A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 38

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And by the way guys 1 very important note….Guys I am writing only 1 ff and I will concentrate on that only…I am not going to start writing any new ff b4 ending this 1…so plzzzz don’t get confused if u see the name Aakanksha anywhere else coz my only ff is A Journey From Tashan E Dosti To Tashan E Ishq….and for ur convenience I will now write my full name…i.e Aakanksha Singh
As star requested me here is the recap.
(Recap- Twinj cute moments while kunj makes her wear Saree…twinj go out for shopping and kunj prays to end this drama of dating soon.)
Scene 1(mall)
Twinkle is in a shop selecting something.
Kunj is waiting there all restless.
Suddenly kunj gets usha’s call.
Kunj: Hello…maa
Usha: Kunj Puttar wer are u…plzzz come back home asap…yahan ek problem ho gai hai…mahi ki tabiyat achanak kharab ho gayi hai.
Kunj: Whattt ??? Don’t worry maa…we are coming.
He cuts the phone.
Kunj: Twinkle we hav to go home right away actually mahi dii is not feeling well…and maa was very tensed.
Twinkle was shocked to hear this.
Twinkle: Ohh God… Babaji plzzz mahi di ki raksha kerna.
Twinj leave from there quickly.

Scene 2(yuhi’s room)
All are waiting for the doctor to come.
Mahi is lying on the bed.
Doctor comes and asks what’s the matter.
Yuvi is all tensed.
Yuvi: Doctor idk…what happened to her she started vomiting and then fainted at once.
Doctor examines mahi’s pulse and asks ever1 to go out as she has to do check up.
All leave.
Twinj come there running and tensed.
Twinkle: Bebe what happened…Y are u all standing out of the room like this…Dii is fine right ???
Bebe: No twinkle actually…
Till then the doctor opens the door and calls them inside.
Twinkle and yuvi quickly enter the room…and others get in too.
Twinkle goes and sits besides mahi and moves hand in her hair.
Twinkle: Diii plzzz don’t take tension…everything will be alright…
Mahi smiles…twinkle gets confused.
Yuvi: Doctor… Doctor mahi is fine na…it’s nothing serious right.
Kunj calms yuvi down.
Doctor: Ur wife is perfectly fine Mr yuvraj….and there is nothing to worry.
Bebe: Doctor Saab….to fir ye ultiyan aur chakkar… Kahin mahi ???

Doctor: Yes u r right…ur bahu is pregnant.
All are surprised.
Mahi blushes…and twinkle hugs her.
Yuvi is overjoyed….he hugs kunj.
Yuvi: Omg kunj…tera Bhai…mai Papa banne wala hun…I can’t believe this.
Kunj too hugs him.
Kunj: Yesss bahii…aur mai..mai chachu.
Usha: Mai dadiiiii !!!
Bebe: Oyeeee mai….Badi dadiii !!!
Manohar: Mai Daduuu !!!
Maya: Omg wooowww mai Buwaaa !!!
Twinkle doesn’t say anything…she sits there all confused.
Kunj: Twinkle… Kya huwa…are u not excited ??
Twinkle: Obviously I am…but I’m confused too…. Tum Chacha ho to uss hisaab se mai Chachi Hui…but mahii diii is my sis so according to that I’m maasi.
So what will the baby call me.
All start laughing.
Maya: Don’t worry about that…whatever u like u be that.
Twinkle: But I like both…I wanna be a Chachi aswell as maasi.
Kunj: Ohk Siyappa Queen… I mean twinkle then u become chaasi…
He starts laughing.
Suddenly twinkle gets up and starts going towards him
Kunj: Dekh twinkle… It was just a joke… plzzz plzzz maarna mat yaar….
She comes in front of him.
Kunj closes his eyes…but suddenly twinkle hugs him.
All smile seeing this.
Kunj moves her and signs..what are u doing every1 is here.
Twinkle: Ummm sry…but thank u very much u solved my problem… Chaasi is perfect… So I’m the babies chaasi… Chachi as well as maasi.
Kunj: Ohhhh u liked it…I was making fun…but if u liked it then great.
Maya: I guess we shud leave now and let the babies mummy and Papa celebrate.
Usha pulls her ear and all laugh.
They leave.
Yuvi hugs mahi and mahi blushes.
Yuvi: I Luv u jaan…(placing hand on her womb) I Luv u baby.
Mahi: I Luv u too yuvi.

Scene 3(kitchen)
Twinkle is busy in learning to make besan laddoos from bebe as it’s mahi’s favorite.
Bebe: Twinkle Puttar…so now I hav told u the entire procedure… So u will be able to make it right ??
Twinkle: Yess bebe…thank u so much.
She gives a peck on Bebe’s cheeks.
Bebe smiles and leaves.

Kunj comes there.
Kunj: Very bad yaar twinkle… Sab ko kiss kerti hai…aur jisko kerna chaiye usko to bhaav hi nahi deti.
He pulls her colse to him…twinkle blushes….
Kunj: Aaj to kiss kerke hi rahunga.
He closes hi eyes and leans forward to kiss her….wen suddenly twinkle shouts “JAL GAYA”
Kunj : Whattt ???
Twinkle quickly sarts stirring the besan in the pan….she puts off the burner.
Twinkle: Hawww….Jal gaya….saari mehenat kharab…fir se kerna padega
She turns towards kunj and gives him a death glare.
Kunj Fakes a smile and runs from there.
Twinkle runs behind him.
Kunj enter the room…twinkle comes after him….kunj climbs on the bed….twinkle too climbs on the bed and picks up a pillow…kunj get off the bed and twinkle goes behind him and starts hitting him with the pillow…kunj protests by putting his hand in between… The pillow gets stuck in kunj’s watch and as soon a twinkle lifts it….it tears….twinkle continues hitting and feathers fall all around….kunj tries going behind but his leg hits the bed and he falls on the \
bed…his feet gives a push to Twinkle’s leg and she falls over him.

They look into each others eyes and share a romantic eye lock… Sajnave plays.
Feather fall all around the place and on twinj too.
They come back to their senses and twinkle gets up.
Twinkle: Kunj…I won’t leave u…I had roasted that besan with so much of efforts and bcoz of u….it got burnttt !!
Kunj: Ohh plzzz don’t blame me…tu bhi to situation ka maza le rahi thi na….Y didn’t u stop me Han ??? Bol…bol na ???
Twinkle: Vo…voo…maiinn
Kunj goes close to her..
Kunj: Vo main…kya ???
Twinkle: Vo…main…Bas
Kunj: Kunj goes closer and locks his hands around her waist.
Twinkle: Kkkk…kkuunn…kunjjjj
Kunj places hand on her lips.
Kunj: Ssshhhh…ab kuch nahi jalega…ab bas Vo hoga jo hum dono chahate hain.
Twinkle closes her eyes… Kunj closes his eyes too and leans forward to kiss her.
But as usual… They had forgot to close the door and Maya enters.
Maya: Twinkle wer are u…mai kabseeee….
She sees them and they quickly separate listening her voice.
Twinkle: Ya Maya Dii…tell me…u had some work.

Maya: No no I’m sry… I guess mai bahut jald second time bhi Buwa banne waali hun….(she laughs) Umm twinkle… I’m waiting down wen u d done come down.
She giggles and leaves.
Twinkle quickly runs behind her….
Twinkle: Maya Dii…Dii wait…jaisa aap soch rahi ho waisa kuch bhi nahi hai.
Kunj: Ohhh Babaji Kya paap kiya hai maine…kis baat ki saza de rahe ho aap mujhe…jaise hi mai apni biwi ke paas jaata hun…kuch na kuch kerke aap humey dur ker dete ho….not fair Babaji… Bhai and I got married together… He is going to become a dad and here I haven’t even kissed my wife….he makes a cranky face.
The screen freezes on his cranky face.

PRECAP- not yet decided guys…let’s see what comes into my mind.

So guys I hope ull liked the epi….plzzz plzzz plzzz let me know if it was boring… and plzzz do share ur views via ur comments…. Luv u all stay blessed.

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  1. oh it was cute akku

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  2. Wow akanksha….i m very big fan of your ff

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  3. Oh akku re .. oh akku re
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    Exams muje marvaaye
    Akku oh ff writer akku
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    Sun ff writer akku

    Well my name is melrine saldanha on Fb

    1. Ohk sanam I’ll add u on fb….and thanx alot dear….Luv u

  4. Wow yaar Akku di u r such an brilliant writer that I don’t even have words to praise u. Plz post next episode soon

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  7. akku nice episode with happiness loved the word chaasi
    ff ko tere hum bhula na sakhe
    hoke juda hum na juda ho sake .
    I just now saw on SBS UV n Anita puts blame of mahis murder on twinkle n police arrest twinkle kunj was feeling helpless I felt very bad for him .
    anyways waiting for next episode .luv u

    1. Tysm yaar riya….shit are u serious kunj wasn’t able to do anything ???…and did mahi die ????

  8. I luved kunj saying– “ohhh babaji kya paap kiya hai maine”….Akku u r such a Darling….

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  9. aww it was so cute n funny akku…..????

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  10. akku :* awesme

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  11. Aakansha its really funny especially that chaasi part but pls make
    Mahi also maasi naa I hope u understand

    1. tysm ritzi…I completely understand what u wanna say…..lets see wen that happens

  12. akku u r too gud n yr ff is awesome ………awww r poor kunj serial me bhi kuch nhi ker pata aur yaha pe bhii tutututut…..

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  13. don’t know whether mahi died or not . when I saw that I was crying police took twinkle n kunj was holding twinkles hand n slowly they were separating in filmy style I hope u understand n then she sat in the jeep n kunj came running to her . I felt like killing DAT UV .

    1. thanx a lot riya for the info…yaar I don’t want this stupid track…I hope it doesent turn out that bad like yhm

  14. Very nice episode.
    Thank u for taking up my suggestion.

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  20. Muskan{News reporter}

    Luuuuuvd the episode l????????. Asusal di… U really write so good!!!

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  21. Very nice aakanksha
    U r superb writer
    With excellent writing skills

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  23. Anisha (Phycho)

    Amazing update Akku di….
    Loving it!
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    My real name is Neha Thamanna….

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