A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 32


A big big big thanks to all of ull for commenting and giving me so much Luv…Luv u all…and keep commenting and loving the same way.
So here it is…the episode 32

Scene 1(twinj’s room)
The rays of sun fall on kunj’s face.
He opens his eyes and twinkle is not besides him.
He gets up and searches for her.
He knocks the door of washroom but it’s open and no one’s inside…he gets worried.
He then goes to the balcony…but twinkle is not there as well…suddenly his eyes fall on the pool side.
He finds twinkle and arnav sitting at the pool side and having a chat.
He feels jealous and is a lil hurt too.
Kunj: She didn’t even bother to inform me..anyway how and why do I care… Of course I do…she is my wife after all…and it’s our honeymoon… I know there is no such relation between us…but we are best friends too….she doesn’t spend time with me the way she spends with arnav….huhhh leave it…I’ll go and get ready.
Scene 2(pool side)
Arnav: Sooo ur marriage is just for name sake…no Luv right.
Twinkle(quickly): Nooo.
She realizes what she said.
Twinkle: Ummm….I mean there is no Luv but it’s not for name sake…kunj is my college’s best friend… And he is the perfect guy for me.
Arnav smiles in his mind.
Arnav: Ohhh ohk….I know u are friends but marrige is a very diff relation… It’s all about Luv and care for each other.
Twinkle: Aru u know idk about Luv but kunj cares for me more than himself.. More than any1…that’s what I like the most about him.
She tells him the entire incident wen she was in coma…how he took care of her and made her fine.
Arnav: Ohhhooo…pati ki itni taarif…I’m jealous.
Twinkle hits on his shoulder.
Twinkle: Shut up Aru.
Arnav: Twinkle u remember our classmate khushi.
Twinkle: Yes…the girl who irritated u the most.
Arnav: Yup…that 1…she’s my wife.
Twinkle is all shocked
Twinkle: What… How is that possible… U used to fight like cats and dogs.
Arnav: Yessss we met in Malaysia… We wer the same there as well…but u know we soon became friends and God knows wen we fell in love with each other…I started caring for her…she started being concerned for me…and then we slowly realized our love…its not that we don’t fight now…we do fight the same way…but there is hidden Luv in our fight’s… And that’s how this love is…it happens with the person u hav least expected.
He gets khushi’s call.
Arnav: Excuse me twinki…khushi’s call…see u at the breakfast table.
Twinkle was sitting there alone.
Arnav’s word echo in her ears.”she started being concerned for me…and then we slowly realized our love…its not that we don’t fight now…we do fight the same way…but there is hidden Luv in our fight’s… And that’s how this love is…it happens with the person u hav least expected”…
Twinkle thinks: Everything that Aru said is true in mine and kunj’s case…we to used to fight like cats and dogs…we to hav started caring for each other…that means we too Luv….no no no…I’m over thinking… It’s nothing like that… but then Y do I care for him so much…Y can’t I see him in pain…Y do I feel good wen he is with me….aaahhh Babaji my head will burst if I think anymore…u only answer my questions.
She holds her head and closes her eyes.
She hears some1s footsteps and opens her eyes….she finds kunj coming towards her…she gets shocked…
Twinkle: Babaji that means I….I Luv…
Kunj comes there.
Kunj: Come to the dining area Bhai and Bhabhi are waiting for us.
Twinkle: Ohk come let’s go.
She continuously eyes him lovingly throughout their way to the dining area.
Tum Jo aaye female version plays.

Scene 3(dining area)
Twinj and yuhi are sitting and having breakfast.
Arnav comes there.
He too gets his plate.
Arnav: So what’s today’s plan.
Twinkle: What u r coming with us !!(happily surprised )
Kunj is irked he gets up and leaves.
Arnav: I don’t think kunj liked that…btw I was asking ur plan…I hav meeting I can’t join ull.
Twinkle: No Aru kunj is not like that…I guess he had some work so he went… I’ll just come.
She goes behind kunj.
Kunj Angrily goes to the room and twinkle goes behind him.
Kunj goes and sits on the bed.
Twinkle comes and sits besides him.
Twinkle: What happened kunj…why did u leave from there like this….why are u angry.
Kunj: Angry and me…not at all…u go down yuhi and ‘Aru’ wud be waiting.
Twinkle: Ohhhh come on kunj…Aru is just my best friend.
Kunj: And me…I was ur best friend too twinkle (holding her by her shoulders)…but u never spent time with me like this…u were never so close to me…huh Y am I even talking to u about it…I am Mr sadu…Mr khadoos and he is “Aru” isn’t it….so what else do I expect.
Twinkle is in tears but she understands Y he is so angry.
He gets up and goes to the washroom.
Twinkle goes behind him…kunj closes the door and twinkle tries to stop him but her fingers get clinched in the door.
She shouts in pain.
Kunj immediately opens the door.
He finds twinkle’s hand hurt.
He runs to take the first aid box.
He brings the ointment and applies it on her fingers.
Agar tum saath ho…Twinkle has tears in her eyes
Kunj cries too.
Kunj: I’m extremely sry twinkle… I such a Dumbo…how cud I hurt u…I’m feeling so guilty…I’m very sry…I don’t know Y I got so angry…but I just couldn’t see u spending so much time with him…
Twinkle stops him by covering his mouth
Twinkle: Shhhh… Bass….don’t say a word…I’m sry too…I’m such a duffer… Purana friend Kya mil gaya mai apne bestest friend kum pati ko to bhool hi gayi….I’m very sry kunj… Plzz forgive me.
He wipes his tears and she wipes his tears….sajnave plays.
They share a deep passionate hug…a long 1.
They both get immense peace in each others arms…they break the hug as there is a knock at the door.
Kunj: Come in.
It’s room service.
RS boy: Sir that sir from 1304 has sent breakfast as ull didn’t hav anything.
Twinkle: Ohk keep it and go.
He leaves.
Twinkle: See my Aru is soo sweet.
She laughs….kunj laughs too.
Kunj: Yess he is a good man…i .must say
Twinkle: Come let’s eat I’m very hungry.
Kunj: As always.
Twinkle hits him with the pillow in her hand they sit to eat
Twinkle offers him a bite and then eats it herself… Kunj smiles.
He offers her a bite…she opens her mouth but kunj too eats it himself.
Twinkle laughs….kunj laughs too… They finally make each other hav a bite.
Sajnave plays.

Scene 4(twinj’s room)
Kunj and twinkle are getting ready for Paris tour… Twinkle gets a message checks her phone…she smiles naughtily and smirks.
The screen freezes on her smirking face.

PRECAP- Paris tour…twinj realize their Luv…great fun.

So guys what do u think Y was twinkle smirking… What did she see on phone…keep thinking….and plzzzzz do share ur views via ur comments… Luv u all stay blessed….and I’m sry for the short episode.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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    That’s all right because I love d way u write
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    1. Yeah Tara u r absolutely ri8… Nd that was the best thing done by us …She is an outstanding writer…

    2. I srsly don’t know how tho thank u yaar…I too agree that was the best thing done by u and ruchi….coz if ull didn’t guide me I wud hav never been able to write ffs and get such good and loving friends through it…..luv u more than my life yaar…btw thank u so much for the song…im loving this song wala thing yaar….

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