A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 36


Thanks alot guys for all the LOVE and APPRECIATION…Ull are my strength…. Plzzzz keep supporting me like this.
So here we go with the episode 36
Scene 1(sarna house)

Twinj and Yuhi come back from Paris… Every1 welcome them.
Maya: Soo…how was the trip…enjoyed na.. She giggles.
Twinkle and mahi blush and kunj and yuvi giv Maya a angry glare.
Maya: Ohk ohk sry…ull might be tired.. Ull go and rest…and what about dinner.
Yuvi: No mahi Dii…we hav done our dinner on the way so we’ll go now.
Twinj and Yuhi leave.

Scene 2(yuhi’s room)
Yuvi: Jaan btw Twinkle and kunj didn’t tell us wer were they and what had happened… But did u notice 1 thing they looked very happy after they came back.
Mahi: Yes yuvi…I too noticed it…wat ever may be the case I just pray to God that they always stay happy together.
Yuvi hugs her and Says Hmmmm…and what about making me happy.
Mahi blushes and pushes him.
Mahi: Shut up yuvi…I’m tired let me sleep.
She goes to sleep and yuvi to smiles and sleeps.

Scene 3(Maya’s room)
Maya: It’s good that papaji called mummyji and cherry to him for some work…atleast for few days there will not be any siyappa in this house and all will live in peace.
She smiles.

Scene 4(twinj’s room)
Twinkle is sitting sad on her bed.
Kunj comes there and hugs her from side and Kisses on her cheeks.
She smiles a lil but gets sad again.
Kunj: Twinkle what happened… Kisi ne kuch kaha Kya tujhe…?? Why are u so sad.
Twinkle: Nothing kunj…
She gets up and goes to the balcony.
Kunj goes behind her.
Kunj holds her hand and asks her.
Twinkle: Twinkle u can’t hide anything from me…tell me what’s the issue.
Twinkle hugs him tight.
Kunj hugs her back and gets tensed thinking what is the issue.
He holds twinkle by her shoulders and makes her face him
Kunj: twinkle if u Luv me then tell me what has happened.. I can’t see u sad like this.
Twinkle: Kunj wo…wo mai.
Kunj: Jaldi bol Twinkle plzzz.
Twinkle: Kunj I’m sad bcoz we missed all the fun.
Kunj: What ??? What fun are u talking about..
Twinkle: I’m talking about dating wala fun…u know I always wanted to do Luv marriage….matlab u know I wanted to date a guy…Jo mere nakhre uthata…hum ghumne jaate…chup chup ker milte.
Kunj starts laughing.
Twinkle: Why are u laughing kunj…
Kunj: Tu bhi na jhalli hai bilkul…itni si baat ke liye koi sad hota hai Kya.
Twinkle: What do u mean…I missed that fun in my life….u were always in front of me but that time we were ony friends and now that I Luv u…we are already married.
Kunj: So what if we are married… I don’t mind dating.
Twinkle: Hawww…besharam…biwi ke hotey huwey tum kisi aur ko date keroge.
Kunj bangs hand on his head.
Kunj: Offfo siyappa queen… I don’t mean that.. What I mean is… U become shaadi ke pehle wali twinkle taneja and I will become shaadi ke pehle wala kunj sarna…and then we will date like unmarried people… Ohk ???
Twinkle: Woooowww… Ohk…done
She quickly Kisses him on his cheek.
Kunj: Miss twinkle taneja control… We hav just started dating and u are so fast forward.
He laughs.
Twinkle gives a punch on his chest and leaves.
She goes into the room picks up her mobile and calls kunj.
Kunj is still in the balcony.

Kunj looks surprised.
Twinkle sings him to pick up the phone.
Kunj: Hello siyappa que…I mean baby.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Shona(she will call kunj Shona in this entire drama of dating) I missed u…it has been 1 hour since we met.
Kunj laughs
Kunj: Awwwww I miss u to baby…so what are u doing.
Twinkle: Nothing thinking about u.
Kunj stares at her.
Kunj: Mee toooo
Twinkle: Shona I wanna go shopping tomorrow…ull take me na ??
Kunj: Of course baby…u say something and I don’t do…how is that possible.
Twinkle: Awwww….ohk so tomorrow sharp at 10 am
Kunj: Ohk done.
Twinkle: Bye shona…..Luv u
Kunj: Luv u too baby.
They cut the phone and smile looking at each other….sajnave plays.
Kunj comes to the room and goes to sleep on the bed.
Twinkle: Hawwww tum mujhe fast forward bol rahe the…tum to sidha mere bed per aa gaye.
Kunj: What ??? So wer do u want me to sleep.
Twinkle points at the couch.
Kunj: Twinkle noooo…plzzz Nooo
Twinkle: Sry Shona…no hanky panky b4 marriage.
She laughs.
Kunj Angrily goes and sleeps on the couch.
Kunj: Issey kehte hain…apne pair per khud kulhadi maarna….aur khelo dating dating… Apni biwi ke saath soo bhi nahi sakta….aur kuch kerna to door ki baat hai…
He grins and covers his face with the blanket and sleeps.
Twinkle smiles looking at him.
Twinkle(thinks): Ohhhh Babaji…I Luv him so much.
The screen freezes on her smiling face.

PRECAP- Twinj go shopping…lots of fun and cute moments.

Guys I’m really very sry for the short update but I had test in my classes and had to prepare for that so didn’t get much time…but I promise to post the next part ASAP….and plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments… Luv u all…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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