A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 5

Heyy Friends here is my 5th Epi. I’m gald ull liked the previous episodes.
Twinj reach home along with leela and usha and its already 10 am.
Scene 1 (taneja house)
Twinkle is in her room she thinks what to do so less time is left. I hav to do something. Usss stupid kunj se kuch nahi hoga.
Leela bubbly and mahi enter her room
Leela: Twinkle puttar u r not ready yet….its ur engagement in 1 hour, come on get up and come with me I’ll show u what i hav chose for u to wear. Come on get up fastttt.
Bubbly: Twinkle dii aap make up ka tension mat lo vo to mai hi ker dungi. I’ll make u ready in such a way that kunj jiju will not be able to move his eyes from u.
Mahi: Han han plzzz acche se tayar kerna isko kamse kam mere handsome devar k saamne thik thak to lagni hi chaiye (She laughs)

Twinkle:Ohhhh so from now only ur talking like my Jethani….go don’t talk to me. And maa i hav so many dresses I’ll wear anything…and no make up bubby plzzz.
Leela:Why r u telling like that its ur engagement…it happens only once…its a beginning of ur new life.Come with me i don’t  want to listen anything.
She takes twinkle to her room and removes a beautiful red saree.
Leela: See this u will wear this today…Ur dad had bought this saree for me on one of our anniversaries….u had liked this saree so much that you had told me that u will wear it whenever u get married. I had kept it for u and now its time to make u wear it.
Twinkle(With tears in her eyes)thankyou maa. I love u (they hug each other) and twinkle thinks i can’t even tell u that I’m not ready for this…u r soo happy and i can’t snatch ur happiness from u…Ohhh babaji plzzz help me.

Scene 2 (sarna house)
Yuvraj and Manohar come in kunjs room with a maroon and golden sherwani.
Manohar: Kunj go and wear this and come fast we r getting late for the engagement.
Kunj: Buttt daddd…
Yuvi:(makes him stand)Take this shervani and wear it fasstt we hav to go to twinkles house she might be eagerly waiting to see you.
They both leave saying come down fast we all are waiting.
Kunj: Now nothing can happen (he droops his head down and goes to change)
Scene 3
Sarna family enters tanajea house.
Leela ,RT,Raman, Pinni, Bubbly welcome them.
Leela: Hayo rabba mere dono damaad Kinney soney lag rahe hai..nazar na lagey inhe kisiki.
Usha: Leela ji where is twinkle…call her down it’s 11:30 am already muhurat is of 11:47 am.
Bubbly I’ll call her she turns and sees twinkle and mahi on the stairs
Bubbly: Lo aa gayi didi.
Kunj and yuvi look there.
Kunj is mesmerized seeing twinkle in the red saree.
Yuvi is busy staring at mahi whose wearing a Violet saree.
Kunj couldn’t resist sayin “Woowww sooo Beautifullll” Yuvi hear him and says ahem ahem
Kunj:(Kunj comes into sense and says) i was talking about bhabi.
Yuvi: Ya ya i know…he makes kunj turn towards him at once and say without looking back plzz tell me which colour saree is ur bhabhi wearing…?

Kunj was soo busy in staring at twinkle that he had just not noticed what mahi was wearing.
Kunj: Red…no i mean pink..no no yellow ya yellow only.
Yuvraj makes him turn back and says Violet that colour is called violet.
Kunj is shy as yuvi caught him.
Mahi brings twinkle there and makes her stand with kunj.
Yuvi sings her that she is looking great
Mahi blushes.
Leela and usha give the rings to twinj and say Muhurat ka time ho gaya hai ek dusre ko ring pehenao.
Twinkle hesitantly makes him wear the ring.
Kunj is very hesitant yuvi asks him what happened make her wear it.
Kunj closes his eyes and makes her wear it.
Everyone clap and are very happy for the two of them.
Yuvi says to mahi i guess kunj and twinkle want to talk to each other look at them they r constantly looking at each other.

Mahi : Ohk wait ill do something.
She goes and tells evey1 that lunch is ready plz come.
All go to the dining area kunj and twinkle are also going but yuvi stops them and say ull sit here and talk now no one will disturb ull.
Yuhi also leave.
Kunj: Im really sry twinkle i couldn’t stop this…I’m really sry…he gets teary eyes and sits on the sofa.
Twinkle goes and sits besides him and makes him face towards her and says “Kunj plzz don’t cry u r my best friend and i can’t see u crying…nd u know what when i think about this with cool mind i thought what cud be better than getting married to ur best friend. We were Best friends, We are best friends and we will be best friends forever.”
Kunj(Hugs twinkle and says) Thanx twinkle thanx alot i feel much better now and i promise we will always be best friends…u need not worry i won’t ever compell u to fulfill the duties of a wife u are free to do only what u want to.
Twinkle hugs him back and moves her hand on his back.(Sajna ve plays) Then they suddenly realize that they were passionately hugging each other and try to seperate but while hugging twinkles chain had got stuck into a button of kunjs shervani. Twinkle is trying to open it when mahi comes there. She turns around at once and coughs.
Twinkle removes her chain quickly and moves back.

Mahi: I had given ull time to talk but ull are soo proactive… can’t ull wait till the marriage.
Kunj: Bhabi it’s not what ur thinking…we were just…
Bubbly comes there and says what are ull doing here come to the dining area everyone is calling u. Bubbly and mahi leave.
Twinj are feeling better now they smile at each other.
Twinkle:Let’s go.
She starts leaving when kunj holds her hand and pulls her towards him.
Twinkle: What r u doing..???.
Kunj comes closer to her(sajna ve plays)
He goes to her ears and whispers btw U r looking really beautiful today…for a change (He laughs) and runs from there.
Twinkle:Kunj Youuuuu…even she smiles and goes behind him.
Scene 4
All are sitting on the dining table and having their lunch.

Usha: Ohk so now that everyone is here let me make an announcement. Now that Yuhi and Twinj are engaged i feel they must go out and spend some time with each other and know each other better b4 their marriage so i hav booked their tickets to Kashmir….ull go and have fun there
Yuhi are happy that they’ll get to spend time with each other
Twinj are happy that they’ll get a nice refreshment.
Screen freezes on their happy faces.

PRECAP: Twinj and Yuhi reach Kashmir.

Hope ull liked it.
Please share ur views via ur comments
I hope its long enough.

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