A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 48


Hiiiii guys…..1st of all I am extremely SORRY for the late update actually I was a bit busy with my tests and all as my entrance exam is approaching… hope ull wud forgive me….and a BIG THANX to all of u for the awesome comments and love….plzzz keep supporting and loving me and my ff the same way.
Ohkay I know too much of buk buk…so here is the episode 48

The episode starts with twinj and other family members hurriedly reaching the hall…on yuvi’s call.
While other family members get shocked to see that state of anita and Chesvi ….twinj silently laugh and wink at each other.
Yuhi see this and understand that it was twinj’s plan…yuhi giggle too.
Manohar: Arey bhabhi….cherry beta…how did all this happen ???
Chesvi say in sign language that they hav no clue.
Anita is disgusted and keeps trying to speak up…but in vain.
Twinkle quickly rushes and gets a writing pad and pen…from the drawer .
Kunj: Anita aunty….I can’t explain how bad I am feeling after seeing u in this state…. but don’t worry….Y fear wen kunj is here….twinkleeeee !!!
He signs twinkle to giv anita the writing pad.
Twinkle: Take this Anita aunty…. so what if u can’t speak… u can write na ??? So write and say whatever u want.
Anita throws the writing pad in anger.
Twinj and yuhi giggle.
By now anita had understood that it was all done by twinj.
She gave twinj a death glare and angrily left from there…. Chesvi followed her.
As soon as every1 went back to their room….twinj burst out laughing…. yuhi joined them too.
Later they somehow stopped laughing.
Yuvi: But will ull tell us how did ull do all this ????
Mahi: Han han plzzzz jaldi batao.
Twinkle: Diiii vo….
she starts laughing again….in btwn she tries saying but….Mahi stops her
Mahi: Twinkle u shut up…kunj tum bolo.
Kunj: Babhi vo….
A flashback is shown.
Twinj were sitting in their room and thinking how to teach Anita and Chesvi a lesson.
Suddenly an idea struk twinkle’s mind.
She told the idea to kunj and kunj agreed too and liked the idea.
Then wen twinkle went to the kitchen she made juice for every1 and poured it into glasses….then she added a chemical in the juice that was left in the jug….the chemical was least harmful but had effect on the persons voice and the person who consumed it wud go mute for around 12-15 hours.
Manny served the left over juice to Anita and cherry and took it for herself.
The flashback ends.
Kunj: So wen the trio drank the juice they lost their voice and they won’t get it back b4 12-15 hours.
All laugh again.
Anita had herd all this….she thought in her mind
Anit: Twinkle….Kunjjjj ull will pay for this….be ready to bare the consequences.

Scene 2(twinj’s room)
Twinkle is keeping the ironed clothes in the cupboard.
Kunj comes from behind and hugs her…twinkle gets shocked and clothes fall from her hand.
Kunj: Yaar Siyappa Queen kitna kaam kerti hai tu ???
Twinkle: Kunjjjjjj u scared me….and all the clothes fell….uffff now I will hav to iron them again.
Kunj turns her around so that she wud face him….he holds her by her shoulder.
Kunj: Ohhh come on twinkle….jab dekho kaam kaam kaam….leave all this and spend time with ur beloved husband.
Twinkle gives a pat on is shoulder and picks up the fallen clothes.
Twinkle: Romance ka bhi ek sahi time hota hai….samjhe Mr sadu sarna.
Kunj: Ohhhh hello madam…romance hai koi exercise nahi jo time dekh ker kiya jaye.
Twinkle: U and ur “SAD JOKES”
She keeps the clothes in the cupboard and tries leaving…. but she gets stopped as her dupatta gets pulled…. she doesn’t turn behind and asks kunj to leave her dupatta…. and blushes
Suddenly kunj comes and stands in front of her….
Kunj: Madamji stop blushing…. it’s not me this time.
Twinkle gets surprised to see him in front of her….she quickly turns back and sees that her dupatta had got stuck in the door of the cupboard.
She quickly pulls it out.
Kunj bursts out laughing.
Twinkle starts running behind him…kunj runs and climbs on the bed…twinkle climbs on the bed too…kunj continues laughing holding his stomach… twinkle picks up pillows and starts hitting him.
Kunj doges but gets hit 2-3 times.
Twinkle suddenly looses balance and falls over kunj.
They look into each others eyes and share a romantic eyelock…..sajnave plays.
They break the eyelock and twinkle tries to move but kunj holds her waist and pulls her back.
He moves her hair aside and romantically caresses her cheeks.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj pulls her even closer….he kisses her forehead…. then cheeks and then….
B4 he cud reach the lips….they herd Usha’s voice.
Usha: Twinkleee….kunjjjjj come down fasttt….there is a good news.
Twinj quickly get up.
Kunj: Hawwww maa…iss umar mai good news !!!! Ab to humara time hai good news dene ka.
Twinkle hits him on his shoulder.
Twinkle: Kuch bhiii !!!!….
She laughs.
Kunj smiles too and gives her a side hug.
They go down.

Scene 3(Hall)
Twinj come down and all wer waiting for them.
Twinkle: Mummy ji……bebe….what’s the good news.
Kunj: Han…bolo bhi
Bebe: The good news is that….ur MBA results are out and ull hav passed with distinction.
Twinj get super happy and tightlyyyy hug each other.
Usha, bebe, yuhi all together.
“Ahemmmm Ahemmmm”
Twinj realize what they wer doing and quickly separate.
They feel shy and awkward.
All laugh….mahi feeds sweets to twinj…congratulating them.
Manohar : So now that ull hav completed ur MBA… that too with good scores…I think ull shud now think of doing some business together.
“TOGETHER” this word echoes in kunj’s ears.
Kunj quickly: Yes yea dad…u r right…I guess we must start some business TOGETHER.
Twinkle understands y he is so happy…. and smiles.
Kunj thinks: Wah wah….we wud get to spend more time with each other?
Twinkle thinks: Waiseyyyy I am excited and happy too?
Yuvi: See I am there to help dad in his hotel business…. so ull think of something else which will be good for both of ull.
Mahi: Yup yuvi is right….but what wud ull do ???
Twinj together: Wedding planners.
Usha: Wedding planners.
Kunj: Yes maa…these days wedding planning is a very reputed and in demand business.
Bebe: But puttar for that ull will need some 1 guidance.
Twinkle: Yes Bebe…. u r right…actually jab mai aur kunj MBA ker rahe theey… to humare college mai ek bohot bada event organize kerna tha…and all the responsibility was on me and kunj….and as we did it extremely well the guest of honour of that event Mr Arora who is a very bigggg event planner in mumbai offered to help us anytime we need.
Kunj: Yes and now that we need guidance for our new business I think he would be the best person.
Manohar: That wud be great…to fir shubh kaam mai deri kaisi….ull leave for mumbai tomorrow morning itself.
Yuvi: Yupp…I’ll book the tickets.
Twinkle and kunj agree….and get happy thinking about this new turn and beginning in their lives.
The screen freezes on their happy faces.

PRECAP- Twinj reach mumbai…..

Hope u guys liked the Epi……plzzz plzzz plzzz do share ur views via ur comments….and I am really sry for the short update…. I promise to make the next epi longer…..luv u loads….stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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