A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 50


Hellloooo guysss….U know I am tired of saying Sorry to ull….I always be late and then say sry…but really I feel very bad to make ull wait….but sumtimes my migraine sumtimes tests and studies and this time netpack… ya actually my Epi was ready but netpack was over…so today I got my netpack filled and posted it for ull….sry once again and thanx for all the love….keep commenting.
So here is the much awaited Golden Jubilee Epi…Episode 50.

Scene 1(airport)
Kunj searches for twinkle every where but doesn’t find her….he gets tensed.
Kunj: Maybe she has gone to the washroom…let me check.
He goes running to the washroom…but is surprised to see the washroom locked and on enquiring he comes to know that the washroom is being renovated.
He is now very much sure that there is something fishy.
Kunj: Twinkle will never go anywhere like this…without informing me…but wer is she then.
He tries calling her but the number is switched off.
Kunj is all stressed now as to where cud she go….he asks the cab driver to leave his luggage at the hotel address but first take him to the police station.

Scene 2(police station)
Kunj reaches the police station and quickly goes to the inspector.
Kunj: Sir…sir…sir I am kunj sarna… I and my wife came here today itself from Amritsar…we wer at the airport… I went to take a cab…but as soon as I came back…my wife was missing… I was finding her everywhere but she was not there.
He says all this in 1 breath…
The inspector asks him to calm down.
Inspector: Mr Sarna plzzz calm down… did u call her ??? Maybe she already went to the hotel.
Kunj: Yes Sir I called her…her number is switched off…and she has not reached the hotel too.
Inspector: See Mr sarna… frankly speaking we generally don’t take any action until and unless the person is missing for more than 24 hours….but as per ur words I feel this is a case of kidnapping….and so we must not do any delay… btw kya aapki yahan kisi se koi dushmani hai ???
Kunj: Kidnapping !!!! …but sir we hav come to mumbai for the first time…we hardly know anyone here…and we don’t hav any rivalry with anyone… so who wud do this ??
Inspector: I see…then I am sry to say Mr Sarna ur wife is in danger… coz may be they hav kidnapped her to ra…
Kunj interrupts him b4 he cud complete the word ‘rape’.
Kunj: I will die but I will never let anything of that sort happen with Twinkle… Sir plzzz without wasting anymore time..let’s leave to find her.
Inspector: Ohk…
Kunj leaves along with the inspector and few more cops.

They try tracking twinkle’s phone but as its switched off….they are unable to…they then search all the shady areas around and near the airport so that they can get some clue.
Kunj P.O.V
Twinkle wer are you !!!….why does this always happen with us…why can’t lord see us happy together… we are so happy for the beginning of this new chapter in our life…but now all this…but u don’t worry…I will not let anything happen to you…I don’t know wer u are…but wer ever u are twinkle plzzz have faith on me and our love….ur kunj will come to save you…I will not let anything wrong happen to you…ye mera wada hai khud se.

Scene 3(A godown)
A girl is seen tied with rope on the chair.
4-5 men are standing surrounding her.
1 man: Hayeee kya kamaal ka figure hai iskaaa !!!
2 man: Han yaara…chadhti jawani iski chaal mastani…humne nazar hai daali rama.
All laugh.
Twinkle tries moving and getting up…but the rope is so tightly tied that it doesn’t allow her to even move a little.
They hav covered her mouth with a big tape and her hands and legs are tied too.

Twinkle P.O.V
Kunj kahan ho tummm….kunj plzzz come here fasttt and take me from here…Mujhe tum per aur apne pyaar per poora bharosa hai kunj…I know u will come to save me…tum mere saath kuch bura nahi hone dogey…babaji plzz…plzzz help kunj in finding me out.. plzzzz.

Just then one of the man gets a call.
Caller: Is the work done ???
Man: Yes Boss…we hav kidnapped her and kept her in a safe place.
Caller: Ohk so now call her husband and ask him for 1 crore rupees in 2 hours…I am sure he will not be able to get that much money in so less time…but till then ull will not even touch her…is that clear ?
Man: Ohk boss…as u say.
He cuts the call.
Man: Boss has told to call her husband…so do 1 thing switch on her mobile and take out his number.
They switch on twinkle’s phone and ask twinkle to find kunjs number and give.
Twinkle takes the phone and tries messaging kunj but a man catches her and snatches the phone from her hand.
Man: Ohhh madam…shanpatti nahi kerna…orelse you don’t know what all we can do.
Twinkle cries…but being helpless she finds the number and gives it to them.
The goons being illiterate and unknown about the latest technologies… call kunj from twinkle’s number itself.

Kunj sees twinkle’s name flashing on the screen and gets super happy…he is about to pick up the phone…wen the inspector stops him.
Inspector: Mr Sarna…I feel its the kidnappers call…and they hav done a big mistake by calling from ur wife’s number… u do 1 thing u keep them engaged in ur talks for as long as you can….till then we will track the number and the place from wer they are calling.

Kunj agrees to him and picks up the call.
Kunj: Hello
Man: Abey oye Hello wello chod…teri biwi humare paas hai.
Kunj: Hellllooo I can’t here you…hellooo
Man thinks: There is network problem I think.
Man: Hellooo (he moves a bit) Helloooo can u here me now ??
Kunj: Yes yes…tell me whoz speaking ?
Man: Ur wife has been kidnapped.
Kunj: Omg !! Are you an astrologer… how do u know….baba u r great…then to u might even know wer is she…baba plzzz tell me na wer is my wife.
Man thinks: Is her husband mad or maybe in tension he might hav drank alot.
Kunj:Baba y are u silent baba…plzzz say something.
The inspector signs kunj that its almost done just 2 more mins.
Man: Ohh hello…I’m not any baba…I am the 1 who has kidnapped ur wife.
Kunj: Whatt !!!! But why hav u kidnapped her and what do u want ??
Man: 1 crore…. bring 1 crore rupees in 2 hours orelse….
Kunj: 1 crore in 2 hours !!! First of all this big amount that too in 2 hours… I guess u r confusing me with Michael schumacher….how will I do that in 2 hours…and btw why shud I believe u that you hav my wife there.
Man: Accha so u don’t believe us…Wait a min.
He removes the tape from twinkle’s mouth…she screams in pain.
Kunj: Twinkleeee….twinklee are u fine…twinkle plzzz don’t worry I will take u out from there…twinkle trust me.
Twinkle: Kunjjj plzzz come fast…plzzz
The man covers her mouth b4 she cud reveal the place.
Kunj: Twinkleeee….twinkleeee !!! Plzzz plzzz don’t do anything to her you want money right…I will give u as much money u want but don’t even try to touch her plzzzz.
Man: Hmmm till 2 hours we won’t touch her but after that…we can’t promise…
Kunj: No….nooo hello listen to me…hello
The phone gets cut.

Kunj has tears in his eyes…twinkles words echo in his ears.
Inspector pats his back.
Inspector: Good job Mr sarna… we hav tracked the location but it’s quite far from here and there is a short cut but its a jungle area so our jeep won’t be able to go from there.
Kunj: Tell me the way for the short cut.
Inspector: But Mr Sarna its a very risky route…. are u sure.
Kunj: Yes Sir…I’m very sure….I hav to reach there b4 2 hours…and for twinkle I am ready to take any risk….I will go from short cut and ull reach there from the long route.
The inspector explains him the route and he quickly leaves.
After running for some distance he reaches the jungle….he enters the jungle and keeps running in the direction which the inspector had guided him.
He keeps running and running…..he statrts feeling exhausted due to the heat but he doesn’t stop…twinkle’s words keep echoing in his ears.
While running past a thorny bush….his arm gets a deep cut by the thorns and starts bleeding… but he doesn’t bother about it and keeps running.
He starts feelings dizzy as he has not eaten anything ,its very hot and there was a lot of blood loss due to the deep cut….but he looks at his watch and sees that ony 15 mins are left for 2 hours to be completed….he closes his eyes and recalls twinkle’s smiling face…. he gets the strength again and continues running
Aankhein teriiiii….kitni haseennn….
Ke inka aashiqqq….main ban gaya hunnn
Mujhko basale inme tuuu…
Ishq haiiii….
Maula mere…maula mere….maula mere maula mere….maula mere….
Keeps playing in the background.

Scene 4(godown)
1 man: Only 15 mins are left…I don’t think her husband will come.
2 man: I knew he won’t come…obviously how will he come I hav given him the wrong address.
All laugh….twinkle gets tensed.
A flash back is shown.
The boss calls again.
Man: Han ma’am…i had called him…Now I hav to message him the address.
Boss: Ohk…so now u will giv him the wrong address and wen only 10 mins are left u will call him and give the correct address… understood
Man: Ohk boss…as u say.
Flashback ends.
Twinkle P.O.V
Ohhhh no babaji ….plzz plzz kunj ko jald se jald yahan bhej do….plzzzz babaji…waise mujhe aap per aur apne kunj per poora bharosa hai…vo zaroor aayega.
Man: Now only 10 mins are left…now call him and give the correct address.
They call kunj…kunj is bzy running… but he stops and picks up the phone.
Man: Ohhh Mr…vo actually by mistake I gave u the wrong address…I will message u the right address now but sry yaar time bas 10 mins hi bacha hai.
Kunj: Butt…butttt aise kaise…
The goon cuts the phone.
Kunj: Thank you babaji….thank you I was just thinking how to know the exact address…inspector sir cud track the location but not the exact address…now in overconfidence they will msg me the exact address thinking how will I reach there in 10 mins…and then I will finally free my twinkle from there.
He receives the message and starts finding the place.

Scene 5(godown)
Here the goons are all ready to start the count down and after that they cud do anything they wished to.
1 man- Hmmm only 10 seconds are left now….and he won’t come by any chance.
All start the count down.
They start moving closer to her….twinkle closes her eyes….and thinks…wer r u kunj…wer r u…plzzz come fast.
9….and te…
B4 they cud say ten….they her a sound.
Aaaeeeeeyyyyyyy !!!!!
They turn back and twinkle opens her eyes and finds kunj there.
Kunj shouts: Agar meri biwi ko chooney ki koshish bhi ki….to zinda nahi bachoge…..kaan khol ker sun lo.
All the goons attack him….but our hero dogges all the attacks and gives them left-right…he hits them brutally.
Kunj: Meri biwi ko haath lageyaga…han…meri biwi ko !!!
He keeps hitting them…just then police comes there and takes kunj away.
Inspector: Leave them Mr Sarna… now we will look after them…you plzz go to ur wife.
Kunj looks at twinkle who was all in tears…. he quickly goes to her and opens all the ropes and then slowly removes the tape from her mouth.
Twinkle immediately gets up and hugs him…he hugs her back….sajnave plays….they passionately hug each other… they break the hug on the inspectors voice.
Inspector: Mr Sarna…we are taking them along with us…ull can go to ur hotel…I will arrange a car for ull.
Kunj: Thanx alot Sir….for all ur help.
Inspector leaves.
Kunj cups twinkle’s face.
Kunj: Tu thik to hai na….pata hai meri jaan nikli jaa rahi thi soch ker ke tu kaisi hogi…kis haal mai hogi.
He touches his forehead to hers and cries.
Twinkle: Mai bohot der gai thi kunj…but mujhe tum per…humare pyaar per aur babaji pura bharosa tha…mujhe pata tha ki kunj apni twinkle ko bachane zaroor ayega… aur dekho tum aagaye.
Kunj hugs her….she hugs him back.
Kunj: Twinkle…. u don’t know….aaj tujhe hug kerke ek alag sa sukoon mil raha hai dil ko….Twinkle agara tuhje kuch ho jata to main to mer….
Twinkle breaks the hug and places hand on his mouth… stopping him.
Twinkle: Kunj plzz never say that again…. aur waise bhi till u are there with me…mujhe kuch kaise ho sakta hai.
Kunj smiles
He holds her waist and pulls her closer.
Twinkle: Kunj what are you doing… ye koi time hai Romance kerne ka !!!
Kunj pulls her even closer….their lips are just cm awaya.
Kunj: Romance and Time hav no connection Mrs Sarna.
He leans forward and kisses her neck…she blushes….he then kisses her cheeks…. she smiles and looks at him…he looks at her and points at his cheeks…. twinkle signs in no and points at his lips….kunj is surprised and happy too….twinkle leans forward and places her soft lips over his….they passionately keep kissing each other….kunj keeps pulling her closer by her waist…twinkle keeps moving hand over is chest…shoulder then she reaches his arm.
Kunj breaks the liplock and winces in pain….twinkle sees the cut and and gets tensed.
Twinkle: Omg I’m so sryyyy….ye kaise huwa…itna deep cut….kunj bohot blood loss huwa hai….come lets go to the doctor quickly…. comeee naaa…
Kunj: Twinkle yaar we’ll go to the doctor later yaar….lets continue na…kitna maza aa raha tha….twinkle plzzz yaar….its just a small cut.
Twinkle gives him a death glare.
Twinkle: Are u mad…kunj see kitna deep cut hai….we hav to go to the doctor now…ohk
Kunj makes a puppy face and says OHK.
Twinkle laughs and holds his other arm saying “Chalen Mr Romantic Sarna”
Kunj “Chalo Mrs Boring Sarna”
Twinkle laughs….kunj laughs too.

Scene 6(Hospital)
Twinj reach the hospital.
Doctor does kunjs bandage and gives him some pain killer tabs
Kunj: Ummm doctor plzzz give me high does pain killers….
Doc: What !!! But why Mr kunj ??
Kunj looks at twinkle and winks
Kunj: Vo doctor actually we hav come here for our honey….
B4 he cud continue twinkle interrupts him.
Twinkle- Ummm doctor…aaa…we hav come here to expand our honey extraction business.
Kunj couldn’t control his laugh at her statement and laughs loudly.
Twinkle gives him a death gare and takes him out.
Twinkle: Thank u so much doctor… bbye.
She takes kunj out of the room and gives a hit on his other arm.
Twinkle: Pagal ho kya…what wer u going to say there stupid.
Kunj: Arey….so what we are legally wedded husband-wife and whats wrong in that….waise bhi….aaj humey ek honey se duniya ki koi bhi takat nahi rok sakti….to yeh mamuli sa cut kya cheez hai.
Twinkle: Shut up kunj….lets go.
They leave for the hotel.

Scene 7(Hotel room)
Twinkle was in the washroom….she suddenly hears a noise of something falling outside…. she quickly wraps herself up in a bathrobe and goes out.
She does not find any1….and the lights are off too.
She goes and switches on the light and finds the room beautiful decorated with flowers and balloons all around.
She picks up a balloon and starts dancing in happiness.
Suddenly Kunj comes from behind and wraps his arm around her waist.
She blushes…and he makes her turn towards him.
She looks at him and hugs him tight.
Twinkle: Thank you soo much kunj….I love youuuu???
Kunj: I love you toooo ???
He cups her face and romantically moves her wet hair to one side.
He plants a soft kiss on her wet neck….she closes her eyes and enjoys.
He then picks her up in his arms and carries her to the bed….twinkle keeps staring him.
He gently places her on the bed and slowly moves his finger from her feet towards her lips…he reaches her lips and moves a finger on her lips…she turns her face….he turns her face back and kisses her soft lips….she too responds….they enjoy the kiss and keep deepening it.
They are still kissing wen kunj rolls on the bed and pulls twinkle over him….he holds her tightly by her waist….she keeps moving hand in his hair….they are all lost in the kiss…they break it in between for breathing but continue again…. both are out of control now….kunj rolls again with twinkle under him now….he slowly moves his hand twoards the knot of the bathrobe to open it….twinkle closes her eyes…twinj are both super excited for this new step of their relationship……
Just then they here a phone ringing.
They quickly separate.
Twinkle feels shy and smiles.
Kunj smiles too but then angrily looks at his phone.
Kunj: Yaar ye hamesha wrong time per hi kyun bajta hai.
Twinkle smiles and signs him to pick up the phone.
Kunj sees Mr Arora’s name and picks the phone immediately and goes in the balcony to talk.
Twinkle sits there remicing all what happened…. how they were so close and so intensely kissing…. she smiles and covers her face with her hands.
Twinkle: Uffff aaj sach mai iss phone ne sab bigaad diya.
She smiles.
The screen freezes on her smiling face

PRECAP- Revelation of the kidnapper…. cute twinj moments and meeting with Mr Arora.

Hope u guys liked the Epi….plzzz plzz plzzz let me know if it was worth the 50th Epi or not….plzzz do share ur views via ur comments…. luv u all loads…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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