A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 35


You know guys I was a lil surprised to see that the number of comments on my confession special episode were quite less compared to the others…though comments are not a matter of concern what I want is that if ull haven’t read my last episode plzzz do read it b4 reading this 1…and thanx to all of ull who praised me so much in the last ff…Luv u all…keep commenting.

So here is the episode 35
Scene 1(In the cab)
Twinj are still in the cab…and still hugging each other….twinkle suddenly breaks the hug.
Twinkle: Ohhh shit…mahi Dii…and jiju wud be really worried… I got ur message and just ran from there without telling them anything….
Kunj: Omg…call them quickly
Just then kunj gets a video call from yuvi.
Kunj pics up the call.
Yuvi: Wer r u ?? I called u more than 50 times…u know how worried twinkle was…she has left from here in so much stress

Kunj smiles.
Yuvi: Kunj…are u drunk… Why are u smiling…first u were missing and now Twinkle’s phone is off.
Kunj silently moves the screen of the Mobile towards twinkle.
Yuvi gets shocked.
Twinkle smiles and holds her ears.
Yuvi: Ohhh God what’s going on…
Mahi snatches the phone from yuvi.
Mahi: The two of u just come back once…I will kill both of u…jaan nikla gayi thi hamarai.
Twinj say sry together.
Mahi: It’s ohk…now listen….we are done with visiting the Louvre Royal palace…it was super beautiful but ull missed it…now the two of u directly meet us in the jardin(garden) au(of) Luxembourg.
Twinj nod and mahi cuts the phone.
Twinkle: BTW kunj…u know there was 1 thing u didn’t know due to which all this confusion took place.

Kunj: And what is that 1 thing twinkle ??
Twinkle: Kunj…Aru is already married
Kunj is shocked: Whattt ???
Twinkle: Yes he told me not to tell u….ohhhh omg…omg wait a second… Got it…kunj I got it.
Kunj: What twinkle…say clearly
Twinkle: Kunj u know what…Aru not only made me realize my Luv for u…but he also made u jealous so that u too realize how much u Luv me…
Kunj: Aahhhh…u r right…He did all that purposely… Ohhh I get it too…he fooled both of us.. I shud hav realized that earlier….twinkle I think now that we hav confessed our Luv to each other…we must first call Arnab and thank him.
Twinkle: yes we shud…make a video call to him.
Kunj does a video call to Arnav.
Arnav smiles seeing them together.

Arnav: Ohhh so I guess my hard work…has paid off finally.
Twinj thank him together.
Arnav: Always stay happy the two of u…ull are made for each other… And sry bro(kunj)…many times I thought u wud just break my head out of anger…
Kunj: Yea I felt like… But Idk how to thank u yaar…if u were not there… We wud hav never realized our Luv.
Arnav: Ohhh come on….stop being formal yaar…I can do at least this much for my Twinki….(sum1 from behind asks Arnav who is he talking to) ohhh come here I’ll make u meet them.
Khushi(arnav’s wife)comes on the screen…
Khushi: Heyyy hii…ull must be twinkle and kunj…my husband’s Paris mission

Twinj greet her.
Twinkle: Khushi don’t u remember me.
Khushi: Ummm ur face has changed quite a lot…just kidding of course I remember u…my hubby’s best friend.
Arnav: Guys we will catch up with u later…it’s time to board our flight we are going to India to meet our families.
Twinj say bye and disconnect the call.

Scene 2(garden of Luxembourg)
Twinj reach there…yuhi meet them.
Yuvi twists kunj’s ears and mahi pulls twinkle’s nose.
Mahi: Wer were ull…secret date hi manani thi to bata ker jaate.. Aise Dara kyun diya humey.
Twinj try to explain but don’t know what to say.
Kunj: Wooowww the garden is so pretty… Let’s go and see…

He holds Twinkle’s hand hurriedly leaves from there…yuhi to leave.
They roam around the garden and then its time for them to head towards the heart throb of Paris Eiffel Tower.

Scene 3(Eiffel tower)
They enter in and see a huge spread basement… They go to the enquiry desk and show their passes.
They are then accompanied by a staff member who takes them to the 2nd floor via the lift the to reach the 2nd floor there are about 669 stairs and it is about 80 meters above to ground level.
Twinj and Yuhi get amazed too see that on that floor there are small partitioned rooms with a date set up in each small block.
Twinj and Yuhi enter into their respective blocks.
The staff person informs them that they hav half an hour for their date so enjoy.
Twinkle sees down from there and is amazed…
Twinkle: Kunj see u can see entire Paris from here….its so beautiful.
Kunj goes behind her places hand on her stomach from behind…he looks at her
She too turns to him and looks at him.
Kunj(looking at twinkle): Yes indeed…it’s really beautiful.

Twinkle jerks him aside…
Twinkle: I’m talking about the view.
Kunj places hand on her waist and pulls her close to him.
Kunj: And I’m talking about u….in front of u nothing looks beautiful to me.
Twinkle blushes… Sajnave plays
Kunj cups her face and gives a gentle kiss on her forehead… Twinkle closes her eyes….suddenly kabhi Jo baadal barse song starts playing.
Twinj dance romantically… Kunj makes twinkle turn and then pulls her closer.
He moves his lips close to hers… Twinkle closes her eyes and parts her lips…ready for the kiss…kunj keeps moving closer and closer…twinkle closes her eyes tight as she feels kunj is a about to kiss her.
Suddenly there is a knock on the door of their block.
It’s the staff member… Twinj quickly move apart.
Staff member: Sir, madam 30 mins are over.
Kunj looks at him Angrily.

Kunj murmurs: Arey 1 min ruk jata to isskey baap ka kya jaata…huhhh
Twinkle hears this and laughs…they leave.
Twinj and Yuhi leave for their hotel.

Scene 4(twinj’s room)
Twinkle is removing her clothes from the almirah to change.
Kunj comes from behind and hugs her.
Kunj: I Luv u Twinkle.
Twinkle: Kunj tum ye 50 times bol chuke ho.
Kunj: So what…I don’t mind telling it 5000 times also….come on now it’s ur turn say fast.
Twinkle turns towards him.
Twinkle: Mera mood nahi hai…
She runs towards the washroom…kunj holds her….
Kunj: Accha mood nahi hai.

He picks her up in his arms and puts her down on the bed.
Twinkle: Kunj let me change and come…I’m really tired.
Kunj: (places hand on her lips)Shhhh…I wanna giv u something.
Twinkle: What ???
Kunj removes the dress from the bag which he had brought in the mall that day….he gives it to twinkle
Kunj: I hav brought this for u…I wanna see u wear this…will u wear it for me…plzzzz.
Twinkle sees the dress…
Twinkle: It’s so beautiful kunj…I Luv u…I’ll just change and come.
She is entering the washroom.
Kunj holds her hand.
Kunj: Ummm call me if u need any help.
Twinkle pushes him and blushes.
Twinkle: No Mr srana…I can help myself…
She closes the door of the washroom.
Kunj moves hand in his hair and smiles.
After sum time twinkle comes out wearing the pretty red gown…which was backless.
Kunj gets mesmerized seeing her.
Kunj moves towards her and she moves towards him.
They face each other and share an eye lock… Sajnave plays.
Kunj hugs twinkle…twinkle hugs him back.

Kunj: Thank u for coming in my life twinkle… Without u my life wud hav been so incomplete.
Twinkle: Kunj I am so thankful to Babaji that he brought u in my life and chose u as my life partner…. I Luv u kunj…I really Luv u
Kunj: I Luv u too twinkle.
They break the hug.
Kunj: Twinkle… Now what ???
He smirks naughtily.
Twinkle: Nowww ???
She runs into the washroom.
Kunj is surprised
She wears her night dress and comes out.
She quickly goes to the bed and sleeps.
Kunj: Twinkle….ur sleeping ???
Twinkle: Yes…what else shud I doo…its very late we hav to get up early in the morning… Our flight is early in the morning…. So good night.
She turns to sleep and smiles naughtily.
Kunj is sad and goes to sleep sadly.

Twinkle suddenly turns towards him he is sleeping facing the opp side.
Twinkle plants a kiss on his cheeks and he is shocked.
He smiles and Kisses her on her cheeks… She blushes.
They say goodnight to each other and go to sleep hugging each other.
The screen freezes on them sleeping with a peaceful smile on their faces.

PRECAP- Guys precap not yet decided…let’s see what comes into mind for the next epi.

Hope ull liked the episode… Plzzz do share ur views via ur comments… Luv u all…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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    1. Tysm sanam…u r such a great song alterer….Luv u yaar

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    1. Tysm aarush…I am really happy to know u liked it so much….yup I will surely giv 1 update every day…BTW thanx for the lovely song..

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    Love u to the moon nd black??

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      2. Ummm simi I’m there on both insta and Twitter…. My name on insta is proud_libran_girl and on Twitter it’s Aakanksha singj

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