quickly pay the gola vendor and leave for the hotel.
In the cab.
Kunj: Teri wajah se dekh kitna late ho gaya….gola khana tha madam ko !!!
Twinkle: kunj stop it han…I hav already said sorry 10 times….and dont u worry…I hav done the mistake na ill manage everything.
Kunj: That we will see.
They look in opposite directions.

Scene 3(Twinj’s hotel room)
Twinkle is busy in deciding all the set up of the hall and other decoration issues.
Where as kunj is busy in talking to the catering staff as too what is the menu finalised by the boy’s side.
After all the work is done…twinj together think of getting ready and head towards the bathroom… still lost in the event planning.
They bump into each other.
Twinj together: Dekh ker nahi chal saktey/sakti kya ???
Twinj together again: I didn’t come in ur way…I was going to get ready.
Kunj: Let me get ready first…I hav lots of work.
Twinkle: Ohhh hello…u r not the only 1 who has work ok…i too hav lots of work…so I’ll go.
Kunj: Bola na I will go.
Twinkle: Maine bhi bola na I will go.
Kunj: Twinkleeee…..
Twinkle: Kunjjjjj…..
Kunj: Ohk na teri….na meri…let’s go together !!
Twinkle: Ohk….
She realizes what she said.
Twinkle: What no no no….are you mad.
Kunj: See tujhe to mai pehle jaane nahi doonga…aur tu back out keregi nahi…so that’s the only option left…
He smirks naughtily.
Twinkle: Ummmm…han to…to jao….jao na tum pehle…. I will finish all my work and then go.
She starts leaving…. kunj holds her hand and pulls her close.
He places his hand around her waist and pulls her extremely close.
Twinkle closes her eyes.
He slowly goes to her ears.
Kunj: Waisey…ek baar fir sochle…saath main naha lenge to kaafi time save ho jayega….nai !!!!
Twinkle blushes and pushes him away.
Twinkle: No need…just shut up and go get ready.
Kunj winks at her and goes.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj gets ready and goes to the venue to check all the arrangements….he asks twinkle to call him once she is ready and not to come alone as he doesn’t want any trouble again.
Twinkle agrees.
Twinkle too gets ready… she looks flawless in the plain baby pink saree with a thin lacy border and a printed colourful blouse.
She was almost ready so she bends down to pick her phone and call kunj….but….as soon as twinkle bends.
Twinkle: Ohhhh Noooo !!!!!
Twinkle’s blouse dori got open.
She tries to tie it several times but is unsuccessful.
Twinkle: Offfooo….babaji…I am getting late and now this….vo to maine pehle hi tie kerke pehna tha…but now I think wapas blouse nikaal ke hi tie kerna padega… ufff kunj might be getting so angry.
She removes the pin of her pallu and places it down wen suddenly kunj opens the room door with keys and comes in.
He gets surprised to see twinkle like that…her pallu was fallen down….she was standing in front of him just like that….she looked at him and was shocked….Kunj was busy in admiring her hot figure.
Twinkle quickly turned around and pulled her pallu up but it had got stuck some where.
She tried pulling it out but of no use.
Kunj slowly went there and helped her out… their finger touched each other….twinj wer very close to each other….twinkle felt a lil awkward and looked at kunj…and was surprised.
Kunj had closed his eyes.
Twinkle thinks: Ohhh babaji…why is he so nice…why is his soul so pure…I am his wife but still….
Her thoughts wer stopped by kunjs touch… kunj gently with closed eyes places her pallu back.
Twinkle looks at him…with pure love and respect in eyes.
Twinkle: Kunj…u can open ur eyes.
Kunj opens his eyes.
Kunj: Ummm…vo twii…twinkle… I am very sry…I thought u might be ready till now… sry…u get ready fast…I am waiting outside.
He starts leaving….but is stopped as twinkle holds his hand….kunj turns and looks at her.
Twinkle: Kunj…why are u saying sorry…u are my husband and not any stranger… u hav full right on me.
Kunj cups her face.
Kunj: Twinkle…u know hakk se kuch nahi hotaa…hakk jata ker koi kaam kerne mai vo maza kahan…jo kisi ki marzi se kerne mai hai….I love you and I respect you… so rights(hakk)…just let them be…and I cud see that u wer feeling awkward and uncomfortable… and its ok…but yaar…
He again interlocks his hands around her waist and pulls her close.
Kunj continues: Agar tu apni marzi se mujhe dekhne dena chati hai to koi baat nahi…phir gira deten hain pallu.
Twinkle blushes and pushes him away.
Twinkle: Kunjjjjj….
Kunj: Twinkleee…..
Twinkle smile and hugs him.
He hugs her back.
After some time kunj tries to break the hug…but twinkle pulls him back.
Kunj: Arey !! Ohhh madam…we are getting late…romance baad mai kerenge.
Twinkle: Hahaha ver funny…vo….vo actually na..kunj…
Kunj: Siyappa Queen jaldi boolll !!!
Twinkle: Mere blouse ki dori khul gayi hai…plzzz baandh do !!(she says it in a breath)
Kunj: Ohhhh…han accha…ohk…umm I’ll tie…
He awkwardly holds the dori and ties it…his finger touch twinkle’s bare back and she feels butterflies in her stomach.
Kunj ties the knot and they break the hug
Kunj: Ummm so lets go now.
Twinkle: yup u go..I’ll just pin up my pallu and come.
Kunj leaves.
Twinj smile thinking about the purity of their love.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Engagement ceremony starts…All is going well…suddenly twinkle gets a call and gets shocked.

So guys keep thinking what must hav happened.
Hope u guys liked the Epi….Plllzzz do share ur views via ur comments… love you all loads…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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