A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 45


Hiiii guys…thanx for all the support… the number of comments in my last ff were quite less but for me what matters is that ull read it and liked it…I was happy bcoz though the comments were less in number but they had such heart touching words that…it just made my day…ohk enough of my bukbuk…luv u all and keep commenting…
Here is the Episode 45

Scene 1(Dining area)
Its morning and all are sitting and having breakfast.
Maya and twinkle serve the dishes to every1 and then get seated themselves.
Just then Chesvi(as per ur votes) and anita come there.
Anita: Good morning every1.
No body wants to reply…
Bebe: Han han good morning… now sit and hav ur breakfast.
Usha: twinkle puttar serve the dishes to them aswell.
Anita: Ohhhh no no….y will she serve me…i too hav a bahu now….manny beta plzzz serve the dish for me and cherry.
Yuvi and kunj laugh…listening to the name manny.
Manasvi gets super angry….but controls
Maya: Who is this manny mummy ji ???
Cherry: Ohhhh jii…manny is the pet name of my bful wife manasvi.
Yuvi: Ohhhhh…nice name..
Twinj and yuhi laugh again.
Manny some how sips the insult and thinks ‘ull will pay for this’.
She sreves the dish to anita and cherry all hav their breakfast and then get back to their rooms and work.

Scene 2(Anita’s room)
Manny goes to anita’s room…wer anita was reading a novel.
Manny(loudly): Anita aunty !!!!
Anita gets up out of surprise.
Anita: Manny….y are u shouting… what hapened ??
Manny: Aunty how can u sit so calmly…ur plan of killing rt got flopped.
Anita: No dear manny…my plan didn’t get flopped…my plan is still not executed.
Manny: What do u mean ??
Anita: What wud i get by killing rt…I didn’t want to kill him…but i wanted mahi to get a shock and hav complications in her pregnancy… but this twinkle and kunj are very smart…they cleverly hided everything from mahi…but now….I will go and tell everything to her and then….Bhooommm….dhamaka hoga !!!
Manny: Woooowww…nice plan aunty…but can I do the work of telling all this to mahi ??? Mujhey apni insult ka badla bgi to lena hai…
She smirks.

Scene 3(Yuhi’s room)
Mahi is sitting there and watching TV.
Manny goes there and knocks the door.
Mahi: It’s open…plzzz come in.
Manny goes inside.
Mahi: Manasvi you !!! come sit….
Manny: Sry bhabhi…if I disturbed u…actually I thought u wud be so sad after all that happened yesterday so I came to cheer u up.(she acts to be very sweet)
Mahi: Sad ???…yesterday ???…what happened yesterday and why will I be sad.
Manny: Ohhhh nooo !!!! They hav not informed u about it…shit I’m sry bhabhi…ummm nothing… nothing happened yesterday… I shud leave now.
Mahi holds her hand.
Mahi: No wait…plzzz tell me what happened yesterday…I’m elder to u and u hav to listen to me.
Manny: Ohkay bhabhi u r elder to me and how can i disrespect u…so ill tell u everything.
Manny tells her everything about RT and that twinj knew everything.
Mahi gets super shocked.
She shouts Twinkleeee and leaves the room.
Manny is still in the room and smirks
Manny: Ab aayega Mazaaa !!!.
Mahi: Twinkle… twinkleeee !!! Wer r u ???
Twinkle comes out running from the kitchen in the hall.
Twinkle: What happened dii…if u needed anything u shud hav called me in the room…y did u come.
Mahi(angrily): Yes i wanted something…
Twinkle: Ya dii…tell me…anything for u.
Mahi: I want answer.
Twinkle is all confused.
Twinkle: Answer…???
Mahi: Yes answer…. tell me which movie did u watch yesterday ???
Twinkle: Diii…y r u asking this suddenly ?
Mahi: Just answer !!!.
Twinkle thinks for a while….and answers ki & ka…
Twinkle: Yea we watched ki & ka.
Mahi: Ohk…ohk wait….
She calls out for kunj….
This time all the family members come there.
Mahi goes towards kunj.
Mahi: Kunj…ull had gone to watch movie yesterday… right !!!
Kunj: Yes bhabhi…we had gone to see kapoor and sons…its awesome movie… u and bhai must watch it too..
Twinkle closes her eyes and hits her head.
Mahi turns towards her.
Mahi: So twinkle did ull watch diff movies or ull watched both.
Kunj is confused….twinkle tries explaining mahi.
Mahi shouts: Enoughhhhh !!!!.
Mahi: Why did ull lie to me…kya vo mere papa nahi hain ??? Don’t I hav the right to know about him.
She starts crying.
Twinj try to explain her but of no use.
Mahi: I don’t want to talk to both of u….just leave me alone…vo to accha huwa manny ne mujhe bata diya…werna muhjey to kabhi pata hi nahi chalta.
She rushes to her room and closes the door.
All are shocked and look at manny.
Manny: I am very sry…. I didn’t know ull had hidden the truth from her…sry…
she too hurriedly leaves from there and smiles evily.
Twinkle cries and rushes to her room.
Kunj goes behind her.

Scene 4(twinj’s room)
Twinkle goes to the balcony and holds the railing and cries bitterly.
Kunj goes to her and keeps hand on her hand…but she moves her hand and moves away…kunj again goes to her and makes her turn towards him.
He cups her face.
Kunj: Twinkle plzzzz stop crying…u know I cant see u cry…plzzz ur tears make me feel helpless… plzzz twinkle rona band ker.
He wipes her tears….twinkle hugs him tightly….he moves hand on her back in order to console her….sajnave plays.
They stay like that for a while and then twinkle breaks the hug.
Twinkle: Kunj…kunj why doesn’t dii understand…that whatever we did was for her and the baby’s sake…
Kunj holds her by the shoulder.
Kunj: Don’t worry twinkle she will understand…and forgive u too….after all tum ho hi itni cute.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj: Hayeeee….tumhari ye smile…uffff !!
Twinkle blushes and goes inside the room.
Kunj goes to her and holds her hand and pulls her close.
Twinkle: Kunj…kunj stop it…I hav lot’s of work in the kitchen.
Kunj places a finger on her lips.
Kunj: Sshhh…..kaam to hota hi rahega….but now it’s time for some romance.
She tries to moves but kunj interlocks both his hands around her waist.
She blushes.
Kunj moves her hair on one side and gently kisses her neck…twinkle goes all red in shyness….kabhi jo baadal barsey keeps playing in the background…he then moves towards her face and kisses her cheeks… twinkle smiles… kunj signs her to now kiss his cheeks… twinkle nods in no and tries leaving but kunj tightens his grip…kunj kisses her other cheek and signs her for the kiss again….she again nods in no…kunj gets annoyed and leves her and turns his face and stands.
Twinkle smiles…. she makes him turn back but he doesn’t… so she goes and stands in front of him.
He tries to turn again but b4 that… twinkle cups his face….kunj doesn’t look at her…twinkle moves towards his cheeks…but she suddenly closes her eyes and makes her lips meet with his…yes they hav a lip to lip kiss but then she quickly turns around and blushes …kunj is all shocked and overjoyed…he makes her turn towards him…she turns and covers her face with both the hands….kunj removes her hand….holds her waist…pulls her close…very close…she smiles and closes her eyes…kunj closes his eyes too and both share and intense and long liplock…they then separate to breathe…
Twinkle is all red and blushing.
Kunj cups her face and plants a gentle kiss on her forehead…. they hug each other.
Kunj : I love u twinkle….I cant live without you.
Twinkle: I luv u too kunj….I luv u more than my life.
Suddenly they hear a noice and run outside their room and get shocked.
The screen freezes on thier shocked faces.

Hope u guys liked the Epi….plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments…I love u all loads…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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