A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 34 LOVE CONFESSION SPECIAL


Thanx for all the Luv guys…I know today ull are just not interested in any Bukbuk so let me directly start with my 34th episode…. LOVE CONFESSION SPECIAL.

Scene 1(dining area)
Twinj and Yuhi are having dinner.
Arnav comes there.
Yuvi: Heyy bro…come sit…hav dinner.
Arnav: Umm no no..ull carry on…I had gone for a meeting and I had my dinner there.
Twinkle: Ohk but at least u can sit with us…come on aru…plzzz…mere liye.
Arnav: Ohk ohk…u know na Twinki I can’t say no to u.
He sits besides her and she gives him a friendly hug.
Kunj sees this and gets annoyed.

Kunj thinks: I agree twinkle luvs him but she is still my wife…doesn’t she understand that…Huh Y Babaji Y did I hav to Luv her….but I Luv her and that too more than my life…so if she is happy with arnav…I must let her be with him…
Mahi sees kunj is lost in thoughts.
Mahi: Devar ji… Kahan khoye ho… U hav not eaten anything… U didn’t hav lunch and now ur dinner plate is empty too.
Twinkle: Kunj hav this…
She tries serving him.
But he stops her and gets up
Kunj: Umm actually… I’m not feeling well. So I don’t feel like eating… Ull continue.. I’ll go to the room and rest.
He leaves.
Arnav signs twinkle to go to him.
Twinkle leaves too.

Scene 2(twinj’s room)
Kunj is standing in the balcony.
Twinkle comes there she goes and stands next to him.
Twinkle: Kunj…what has happened plzzz tell me… I can’t see u like this…u look very tensed…as if there is sum thing that is eating u up…(she takes kunj’s hand in her hands)…Kunjjjj kuch to bolo.
Kunj jerks her hand off.
Kunj: Twinkle Ek baar kaha na koi baat nahi hai…tujhe samajh kyun nahi aata(loudly)
Twinkle is shocked seeing his behavior.
Kunj leaves from there he goes to the bed and sleeps on his side.
Twinkle is still in the balcony with tears in her eyes.
Twinkle: Babaji ye kunj ko Kya ho gaya hai…kunj never behaved like this earlier…. No no wait I remember whenever he wud be heart broken he used to behave like this… But…Y is he heart broken what’s the reason ??.Its very late I must sleep now…tomorrow early morning V hav to leave for Paris tour… And talking to kunj right now is of no use.

She goes to sleep too.
On the bed both sleep facing opposite sides.
Yeh dooriyan…in rahon ki dooriyan…nigahon ki duriyan…fana ho sabhi dooriyan plays.
Kunj turns his face to look at twinkle… He looks at her and tears fall of his eyes.. He turns back and closes his eyes…the pain in his heart is evident on his face.
Twinkle too turns to look at kunj and thinks: Everything will be fine tomorrow… I will speak out my heart to u…and u will hav to speak up too.
Kyun koi paas hai…door hai kyun koi…jaane na koi yahan pe….Aa raha paas ya door mai jaa raha…jaanu na mein hun kaha pe…yeh dooriyan..plays.
Twinj sleep.
It’s morning… The alarm rings…twinkle is sleeping… And as we all know she is “kumbh karan ki Nani” so she doesn’t listen to the alarm…kunj gets up by the alarm and searches for it from the bed itself… It’s on Twinkle’s side in her phone…. He is very sleepy…he calls out twinkle 3-4 times but she is in deep sleep…he finally moves towards her side to put the alarm off…he comes very close to twinkle… He some how manages to reach the mobile kept on the table to put off the alarm…he puts it off…he then notices that he is almost over twinkle… He eyes her lovingly…sajnave plays… He says softly I Luv u twin…..but then he stops and remembers that twinkle loves Arnav and he has to stay away form her.

He is about to move wen he notices that his button is stuck in her mangalsutra.
He goes into flashback and remembers the day wen they were leaving for Paris.
He had pulled her close to close the zip of her dress and her mangalsutra got stuck in his button… While removing the mangalsutra the button broke and twinkle stitched it…He remembers their cute nok jhok…he comes out of fb…
Kunj thiks: Everything was soo good… We were so happy… We were coming close to each other…bhagwaan jane kiski nazar lag gayi hamare rishtey ko…a tear falls from his eyes on Twinkle’s face…she feels it and opens her eyes.
She is surprised to see kunj like that.

Twinkle: Kkkk…kuuu…kunjjjj…tum ye Kya…
Kunj quickly removes the mangalsutra from his button and gets up and goes to the washroom.
Twinkle smiles thinking about how close they were.
Twinkle: Mr kunj sarna…Aaj to ye Twinkle Sarna tumhe apne dil ki baat bata ker hi rahegi.
Kunj comes out of the washroom and gets ready.
Twinkle goes to The washroom… She comes out after some time and finds that kunj is not there.
Twinkle: Uffff issey huwa Kya hai…mere bina hi nichey chala gaya…no problem I’ll get ready quickly and go down.
Scene 3(hotel parking lot)
Twinkle comes to parking lot
Yuhi are standing there.
Twinkle: Sry Sry I’m late…wer’s the car let’s leave.
Yuhi together: Twinkle…wer is kunj ??
Twinkle: Kunj… He must be here only…he got ready long back…so I thought he must hav come down.
Mahi: No Twinkle we are here from past 30 mins kunj didn’t come here.
Twinkle: Whattt ??? How is that possible wer is he then.
She gets a message… She reads it and is hell shocked.

The phone falls from her hand.
Yuvi: What happened Twinkle… Are u fine.
Twinkle : Diiii…jiju ull go on the tour…I will join ull soon.
She leaves hurriedly.
Mahi: But twinkle…. At least tell us wer are u going…
Twinkle has already left in a taxi.
Twinkle is sitting in the cab and cries continuously.
Twinkle: How cud u Mr kunj sarna…how cud u…u come in front of me once…I will kill u…this time u are dead….driver plzzz drive fast plzzz it’s very important for me to reach on time..manchala mann chala teri oore plays.
The cab stops in front of the airport.

Twinkle pays the driver and runs towards the departure gate…she sees kunj is about to enter inside the airport.
Twinkle: If he enters in then I won’t be able to stop him…I hav to do something.
She shouts on the top of her voice.
Kunj turns back and he is shocked to see her…she runs towards him… He too is walking towards her
They come face to face.
Kunj: See don’t try to stop…
B4 he cud complete twinkle gives him a tight “SLAP” yes u read it right “slap”.
Kunj is stunned.

She starts hitting him on his chest…and pushes him.
Twinkle: What do u think of urself Mr Kunj Sarna…wer were u going han…how did u even think of escaping… I won’t let u get rid of me so easily.
Kunj: Shhuuu…siyappa queen ye airport hai…Kya ker rahi hai log dekh rahe hain.
Twinkle: Yes let them see…i want them to see…how cud u even think that…I will not leave u today… Mr kunj sarna… Accha nahi kiya tumney….
A flash back is shown.
Twinkle gets kunj’s message.
Message- Twinkle I am sry ki meri ek galti ki wajah se tujhe mujhse zabardasti shaadi kerni padi…per ab mai apni galti sudhaarna chahta hun…mujhe pata chal gaya hai ki tu Arnav se pyaar kerti hai…aur tu uss ke saath hi khush rahegi… Issiliye mai jaa raha hun…tum dono ki life se bohot door…plzzz mujhe dhundne ki koshish mat kerna…and plzzz marry arnav he is a really nice guy…bye twinkle… I’ll miss u Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle cries and is shocked.

Flash back ends.
Twinkle: Were u drunk while writing all that… I mean how cud u even think that I Luv arnav…
Kunj: U only told to him on phone yesterday wen we were in the restaurant having lunch…I herd everything… And I’m not blind…I cud see how much u enjoyed his company and liked spending time with him
Twinkle: Ohhhh Godddddd…u herd only half my conovo and concluded that I Luv him…and yes I like to spend time with him.. I like his company but not as much as urs.
Kunj is surprised.
Twinkle moves close to him and holds his collar….
Kunj: Twinkle plzzz if u Luv him…go be with him I will handle everything.
Twinkle gives a firm hit on his chest with her fist.
Twinkle: Mr kunj sarna…that day I was telling Aru that I Luv him coz he made me realize something which I wud hav never realized on my own.
Kunj: Twinkle stop creating suspense…tell me fast…meri flight ka time ho raha hai.
Twinkle pulls him very close.
Twinkle: Kunj…Aru…made me realize that….
Kunj: Say fasttt…
Twinkle: (taking a deep breath) He made me realize how much I LOVE U.
Kunj: Ohk so if ur done let me go(he suddenly realizes what she said)
Kunj: What ???? What did u say ???
Twinkle: I said that…
Kunj holds her by her shoulders…extremely tight…boollll

Twinkle: I said that I LOVE U MR KUNJ SARNA.
Kunj can’t believe his ears…
Kunj: Fir se bol Twinkle
Twinkle: I Luv u kunj…I really Luv u…more than my life.
Kunj hugs her tightly and passionately.
Twinkle hugs him even more tight.
Twinkle: U don’t know kunj how much I was dying to tell u this…
Kunj: Uffff twinkle…I feel out of the world…I feel like shouting and telling the entire world that I Luv u…I Luv u more than my life twinkle.
Sajnave Full song plays.
They break the hug and cup each others face…and say together.
They hug again…all people witnessing this clap
Twinj break the hug…they feel a little awkward but they smile looking at each other.
Kunj plants a gentle kiss on Twinkle’s forehead and they take a cab and leave for seeing Eiffel tower.
They sit in the cab…kunj palces hand over Twinkle’s shoulder and twinkle holds his waist and keeps her head on his chest…he rests his chin on her head.
Kunj: Twinkle ek baar fir se bool na plzzz…dil ko sukoon milta hai yaar tere muh se woh teen magical words sun ker.
Twinkle blushes and shouts in his ears Aaiii loveeee youuu Mr sadu sarna.
Kunj smiles and hugs her.

Twinkle: Areyy tum bhi to bolo…mai bhi Mari jaa rahi thi tumhare muh se ye sun ne ko.
Kunj: I Luv u meri Siyappa Queen.. I Luv u more than my life.
They hug and interlock their hands and close their eyes…sajnave plays.
Kunj in mind: Thank u Babaji… Thank u very much….Bas hum dono ki Jodi ko hamesha banaye rakhna.
Twinkle in her mind: Thank u Babaji… Aapne bacha liya werna pata nahi aaj Kya ho jata….Babaji chahe Jo ho jaye humara saath hamesha banaye rakhna.
They both get a content full smile on their faces.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Twinj first date…romantic dance…cute moments.

Hey guys hope ull liked the epi…plzz plzzz plzzz do share ur views via ur comments… Luv u all…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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    1. tysm dear smc….luv u loads…yes it was me on twitter…are u there on twitter ???

      1. Akku pls ask Tara I sen tome thing she wl send it to u on hangouts pls see it before the month is over pls…❤️

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    hope ull like it . what is this I loved it n others will also luv it . today is confession day in tei n urs ff I’m very happy today
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