A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 49


Hiiii guys….plzzz plzzz plzzz forgive me for so much delay…. actually I got very busy with my tests and studies as my entrance exam is nearing… many of ull messaged me as to wen will I post it…I was so happy to know that there are ppl who eagerly wait for my ff but sad too as I had to make ull wait….But now the wait is over….btw my Epi 47 had very few comments which means many of ull didn’t read it as it got shifted to the page 2 and then page 3 ver soon so here is the link- http://www.tellyupdates.com/journey-tashan-e-dosti-tashan-e-ishq-episode-48/
Scene 1(Twinj’s Room)
Twinkle is busy packing their bags…to leave for Mumbai.
Kunj is busy on his laptop searching for hotels to stay.
He likes a hotel and calls twinkle to see and tell if she likes it.
Twinkle asks him to just finalise it…she has lots of work to do.
Kunj gets irked on her response.
He gets up and goes and turns her towards him and holds her shoulder.
Kunj: Twinkle why don’t u understand…. yaar we need to spend some quality time together…. and mumbai is the best opportunity…. I am so excited but look at u….all the time this work that work.
Twinkle: But kunj….this packing….isn’t it important….I am excited too…but understand packing our bag…and keeping all the stuff required is very important.
Kunj: Ohkay fine…do what u want.
He angrily leaves.
Twinkle: Why is he getting so hyper….Kahadoos Sarna kahin ka…huhh.
Mahi comes there.
Mahi: Twinkle what is all this.
Twinkle: Mahi dii you ???
Mahi makes her sit on the couch and sits besides her.
Mahi: Twinkle listen…. See I don’t exactly know what’s going on between the 2 of u…but understand 1 thing….u need to spend time with kunj…u need to express ur love…both of ull know that ull luv each other madly…but sum times…it’s very important to express too.
Twinkle: But dii…u tell me…is packing not important ??
Mahi: Ofcourse it is…but not so imp that u can’t remove 1 min and do what he is asking u to…I was standing outside ony….I saw how u reacted wen kunj asked u to come and see the hotel…. he wanted to see u happy and satisfied that is y he was asking ur opinion b4 booking the hotel….but u just ignored…and that’s y he got irked.
Twinkle: Dii….I just didn’t realize that…I think u r right… mai bhi na…khamakha ussey naraz ker diya.
Mahi: Hmmm…so now it’s ur duty to cheer him up….and twinkle remember my words… if there is love it has to be expressed too.
Mahi hugs her…twinkle hugs her back.
Twinkle: Thanx dii….ur the besttt…luv u.
Mahi: Hahaha …luv u too…now think of something.
Mahi leaves.
Twinkle: Hmmmmm….cheer up kunj !!!

Scene 2(Twinj’s room again)
After some time kunj comes back.
He finds all the lights of the room are off.
He goes to put them on.
But b4 he cud he hears a voice.
Voice: Kuch log na…ruthney k baad aur bhi zyada cute aur hot lagtey hain.
Kunj angrily turns on the light.
He finds twinkle standing there in a short vine colour one piece…with roses in hand….she looks super hot.
Kunj ignores her and goes to sleep on the couch.
Twinkle runs too him and holds his hand.
He turns but doesn’t find her.
He looks down and finds her kneeling down with roses in hand.
She offers him the roses.
He takes it and throws it away.
Twinkle starts singing and dancing on
Mera Saiyan Super Star(movie- Ek paheli leela).
She sings and dances and tries to convince him.
Mera Saiyan super star…..
Mera Saiyan super star.
Main fan hui unkiiii….
Ho mera Saiyan super star.
She holds kunj’s hand….he jerks it off.
She hugs him from back…he moves her away.
She gives a peck on his cheek….he wipes it off….song continues.
Finally she sits down holding his feet.
Kunj gets surprised…. he quickly picks her up…and to his surprise she was in tears.
Kunj quickly wipes her tears and feels guilty.
Kunj: I…I am soooooo sryyyy twinkle… twinkle I didn’t intend to hurt u…plzzz plzzzz don’t cry…u know my heart feels so much pain wen I see tears in ur eyes…I am very sry.
Twinkle doesn’t respond in words.
She quickly hugs him…he hugs her back.
Sajnave plays.
They don’t break the hug for a while.
Both feel better and they break the hug.
Kunj: Srsly twinkle I am very….
B4 he cud complete twinkle kept finger on his lips and signed him not to say.
Twinkle: Sry to mujhe kehna chaiye….I just never understood ur feelings….u always think about me first…and look at me I can’t even giv u any happiness… I always bee busy with my work and I never hav time for my husband…. I am the worst wi(b4 she cud complete the word wife…she was stopped by kunj)
Kunj: Ssshhhh….don’t ever say that again… ur the best…the best wife…best daughter… best sister…. best bahu…best bhabhi….and most importantly best soul.
And that’s why I Love u so much.
She gets touched by his words and hugs him again…he hugs her back and they both smile.
Kunj: Accha btw…..good u didn’t see the hotel…so now there is a surprise for u.
Twinkle: Surprise !!!!!!
Kunj: Yes surprise…only for my Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Thank u soooo muchhh Mr sadu sarna….
They laugh.
Twinkle: I love u kunj….ur the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Kunj: Hmmmm vo to hai…mai hun hi best….btw u know kal mumbai mai….it’s gonna be only YOU…ME….and No 1 else.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj holds her by her waist and pulls her close.
Kunj: Hum bhi akele….tum bhi akele…. maza aa raha hai….kasam seeee…..
(Sry guys for taking this from the show actually I just loved this scene)
Twinkle goes all red blushing… she tries to free herself but is unable too.
Kunj: Twinkle I promise… I will make this trip to mumbai very special… for the both of us.
Twinkle: Mr Kunj Sarna….I guess u r forgetting that we r going to mumbai for business purpose and to meet Mr Arora and take guidance from him and not for a second Honeymoon….
She giggles and tries to free herself.
But kunj pulls her even closer… very close he keeps moving closer….twinkle closes her eyes expecting a kiss.
Kunj goes to her ears and whispers
Kunj: Business aur kaam din mai hota hai…per raat kooo….
Twinkle smiles and pushes him away.
He smiles too.
They go to sleep.

Scene 3(Hall)
All are in the hall waiting for twinj.
Twinj come there.
Bebe: Puttar aram naal jana(go safely)
Usha: Han han….naya sheher….naye log…be careful.
Manohar: Kunj…twinkle ka dhyan rakhna and don’t eat street food there.
Kunj: Maa, papa, bebe bassss….we r going to mumbai….border pe nahi jaa rahe jang ladney …jo aap log itne instructions de rahe ho.
Yuhi and twinkle laugh.
Bebe pulls his ears.
Kunj: Aaauuucchhh…aaa…accha ok sry….aap k saare hukum sar ankhon per.
Bebe leaves his ears and all laugh.
Mahi makes them eat dahi shakkar (sweet curd)
Mahi: I will pray to god that ur new business gets a good start and keeps flourishing.
Yuvi gives them their tickets.
Twinj take blessings from every1 and leave.

Scene 4(Airport)
Twinj land in mumbai and are standing outside the airport.
Kunj: Hayeeeee !!!!(Keeping hand on his cheek)
Twinkle: What happened ???
Kunj: Kuch nahi….tera Paris airport wala stunt yaad aagaya…hayee kya thappad(slap) pada tha.
Twinkle gives him a death glare
Twinkle: U deserved it ok….and thappad yaad hai…ye yaad nahi….uss din aur kya huwa tha.
Kunj: How can I forget that…that was the bestttt dayyy of my life….my life changed completely after that day…My lady Love finally confessed her love.
Twinkle blushes.
Twinkle: Yes…that day indeed was very special… Ohkay so if ur done with ur bukbuk….can we go to the hotel…I’m Very tired.
Kunj: Yuppp….u just wait….I’ll get a cab and come.
He leaves.
After sometime he comes back in a cab and gets down to call twinkle but he gets shocked to find twinkle missing.
He searches for her every wer but doesn’t find her….the baggage is there but twinkle is missing.
Kunj gets super tensed.
The screen freezes on his tensed face.

PRECAP- Twinkle kidnapped.

So guys keep thinking who has kidnapped twinkle and why…is there a new entry…to know all that stay tuned.
Hope u guys liked the Epi….plzzz plzzz plzzzz share ur views via ur comments.
Love u all….stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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    1. Thanx alottttt SMC….I am so glad to know that u liked it….and yup u r right I replaced that maya wala incident with the confession 1 as in my ff that’s what happened at the airport….love u loads dear

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