A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 40


Thanks alot every1 for ur lovely comments…I Luv u all and ull are really precious to me…so keep commenting… And I’m really sry for the confusion that I created in my last epi….hope all ur confusions are cleared today.

Recap- Mahi is pregnant and all get happy suddenly twinkle gets ill and starts vomiting…kunj gets tensed and informs bebe and usha.
So here is the episode 40

Scene 1(twinj’s room)
Twinkle is in the washroom and she is still vomiting.
Kunj is standing all worried outside.
Kunj knocks the door.

Kunj: Twinkle….twinkle….are u fine…what has happened…. Y are u vomiting like this….
Twinkle: I don’t know kunj…pata nahi achanak… (she vomits again)
Kunj: U don’t worry I’ll go and call maa and bebe.
He runs towards usha’s room.
Usha and bebe were sitting there…usha was giving bebe a head massage.
Kunj comes there hurriedly
Kunj: Maaa…bebeeee.. (He pants)
Bebe: Kunj Puttar what happened ??
Kunj: Bebe vo twinkle…twinkle is not feeling well…plzzz come with me.
They rush towards twinj’s room.
Usha goes towards washroom to knock the door but till then twinkle opens the door and comes out….kunj rushes towards her.

Kunj: Twinkle tu thik to hai na ???…ultiyan kyun..
B4 kunj cud complete twinkle almost faints and kunj holds her.
Kunj makes her lie down on the bed.
Bebe: Aey twinkle nu ultiyan kyun ho rahi hain (Y is twinkle vomiting)…
chakkar bhi aa rahe hai…
Usha looks at bebe…bebe looks at usha.
Usha: Bebe are u thinking the same that I am thinking.
Bebe: Yes ushaa…
They both smile.
Usha: Kunj I don’t think it’s anything to worry for.

Kunj: Maa ??? Look at twinkle’s state how can u say that.
Bebe: Usha is right kunj…even I feel the same.
Kunj(Angrily): Ye aap log kaisi baatein ker rahe hain… Plzzz call the doctor.
Bebe: Offo kunj… Why are u getting angry…what we mean is…
Usha: We mean to say that… U and yuvi got married together right ???
Kunj gives a confused look.
Bebe: Yes…and both u couples went for honeymoon together.
Kunj: Maa…bebe…are ull drunk…what connection does all this hav with Twinkle’s illness.
Twinkle again feels like vomiting and kunj attends to her.
Twinkle: I’m fine….plzzz get something sour for me so that vomiting stops.
Bebe and usha hug each other…and say together… “Yes we were right”
Twinj look at them surprised.
Kunj: Bebe ???? Maa ???
Bebe: Kunj tuney aur yuvi ne sab kuch saath saath mai kiya hai.
Usha: And that’s Y u and yuvi are going to become father together.
Twinj are hell shocked.
Twinj together: WHAT ????

kunj: Maa it’s nothing like that…it might be something else but not that…
Twinkle tries getting up…but usha goes and stops her.
Twinkle: Mummy ji….jaisa app log soch rahe ho waisa kuch bhi nahi hai.
Bebe: Sharmane ki koi baat nahi hai Puttar… We are really happy that we will be getting 2-2 new entries in our family…in our lives.
Kunj: Bebe plzzz… I’m telling u it’s nothing like that… Let’s call the doctor and ask him.
Twinkle: Yes bebe…kunj is right.
Usha: Twinkle….we are experienced beta….we know all this happens only wen a lady is pregnant…see u remember mahi to was having the same issues.
Bebe: And the biggest proof was u asking for something khatta(sour) to eat.
Twinkle nods in no and thinks.
Twinkle thinks: Ufff bebe…mummy ji how to explain ull…jab mere aur kunj ke beech pati patni wala rishata abhi tak bana hi nahi…to pregnant kaise ho Sakti hun mai ???…
Kunj is standing there all confused.

Kunj thinks: Aaj tak maine apne wife ko dhang se kiss tak nahi Kia…to baccha kaha se aayega… Ughh now how shud I explain it to maa and bebe….
Twinkle thinks: If I insist more on not being pregnant than maa and bebe will surely understand that I and kunj hav not started our marriage life yet.
Kunj thinks the same.
Kunj: Maa…ohk maybe twinkle is pregnant… But it is good to be 100% sure…so I’ll call the doctor.
Bebe: It’s not needed kunj.
Twinkle: No bebe kunj is right…b4 we come to any conclusion…I think we must get it confirmed by the doctor.
Usha: Ohk kunj…u call the doctor..
Kunj calls the doctor and all wait for her to come.
Doctor comes.
Doctor: I had just come here yesterday to check ur bahu…right ??
Bebe: Doctor Saab…she is our younger bahu and I think she is pregnant too.
Doctor: Ohk ull go outside…let me examine her.
They leave.
Doctor goes to twinkle.

Twinkle: Doctor… Doctor listen to me.. I can’t be pregnant… Actually I and my husband hav not yet started our married life…I hope u know what I mean to say…but doctor plzzz…my family shud not know about this.. Plzzz don’t tell them anything doctor… Plzzz.
Kunj us standing outside the door all tensed…biting his nails
Kunj thinks: Offooo docto ko to bula liya.. Lekin ab doctor to sabko bata degi ki…humare beech koi aisa rishata hi nahi bana jissey ki twinkle pregnant ho sakey…ohhh Babaji plzzzz bacha Lena.
Doctor opens the door and calls them in.
Usha: Doctor Saab…twinkle ki pregnancy mai koi complications to nahi hain na !??
Doctor: Ma’am I’m really sry…but twinkle is not pregnant…she has not conceived.
But don’t worry….I think that will happen soon….but this time it’s just food poisoning…she smiles and leaves.
Bebe: No problem twinkle… Don’t be disheartened…jab Babaji chahenge tab teri bhi jholi bhar jayegi Puttar.
Usha and bebe leave too.
Kunj takes a sigh of relief…he goes and sits besides twinkle
Kunj: So siyappa queen… How was the experience
Twinkle is all sad.

Kunj: Arey ab tujhe kya huwa.
Twinkle: Kunj mummy ji and bebe were so happy… I felt really bad for them.
Kunj goes close to her.
Kunj: Hmmmm….bura to mujhe bhi laga…but if u want… Ye sab sach bhi ho sakta hai.
Twinkle pushes him and gets up… But she feels week and is about to fall.. Wen our hero as usual holds her on time.
They share a romantic eye lock… Sajnave plays.
Kunj Kisses twinkle on her cheeks.
Twinkle goes red and blushes.
She pushes him and starts leaving.
Kunj gets sad and sits on the bed.

Twinkle looks at him sad and feels bad.
Twinkle goes to him…and sits besides him.
Twinkle: Hmmmm to Mr sadu sarna gussa ho gaye…. apni siyappa queen se.
Kunj turns his face to opposite side.
Twinkle turns his face towards her.
Twinkle: Awww mere roothey huwey pati dev…u look so cute like this.
She slowly gives a gentle kiss on his cheeks…..
Twinkle: I Luv u kunj….
She gets up and starts leaving.
Kunj touches his cheek wer twinkle kissed and smiles.
Kunj: I Luv u too meri Siyappa Queen…
Twinkle turns back…looks at him and smiles…. Twinkle gives him a flying kiss and he acts like holding it.
Both smile.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Anita and cherry back with new sets if plans and problems… Let’s see how our twinj and Yuhi deal with the upcoming challenges.

Heyyy guys hope ull liked the epi….sry for creating that confusion yesterday… But that adds spice and fun…and though many of ull guessed it perfectly right that its just food poisoning…. Luv u all guys.. Stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha Singh

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