A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 37


Guys first and foremost I want to say a very big big big wala sry to all of u….in my last episode I replied to first few comments but then my netpack had only 4 mbs left so I couldn’t reply to each and everyone of u…and my laptop has gone for repairing so I’m really very sry…. And a BIGGG THANX to all of u for commenting and praising me…I Luv all.
And there were 2 questions I really wanted to answer…. 1 from sonal about engineering….dear sonal I don’t know much about it but all I know is IIT and VJTI are the dream colleges for engineering students and IIT is said to be really very tough…so all the best sonal may u get into the best of engineering college.
And the 2nd questions was from Neha(sidzainfan)….no dear Neha I’m not from Kerala…I’m born and brought up in Mumbai and my native place is Uttar Pradesh.
And crazy twinj fan u being a silent reader and commenting for the first time i wanna thank u separately…. Cud u tell me ur real name dear ???
Sry for all this Bukbuk….her u go with the episode 37

Scene 1(Twinj’s room)
It’s morning…. Twinkle comes out from the washroom…. She takes a towel and starts hitting the towel on her wet hair so as to get it dried….droplets of water from her hair fall on kunj’s face who was sleeping on the couch.
Kunj wakes up and sees Twinkle like that in the bathrobe with wet hair and gets mesmerized…. he slowly gets up and goes and holds her from behind… Twinkle: Good morning kunj.
Kunj moves his lips on her bare neck.
Twinkle feels his touch and smiles.
Sajnave Plays.
Suddenly twinkle moves aside.
Twinkle: Hawww kunj…. U forgot we are not married couple but we are bf and gf.
Kunj: Offfooo twinkle… That will start after 10am wen we go for shopping…. For now we are only husband and wife.
Kunj leans close to her lips to kiss her.
Twinkle too closes her eyes and enjoy’s the moment.
Sajnave plays.
Suddenly they hear a knock at the door and leave each other.
Bebe: Oyeee twinkle puttar abhi tak soo rahe ho kya tum dono ???
Twinkle: Aaai bebe.
She goes to open the door.
Kunj murmurs: My family has got great timing…. Uffff every time we get romantic sum1 comes to spoil the mood.
Twinkle opens the door.
Bebe looks at twinkle in the bathrobe…and smiles.
Kunj acts to sleep.
Bebe: Puttar get ready fast and come down… Mrs Walia and Mrs Bhalla are coming home to see u and mahi as they couldn’t come in ur marrige….so get ready wearing this red saree and come down.
Twinkle: Bebe SAREE ???
Bebe: Han Puttar saree…wear it fast and come down.
Bebe leaves.
Twinkle: Uffffff naya siyappa…”Saree” how to wear Saree.
Kunj gets up.
Kunj: Twinkle it’s already 9am we were going to go for shopping at 10 right ??
Twinkle: Uhhhh kunj leave that we can go for shopping later also…but there is a much bigger Siyappa….
She shows him the Saree.
Kunj starts laughing holding his stomach.
Kunj: Don’t tell me…The twinkle taneja…i mean sarna doesn’t know to drape a Saree….Ohh God I can’t stop laughing.
Twinkle starts hitting him.
Twinkle: Kunj…uhhh kunj I will kill u if u laugh like this… U r so mean I’m in such a big problem and ur laughing.
Kunj: Sry…sry I won’t laugh.
He again starts laughing.
Twinkle gets irked and goes and sits sadly on the bed.
Kunj nitices her sad and goes and sits besides her.
He makes her face towards him…she turns her face to opp side.
Kunj goes and kneels in front of her holding his ears.
Kunj: I’m really sry twinkle…but plzzz plzz don’t get sad…u know I can’t see u sad…and Y fear wen kunj is here.
Twinkle looks at him with a confused face.
Kunj: Wait I’ll explain.
He brings his laptop and plays the video of how to wear Saree….on YouTube.
Twinkle: What are u doing ??
Kunj: Twinkle remove ur bathrobe.
Twinkle holds her bathrobe tightly
Twinkle: What ?? Are u mad what are u saying.
Kunj: Aaa…ummmm I’m sry I mean go wear the blouse and petticoat and come.
Twinkle goes to the washroom and comes out wearing blouse and petticoat.
Kunj sees in the video and starts draping the Saree on Twinkle… He starts tucking one end of the Saree in the petticoat…his fingers touch her waist and she feels his touch… Both look at each other and share an eye lock (sajnave plays).
Kunj then makes pleets of the pallu and keeps the pallu on her shoulder.
While pining it the pin doesn’t get closed to kunj tries closing it with his teeth.
His lips touch Twinkle bare back and twinkle feels butterflies in her stomach… She enjoys the moment and sajnave plays.
Maya comes there to call twinkle.
She watches kunj making her wear the Saree and laughs.
Twinkle: Maya diii….u ?? Here ??
Kunj quickly moves aside.
Kunj: Twinkle ye le…Bas pin nahi lag rahi thi na tujhse…maine laga Dii.
Maya smiles.
Maya: Twinkle… If u go like this in front of those aunties….Sarna khaandaan ki to naak hi Kat jayegi.
Twinj together: Kyunnnn ????
Maya: Kunj no doubt tuney Saree kaafi acche se pehenai hai…per Saree ulti hai..
She starts laughing.
Twinkle sees that the part which has the fall is above and the part without the fall is below.
Twinkle bangs hand on her head.
Kunj: (Acts like fainting) U mean all my hard work went waste.
Maya some how stops laughing.
Maya: Kunj u go down… chachiji is calling u for breakfast and twinkle u come with me…I’ll make u wear the Saree and teach u as well.
Kunj leaves.
Twinkle: Thanx alot Maya Dii…pata nahi aaj app time per nahi aate to mera Kya hota
Maya: Ohh come on Twinkle… Just like mahi is ur sister…I’m ur sister too…stop being formal yaar.
They hug each other.

Scene 2(In the hall)
Mrs Walia and Mrs Bhalla hav come.
They wait for twinkle and mahi and bebe and usha serve snacks to them.
Maya comes there along with twinkle and mahi….both look extremely gorgeous….in the red Saree given by Bebe.
They take blessing from both the ladies and ladies bless them.
Mrs Walia: Wooowww Usha both ur bahus are really beautiful…
Mrs Bhalla: Yes yes….They are very pretty…. Kunj and yuvi are very lucky to get them.
Twinkle and mahi smile.
Kunj comes there…he looks at twinkle in the Saree and gets amazed.
Kunj: Haayyee Babaji… Twinkle looks so beautiful in this red Saree…Koi to rok lo.
Twinkle looks at him…he gives her flying kiss…twinkle signs him to stop as everyone is sitting there.
Kunj shows her the watch and asks about shopping.
Twinkle makes a childish face and signs she doesn’t know how much more time.
Kunj gets an idea.
He moves towards the aunties to take their blessings and purposely drops a glass of cold drink on Mrs Bhalla.
She gets up and starts cleaning her dress.
Kunj: Ohhh…omg…I’m so sry aunty ji…I had just come to take blessings…tutututu aapka to pura dress kharab ho gaya….aap ko to ab ghar jakar change kerna hoga….ohh no…I’m very sry aunty ji.
Mrs Bhalla: No problem kunj Puttar….it’s ok… It happens.
Mrs Walia: So usha…I think we must leave now.
Usha greets them and they leave.
Kunj winks at twinkle and twinkle smiles.
Twinkle signs him that she will just change and come.

Scene 3(outside sarna house)
Kunj is waiting on his bike… He calls twinkle.
Twinkle picks up the phone.
Kunj: Where are u Twin…Umm baby.
Twinkle: Just 5 mins more Shona…u shud understand I’m a girl…and girls take time to get ready… Not like u boys…shirt peheni…pant chadaya…perfume lagaya aur ready.
Kunj: Oye siyappa queen aisa kisne kaha…
Twinkle: Hawww Shona…aise baat keroge tum mujhse.
Kunj: Umm…aa…no no sry baby… I mean u r 100% correct… U take as much time as u need I’m waiting.
Twinkle smiles.
After sum time twinkle comes there wearing a long one piece gown…she looks super hot.
She goes and sits behind kunj and Says “let’s go shona”
Kunj: Wooowww baby u look so…se*y….I mean beautiful.
Twinkle: Shona…I very well know that… Now let’s go we are already late.
Kunj nods his head and thinks.
Kunj: Accha huwa all this is a drama and I’m not dating her in reality…Uffff good we didn’t date in college or else….
Twinkle: Shonaaaaa…wer r u lost.
Kunj: No where let’s go.
They leave.

Scene 4(In the mall)
Twinkle has almost bought the entire mall….kunj is struggling to hold all the shopping bags and walk.
Kunj: Babyyy…ab Kya pura mall khaali kerke hi ghar chalogi…kuch next time k liye bhi chod do.
Twinkle: Don’t worry shona… Ony 3 more shops are left and waise bhi next time tak new arrivals aa jayenge na !!!
Kunj makes a crying face and murmurs.
Kunj: Kunj bohot bura fas gaya hai tu…end this drama asap….werna ye Shona Shona ke chakkar mai bohot Rona padega.
The screen freezes on his crying face.

PRECAP- Twinj come back home and bebe tells them something(muted) twinj rush towards someone’s room.

Hey guys I really hope ull liked the episode… Plzzzz plzzz plzzz do share ur views via ur comments… Luv u all…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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  1. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode.
    Just a quick suggestion, try to write recap.
    It’s kinda hard to recall the last episode.
    Hope you understand since there are many ff’s in TU.

    1. Sure star I’ll surely do it frm next epi onwards….and tysm for ur suggestion I really liked it that u spoke ur heart

  2. it was grt akku…..n i rememberd sm1 when i read mrs walia…i think u knw ..lol..nyways love u cutie pie..

    1. Tysm Utu and I too remember the same person by Mrs Walia… Lolzzzz

    2. Ahahahha i remmber sm1 too ??????? lolzzzz

  3. Oh my god oh my god oh my god akansha in the first part I was blushing continuously and then laughing like a small baby!

    1. Sorry to write this in your ff aakansha but the one who read my ff …..sorry I will not be able to post it today

    2. Oh no no ritzi don’t say sry yaar…u can write anything u feel like dear

    3. Thanx alot dear

  4. I think mahi is pregnent……

    1. Thanx for guessing dear… But I won’t reveal it today dear…Luv u yaar

    2. Even I think the same……

    getting into IIT is like u being in heavens
    Ur salary would be in lakhs
    But is extremely tough via mains and advance
    U need to b extremely hard working and brainy
    I know one of my bestie wd surely get into it

    Sry for d bhak bhak

    Jaana hai tumko jabse haye mein to khilgayi
    Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikalgayi
    Mein kud to kya dosto ko b bulalu TU mein
    Are jo taareef karu teri
    Ho jaaye wo b kam
    AKKU! !!
    tera dyaan kidar hai teri Yeh fan idhar hai ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Thanx alot sanam for giving the info about engineering and badaaa walaaa thanks for the beautiful song which brought a broad smile on my face….Luv u to da moon and back dear

  6. Wow di u rock. I loved it. I can image kunj holding so many bags in his hands????? it was fabulous.
    plz upload next episode soon

    1. Thanks alot Anu….hehehe I cud imagine it too… I’ll post the next 1 asap

  7. akku nice episode I was blushing n laughing n I loved the last line yeh shona shona ke chakkar mein bohat Rona padega . song is left na so this one
    man mast magan man mast magan bas tere ff ka naam dohrahe chahe bhi to bhul na paye
    man mast magan man mast magan bas tere ff ka naam dohrahe .

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  10. Sorry it’s not jeep but jee*

    1. Even I am writing jee
      Wonder wt am I gonna do?

  11. it was really really gud. i lovedd it
    plzz update the next part sooner akku.

    i hope u dont mind me calling u akku

    1. No no no mia… Not at all….I Luv it wen my friends call me that ….BTW thanx alot dear

  12. aww sooo sweet very nice update
    specifically last line “shona shona ka chakar mai bhohot rona padega”

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    1. Awwwwww I wanna hug u too dear…hehehe I too was laughing while writing the last part yaar…thanx alot…Luv u

  17. Wow dear am so happy u r such a genous cannot till tommrrow give update today it self… And dear were is khushi and arnav…

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  20. Muskan{News Reporter}

    Fantastic episode diiiiii love u lots and ur ff..my best wishes are always with u????

    1. Hey di i just wrote a poem on Twinj if u can please check it on given link http://www.tellyupdates.com/tribute-jasmin-bhasin/

    2. Thanx alot muskaan… Luv u dear

    3. Hey di i have Sended u request on Instagram from id m.satyamini plz accept it.luv u di.

      1. Accepted it dear

  21. So today u r replying to all the comment
    I luv d romance and dialouges in ur ff
    In the first part when babe enters d dialouge which kunj murmurs i luved it
    And in d end when kunj ‘s last dialouge i also luved it nd it was jst amazing

    And about precap i think mahi is pregnent
    Wel if i m right den it would be really amazing

    Aakanksha from above all i can jst conclude u r great writer

    Keeep writing and make us blushing,smiling nd entertaing

    1. Ohhhhh thank u so very much dear mannat…. Luv u loads yaar….ur comment just brought a biggggg smile on my face….thank u for all the support and Luv and about the supense….I was going to reveal it tomorrow but now that 2 people hav guessed….yes that’s exactly what I had planned…. But I had a request cud u plzzzz tell me how did u know that

  22. Thank you very much sanam n akku for info ….but I m scared n in very much stress that if I do IIT then mere selection hoga ke nhi…???…..n plz tell me that what else we can do in engeneering…. Like …….
    Plzzz tell me…

    Enough of my asking……
    Akuu…. You are marvellous writer
    Your episodes have everything …..
    They are full of romance, fun,emotions, hilarious …..n many more ……
    Keep writing ……..
    Luv you …??????
    N plz give me advice…….


    1. Ummmm sonal dear I’m very very sry but I hav very less knowledge about engineering…I hope sum1 else who knows about it can help u out…. And BTW thank u sooooo muchhhhh dear….Luv u to the moon and back

    2. Sankeerthana (KuKkOo)

      Hey sonal.. ..B arch( architecture),mech, EEE(electrical electronics), CS.. …n many more branches r der.. ..jst take d one which u luv d most ,jzt go wid ur heart.. …

      Ol d bst.. ….

  23. Sorry its not mere ….its mera selection

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    U rock buddy..
    Srry i was on a trip.. …

    Well, i thnk bebe told to twinj dat mahi z pregnant. …..hop so, i don’t knw jst guessed.. …??

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      1. Sankeerthana (KuKkOo)

        For sure.. …ill pray for it k.. ….evn i want to b a doc

    2. Ummmm BTW u r exactly right that’s what bebe is gonna say….but may I know how did u guess it right

      1. Sankeerthana (KuKkOo)

        Ofcurz we r.. ..no doubt at ol.. ….
        Well u r, i don’t knw wat to say, D BZT DUDE.. …..

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        God knwz.. ..when i was reading dat part the firt thng that came to ma mind was diz.. …may b v r of same wavelength na.. ..???

      2. Tysm sanky….yup we are surely of the Same wave length… And btw I wanna be a doc or a lawyer soo that’s what is my dream….but I hav 1 one more dream of making a movie and I hope that comes truee

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    Awesome epi….Akku di!!!
    Update the next part soon….

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