A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 51


Hiii guys….As usual SORRY for the delay… actually due to my entrance exam I was very bzy with the preparations and actually frankly speaking after meet Sidhant and celebrating his birthday with him and jasmine… I was so so so happy…actually happy is a very small word…I was like so overjoyed that mera kuch bhi kerne ka man hi nahi ker raha tha….bas baar baar apni aur sid ki pic dekhe jaa rahi thi….but now that it has been 3 days…I hav finally decided to write my ff.
So here is the episode 51

Scene 1 (Sarna house)
A room is shown.
Some1 is sitting on a chair and talking on phone… only back is shown.
Caller: Very sry boss….vo….vo kunj aur twinkle…
Person: Kunj aur twinkle kya !!!!!
Caller: Bbb…bbooosss vo…idk how kunj reached here exactly on time that too with police and saved twinkle.
Person: What the hell….ek kaam nahi hota tum log se.
Saying this she turns and its revealed that it none other then our beloved Anita.
Caller: Sss…sssooorryyy bbooss !!
Anita angrily cuts the phone.
Anita: Ughhhh !!! I just don’t understand how come these 2 always manage to overcome every trouble I put them into.
But I won’t leave ull so easily…. it took me almost a day to get back my voice…I won’t let ull be free so easily.

Scene 2(Twinj’s hotel room)
Kunj speaks to Mr Arora on phone and comes back the room…and finds twinkle fast asleep.
He looks at the smile she has on her face while sleeping too and smiles.
He recollects all those lovely moments spent with her….their passionate kisses…twinkle’s response…he moves his hand in his hair.
Kunj: Kya babaji….Aaj fir iss stupid phone ke wajah se sab khara ho gaya…but ab zyada din nahi….we hav to take our relationship to the next level now.
He goes and sleeps besides her…he plants a gentle kiss on her forehead and she wraps her arms around him.
Kunj smiles and he too wraps his arms around her.
It’s morning… The alarm rings.
Twinkle wakes up and smiles seeing how they were hugging each other and sleeping.
She gently moves kunj’s hand aside and tries to get up.
But kunj holds her and pulls her back.
She gets a jerk and falls over him.
They look into each others eyes….sajnave plays.
Kunj romantically moves twinkle’s hair behind her ears.
She smiles and holds his hand and kisses it.
Twinkle: I love you kunj?
Kunj smiles pulls her even closer.
There is hardly any gap between their lips…almost touching.
Kunj: I love you too…
He was about to kiss now…wen twinkle moves back.
Twinkle: Ohhh Mr Kunj Sarna…Jab dekho tab romance…It’s already 9 am…and we hav to reach Mr Arora’s house at 10 am.
So don’t you feel..we must get ready now.
Kunj: Han han…I know it 9…but there is 1 hour…ohhhh ya sry 1 hour is more than enough for me…but how will you manage to do all ur makeup in so less time… how sad twinkle… hurry up hurry up…or else if you go with less make up…to shaayad tumhara darawna chehera dekh ker hi…deal cancel !!!
Twinkle: KUNJJJJ….TUMMMMM !!! I won’t leave you now…wait..waitttt…
She runs behind kunj…kunj runs too…twinkle throws pillows on him…but none of them hit him.
Kunj: Oyeee…stop…stop plzzz…are we not getting late now….
He says this and runs into the washroom.
Twinkle stands out holding a pillow in her hand and smiles.
Twinj get ready and leave for Mr Arora’s house.

Scene 3(Arora House)
Twinj reach there.. and are amazed to see the beautiful bungalow.
They approach the door and ring the bell.
A servant opens the door…Twinj enter in and are awestruck to see the well decorated house.
Just then Mr Arora comes there.
Mr Arora: Hello Mr Kunj…Hiii Miss twinkle.
Twinj look at each other as he says miss twinkle.
Bcoz wen Mr Arora met them in college they were not married.
Twinkle turns…and Mr Arora is surprised.
Mr Arora: Ohhh so Miss Twinkle has now become Mrs Twinkle…so who is the lucky man.
Twinkle smiles and looks at kunj.
Kunj: Sir…lucky ka to pata nahi…but han in misses ka mister main hi hun….I mean we are husband and wife now.
Mr Arora: Ohhhh that’s great…what cud be better than having ur best friend as ur life partner.
Twinj look at each other and smile.
Mr Arora: Come…have a seat…and tell me how may I help you.
Twinj get seated.
Kunj: Sir actually just 2-3 days back our MBA results were out and both of us hav passed with distinction…so now we thought of starting off with some work.
Twinkle: Yes Sir…actually we hav planned to start a wedding planning business… so we have come to you…as u are such a big event planner… so no 1 cud guide us better than you.
Mr Arora: Hmmmm I see…Wedding planners…that’s a great idea…this business is very much in demand these days…and ofcourse I will guide you…infact I hav got a small contract of an engagement…it is tomorrow… so if ull want…I can hand over this contract to you…its a awesome deal and they want it to be very simple yet elegant… only problem is…it’s tomorrow evening… that means ull hav only 1 day for the preparations…but of ull do it well then ur business is set and you will get the contract of the marriage too.
Twinj get thinking.
Twinkle looks at kunj…he looks at her too.
They don’t speak but read each others eyes and say together “Yes we will do it”
Mr Arora smiles and stands up.
Mr Arora: Good decision..and I know ull will surely do well…just hav faith in urself
Twinj get up too.
Mr Arora shakes hands with them.
Twinkle: Thank you so much sir…we won’t let you down.
Kunj: Yes sir…but we must leave now as there is lots of work to be done and time is very less.
Twinj leave.

Scene 4(In the Taxi)
Twinkle thinks: Ohhh babaji…this is our first contract….plzzz give us strength that we are able to manage everything in so less time.
Kunj thinks: Babaji….kaam zyada hai…aur time kam….plzzz help us babaji…so that our first contract itself is a BlockBuster.
Twinj close their eyes and join their hands at the same time.
The screen freezes on twinj praying with their eyes closed.

PRECAP- First event of twinj… super dhamaal…masti…lots of fun.

Hope you guys liked the Epi….I know it was very short and boring too…but very sry guys as I said bcoz of my entrance exam preps…my brain is just not working…but plzzzz do comment and let me know as to how was the Epi and what special do ull want in this first event of twinj….love u all loads… stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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  1. Awsome dear …….. waiting 4 d next Epi

    1. Tysm dear

  2. yesssssssss m so happy..i think m the first one to comment lovely ff by our lovely akku..love u so much dear..nd of course ur ff..

    1. Tysm tara….love u loads

  3. Osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I missed u so much btw amazing epi loved it do cont soon plzzzzz

    1. Thanx alot zaby_zikra

  4. awesome epi akku…..

    1. Tysm snehu

  5. Akku.. akku.. Cette ff est parfait,incroyable et stupéfacent!!!! ❤❤????? yr u knw na u ays md me speechless wid ur ff nd writing skills so 2day i thought to try somethng different… i knw compliments r d same bt we can say the way is diff.. yr kya karun now i hv 2 do smthng lik dis ays coz u nd ur ff are now jst…… ❤❤❤ nd bcoming ays more…. ❤❤❤❤…..
    All i can say is tht i loved it as usual…

    1. Ohhhhh suuu…..Yaar u are Srsly so unique… all such ideas can come in ur mind only….Love to the square of infinity

  6. Nice episode… Prepare wll 4 ur entrance exm

    1. Tysm harsani….I will prepare well for sure

  7. Awesome epi yr…luved it

    1. Thanx alot dii

  8. nice episode akku luv u n ur ff …

    1. Love you too Riya… thanx a ton

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    1. Thank u is a very small word…but why didn’t u write ur name….I really wanna thank u from the bottom of my heart for sharing the link….love you for this

      1. u were looking preety in that dress and i share it because all want to see u and u can feel happy


      3. HEY! aakansha i saw that photo and read text below it
        there was written a fan aakansha so, i thought that it was u
        so, to clear my doubt i do that and i have lots of questions so be ready
        how get to know about that adress?
        were the girls were your friends?
        how does tei team allow u?

        please answer them
        waiting for your answer.

        and sorry

        episode was awesomeeeeeeee…………………..
        waiting for next one

      4. heyy Fiona….sorry for the late reply
        actually for entering in u need a permit card which generally only news reporters have…a news repoter of aajtak channel had organized this fan meet for us for her segment that aired on aajtak at 3pm on 23rd april….so she took us in along with her and she had given us the address via twitter….and no all were not my friends only the girl in blue top was

  10. Awesome next episode fast pls

    1. Tysm sam

  11. akku darling……i was so eagerly waitng fr dis…..it was lovely..n as unaskd abt spl in twinj frst event i cant say nythng bt watevr u write becms spl..love u a lot??????

    1. Awwwww uttu….tysm yaar means alot to me

  12. iam a silent reader of u are ff but your ff make me to write comments nice epi loved it

    1. Thanx alot zarmeen for commenting…. I am glad u liked it

  13. First of all congrats u got to meet Sidhant and Jasmin TBH u r the luckiest person on earth..ur episode was awesome but I thought todays was a blast…I really enjoyed it…All the very best for ur entrance exam….but still u r so lucky still..so how was the experience?…just wanted to ask was there any age limit?…anyway still u r lucky and love u as always..

    1. Tysm SMC….frankly speaking I too feel the same after meeting sidmin and bebe….the experience can just not be expressed in words….all I can say is that I really loved Sid from the time I started seeing the show but after meeting him….I love him more than anyone else….all of them are very sweet and down to earth….and no there is no age limits but u need a permit card to enter there and mostly only news reporters hav that….latika a reporter of aaj tak took is in on her permit

  14. Congratulations. I’m too happy for u. sorry for not commenting on two episodes. actually I was bussy in preparation of MH-CET exam. hope u can understand. I think u also bussy in same. so best of luck for u exam. By d way ur episode was fabulous. I really enjoyed today’s episode. seriously u r not less than any writer. ur writting is just perfect.
    congratulations once again.

    1. Tysm sonali…. same here dear….I am also preparing for MHT CET only on 5th may….all the best dear….love you loads

  15. missed u aakansha but ur ff….. osm!

    1. Thanx alot ritzi

  16. You’re damn lucky to meet him. So, that means you live in Mumbai. It’s completely impossible for me. I stay in Bangalore that’s why! And, coming to the episode it was just fab!

    1. Yup darling I live in mumbai…. and yes I too consider myself very lucky too meet him…Nyway thanx alot dear

  17. Oh wow can’t wait for Twinj masti loved it yaar

    1. tysm joyeeeee

  18. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    first of all congrats u got to meet sidmin….ur really lucky….n ur ff is just fab…its amazing ….

    1. thanks a lot tamanna…love u loads

  19. U meet him. I was unable for me to come to Mumbai although I live in Pune. Moving to the ff it was awesome ?

    1. Yup I met him….and thanx a lot dear…means alot

  20. Nice epi congratzz AKKU YR AP sidmin se mile ap ne un ka cntct no.kuin ni laya nd ap ko pta h jo number mene ap sb ko btaya tha usi number se muje msg aaya nd us pe likha tha ‘Tns m real sidhant gupta actor model zee tv by kunj off india’…kya mai is ko sch manu.ki yhi sid bhaya ka number h .nd ap un se kha mile…ap bahut lucky hoo..kash mai bhi un se mil pati…plz reply.

    1. heyyy jasmine thanx a lot….bt dear plzzz understand that number is not sids number….sid has himself told me that wen I asked him on instagram

  21. Mere lye impossible h un se milna coz mai jandk k ek village se hu….

  22. Akku I am so happy u met siddhant in birthday you r so lucky yar now comming towards your ff it was awsome one and best wishes to u to prepar t god for your exams if u r on fb then please can we become friends

  23. I am so happy for u akku u met both of them omg u r really a very luck one yar it is impossible for me to meet them because I am from gujarat so congo yar by the way your ff was awsome hope your preparation is going well and if once again u meat them please give our intro to them as there fans please and if u r on fb them please let me know can we become friends there

    1. yes sure why not….we can be friends on fb for sure….my full name is Aakanksha Singh…in my profile pic I am wearing a bluish top….its not proper blue its like colour of blue in in ink bottle

  24. Sorry for commenting 2 times but what to do I was so so excited so did it hope u will not mind it

  25. 1st of all congrats cz u met sidhant n jasmin i litrary feeking jealous bt conf0grats yaar i tooo wanna meet dem i hacv all d segmesnts of sid bday i was feeling kah i wpuld hav gone bt i couldn’t as i dont liv der i m frm mangalore i seriously wanted to meet sid i lov him alot he too cute ………oh sry i wrote my feeling abt him cming towarss dis part it was amzing as usual ……..n congrats agn 4 meeting him ……. n how did u meet him lyk how did dey allow u to meet him

    1. hiii dear plzz read my reply on Fiona’s comment for the answer….and thanx alot

  26. d epi was awsum…..plzz upload d nxt part soon

    1. tysm dear

  27. Akku u are so lucky…
    U meet sidmin…plz share your experience…. U are the best..plzzz tell your conversation with sidmin n Bebe..
    What they said n all ….
    N u don’t meet zain imam…..
    He was not there or what???
    Tell me about whole meeting plzzzzzz
    Plzzzzz I want to know

    Your episode was awesome …SUPERB!!!

    All the best for your exams….
    Luv u………

    1. Ummmm….dear we had a lot of convo and its very diff for me to tell u all that here….all I can say is they all are very down to earth and humble and friendly…. I just fell in love with all of them even more after the meet….and yup zain had an off that day so he had not come….Tysm sonal and sry too as I couldn’t answer ur questions well

  28. hey if u r on instagram please can we become friends.

    1. Yes yes ofcourse…. tell me ur username…. mine is proud_libran_girl

  29. Are waah congrats dear that u met sid n jas
    Well coming to the epi

    1. U r outstanding and ya sorry that I couldn’t comment earlier

    2. Tysm sanam and plzzzz dont say sry dear

  30. Hey akku I found u on fb but was not able to find u there are many aakanksha there so if u don’t mind can u find me my full name is Dheemahee shah and my dp is of myself in piches pink gown hope u will find me and by the way when u r going to post next part

    1. Yup dear….I’ll try finding you….and I’ll post the next 1 by tomorrow

  31. Nice episode aakanksha… as usual u r awesome…. n btw congrats.. u met sidmin wowww… thats amazing…????

    1. Thanx alottttt aliza…means alot to me

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