A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 44


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Episode 44 statrts.

Scene 1(Hospital)
Leela and twinkle are sitting on a bench outside the OT and kunj is standing and waiting for the doc to come out.
Just then…raman and pinni come there.
Raman goes and talks to kunj and pinni goes and consoles leela whose teras are just not stopping.
All of them wait tensed outside for the doc to come out.
After some time the door of the OT opens and the doctor comes out.
Twinj rush towards him.
Twinkle: Doctor… doctor papa is out of danger right ???
Doctor: Yes ma’am the operation was successful.
All get happy and take a sigh of relief too
Kunj hugs leela.

Kunj: Dekha maa…papa bilkul thik hain.
Leela smiles and kisses on his forehead.
Leela: Kunj puttar agar aaj tu na hota…to pata nahi…
B4 she cud continue kunj places hand on her mouth and signs her not to say that.
Raman: So doctor saab…can we go and meet him now.
Doctor: No…he is out of danger but still unconscious… he will get conscious after some time as it was a really big operation…. but i dont understand 1 thing…he didn’t get a natural heart attack he had consumed a drug which generally is used by patients with low blood pressure and can be fatal for patients having high blood pressure.
All look on surprised.
Kunj: Maa…maa plzzz try to recollect what all did papa eat from the morning till now.
Twinkle: Ya maa…plzzz tell doc what all papa had eaten.
Leela thinks for a while.
Leela: Ummm in the morning when he got up he had a glass of milk…and i had given it myself…then he had breakfast and i hade made it with my own hands…thats it he didn’t hav anything else.
Doctor: But Mrs taneja…mr taneja surely had eaten something that had that drug.
Twinkle: Maa plzzz try to recollect properly.
Leela gets thinking.
Leela: Yes…yes now i remember after having breakfast Anita ji had had come home with sweets of cherry’s marriege.

I didn’t eat bcoz im diabetic and not allowed to eat anything sweet but wen she forced then he ate 1 piece.
Twinj look at each other all shocked.
Kunj: Ohhh ohk…so doctor may be the sweets were adulterated… let ot be…the good thing is that papa ji is fine.
Nurse comes out and says that Rt has bcome conscious…all go in and meet him.
Later twinj leave for home.
Scene 2(sarna house)
Twinj enter the house and all were waiting for them.
Bebe: Kahan reh gaye the tum dono…movie to sirf 3 ghante ki hoti hai…5 hours ho chukey hain.
Twinj hold ears and say sry.

Twinkle: Bebe aap aur maa zara room mai chaliye na aapse baat kerni hai.
Twinj, bebe and usha go in usha’s room and kunj locks the door.
Usha: What’s the matter…why did ull bring us in like this ???
Twinj narrate them all what happened today.
Bebe: Omg…but y didn’t u tell us…we wud hav come to the hospital too
Kunj: Yes…and thats what we didn’t want.
Usha: What do u mean…say clearly.
Twinkle: Mummy ji…we knew that if we tell ull about it then ull wud come to the hospital and then mahi dii wud come to know everything…and aisi halat mai unkey liye stress accha nahi hai.
Bebe and usha now understood everything.
Usha: Yes.. u r right…mahi shud not know anything about this.
Bebe: Ohk…so ull go now…ull must be tired too.

Twinj leave for their room.

Scene 3(twinj’s room)
Kunj changes and comes out from the washroom.
Twinkle quickly goes and hugs him…kunj is surprised but happy too…he hugs her back…sajnave plays.
Twinkle(still hugging): Kunj…thank u soooo much…agar aaj tum papa ko time per hospital naa le jatey to pata nahi kya ho jata.
Kunj breks the hug and holds twinkle by her shoulders.
Kunj: Twinkle… why are u saying thanx… is he not my papa aswell….for me ur mom is my mom and ur dad is my dad…and i luv both of them as much as i luv my parents… so plzzz dont say thanx next time.
Twinkle is all touched by his words and they hug again…then are about to sleep wen kunj says.
Kunj: But twinkle… there is 1 very big thing that can’t be ignored…
Twinkle: Yes kunj…i know what u are talking about.

Twinj together: Anita Aunty.
Twinkle: I am very sure she had mixed that drug in those sweets….but why is she behind maa and papa now ??? What hav they done ???
Kunj: Twinkle.. no 1 has done anything to her…idk y is she behind our lives…and now she is crossing her limits… we have to do something…
Twinkle: Yup…u r right…but for now lets sleep.. I’m very tired.
Kunj nods in yes and goes to sleep.
As soon as he lies down…twinkle takes his one arm and places her head on his arm and sleeps…kunj smiles and wraps his arm around her shoulder… twinkle places hand on his chest…both of them hav a contentfull smile on their faces…sajnave plays…the screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Twinj plan to take revenge from anita…Mahi gets to know about all what happened.

Hope u guys liked it…plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments and plzzz let me know of ull are finding it boring… luv u all…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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  1. Osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ahh epi was really good do cont soon plzzzzz…..

    1. tysm zikra…u really a sweetheart dear..ill surely cont soon

  2. Osm epi Aakansha

    1. tysm lama

  3. No not boring at all. It is amazing. Loved it

    1. thanx a lot mitali dear…luv u

  4. nice episode . what magic u have created I don’t know when I read ur ff I feel that I’m reading update of TV serial which is having all d masala in other words a perfect serial ur ff is no 1 I just luv ur ff . keep going like dis n I hope to read 100 episode of ur ff soon . HAPPY GUDI PADVA .

    1. same too u darling….and ur comment srsly just made my gudi padava even more awesome….luv u to the moon and back Riya !!!

  5. Awesome akanksha….but donot forget to mention twinj moments ?

    1. thanx akanksha dii….I came to know u r doing bds that means ur elder to me so ill call u dii…and yup I will mention twinj scenes for sure

  6. akansha u r genius I just luv ur FF umaah ????

    1. Awwwww I luv u too vids…ummm I hope u don’t mind me calling u that….thanx a lot dear

  7. Akku di I m not liking ur ff. But I m loving it.U r an amazing writer. U describe each scene so beautifully that I m clearly able to imagine it. Only six episodes to go for half century.Love u and ur ff to the moon and black.Muah????

    1. OMG yes…only 6 episodes for my ff to complete 50 epis….I just didn’t notice….but thanx a lot dear for noticing and appreciating me….I luv u too my ANU…u r really veryyyy sweetttt !!!

  8. ohh akku u r super se bhi uper…..grt work…i was jus waiting fr this…loved it

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      1. ohhh ya i see thats the reason u cud nt reply….ok i ll infrm…bt may b we hav all of them here who r reading it….

  9. Awwwww……… My Dear ………… It was supperbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb……………………. 🙂 🙂 <3 and I love it……… <3 Actually I'm feeling to give a tight slapppp……. to our dear and dearest …….. ANITHA LUTHRA……..

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  10. Aakanksha i was waiting from d morning 4 ur epi
    Wel ur epi was osssssum

    1. tysm mannat…and really sry for making u wait dear….my epi was ready but my netpack got over so I posted it a lil late

  11. Tat hug was lyk a comfort hug I would say , such a cute moment. I knew it was Anita behind dis I suggested dis in mah comment in d last episode di , so I was ryt . LA LA LA LA LA LA , yipee . I m so happy tat I guessed it ryt . BTW di vo chervi n chesvi ka kya hua . aap bata do kaunsa name select hua hai . now mahi will get a shock tats gonna b interesting. love u mah dear di . muahhhh . keep on writing lyk dis only. ?

    1. Yess dear ur guess was exactly right….and thanx a lot my chhotu…I feel so blessed to hav u….lov u too dear….btw chesvi got the max number of votes so I guess I will go with chesvi

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  15. awesome epi akku ……. u r jst superb yaar ……

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    You know akku you are PERFECT ……
    You don’t lack behind in anything . you don’t have any bad qualities…….
    You have such a wonderful heart. you care for everyone you don’t hurt anyone
    You understand everyone …..
    You write so well
    You are a GREAT person……………………

    Luv you mmmmuuuuuhhhhhhhh….

    1. OHHHHH sonal dear….frankly speaking u cud see all those qualities in me bcoz u hav a heart of gold….ur camment just made my day….I don’t hav words to thank u….u never met me….u never saw me….but still u are saying this and that’s y I feel ur heart is really pure….u are a very good person at heart dear…luv u to the moon and back

  18. so cute aakanksha so cute….ur an owesome writer…i love it…

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