A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 31


Thank u so much guys for all the Luv…reading all the comments on my ff I feel so blessed and loved…and credit goes to all u lovely people out there.
Ohk so enough of Bukbuk.
Here is episode 31
Scene 1(In the flight)
The flight takes off.
It’s late night…yuhi hav slept.
Twinkle and arnav are still talking.
Kunj is trying to sleep but can’t sleep looking at twinkle and arnav laughing… Giggling… Getting close.
He is all jealous and disgusted.
Twinkle: Aru u know u didn’t change even u bit….u r just the same.
Arnav:(pulls her nose)U too twinki.

They share a friendly hug.
Kunj(murmurs): Kya kismat hai meri…I’m going to my honeymoon and my wife is sitting and enjoying with her so call best friend and does not even bother to look at me once… Wowwww !!
He angrily goes to sleep.
Arnav herd him and laughs.
He thinks: I’m really sry kunj but it’s important to make u realize ur love…I can speak to twinkle and make her realize easily but for u jealous therapy is best.
He asks twinkle to sleep as it’s quite late.
They sleep too.
(The flight from Amritsar to Paris is a 9 hrs flight and Amritsar is 4 hrs 30 mins ahead in time from Paris.
So they land in Paris at Amritsar’s time 9:30am and Paris’s time 5 am)
Scene 2(airport paris)
The flight lands and they come out and get amazed to see the Paris airport….it’s huge and beautiful.
They go to collect their luggage.
While they are wait for their luggage to come.
Mahi: So arnav wer r u staying in Paris.

Arnav: Umm let me check Dii…
He checks in his mobile.
Arnav: It’s some Park Royal hotel.
Twinkle: Ohhhhh wowww we are staying there too.
Yuvi looks at kunj and laughs mutely.
Kunj gives a hit on his head.
Kunj thinks: Y Babaji y…y are u doing this with me….it wud hav been better that I wud not hav come only….and this stupid siyappa Queen doesn’t she hav brain.. I mean it’s our honeymoon and she is busy having fun with her “Aru”…Aahhh.
Twinkle calls out to him..he comes out of his thoughts.
Twinkle: Kunj see what a coincidence… Aru is also staying in the same hotel wer we are.
Kunj: Ohhh wow what a coincidence… Pehle airport…flight…aur ab hotel…arnav plzzz check if by coincidence we are not in the same room right.
All laugh.

Arnav gives a pat on kunj’s shoulder and says “ummm no buddy that coincidence isn’t
possible”….all laugh again.
The bags come….yuvi picks his and mahi’s bag….arnav I about to pick his bag but he gets a sudden hamstrings pull and shouts in pain.
Twinkle: Are u fine aru…don’t lift the bag…kunj will take it.
Kunj looks at her all stunned and angry
Arnav: Ohhh tysm kunj.
Yuhi twinkle and arnav leave.
Kunj is left there with 3 bags.
1 is his 2nd is twinkle’s and 3rd is arnav’s
Kunj: Wat better than this cud happen…apne honeymoon pe mujhe pati wali kam kooli wali feeling zada aa rahi hai….chal beta kunj lagade Puri takat.

He some how manages to take all the three bags to the taxi…
Saraai duniya ka bojh hum uthate hai song from movie kooli plays.
All keep their bags in the taxi and sit.
This time without any delay… As soon as twinkle sits…kunj goes and sits besides her.
Yuhi are sitting behind… Twinj sit in the middle part of the car.
So arnav goes and sits besides the driver and smiles.

They reach the hotel… It’s beautiful and lavish too.
They enter the hotel and take the keys from the reception.
Kunj enquires about all the facilities and everything….
Yuhi room and twinj’s room is on the same floor 1405 is yuhi’s room and 1408 is twinj’s room.
And to kunj’s good luck arnav’s room is one floor below them 1304.
All head towards their room.

Scene 3(Twinj room)
Twinkle unpacks the bags and sets all the clothes in the almirah.
Kunj freshens up and comes out of the washroom.
He wrenches in pain.
Kunj: Ahhhh… Ufff my back !!!
Twinkle: What happened kunj…ur fine ??.
Kunj: (Angrily) yes…how do u care…u do ur work.
Twinkle: I’m doing my work only…I’m ur wife and it’s my duty to take care of u
Kunj: Ohhh so u finally remembered that ur my wife….just let it be twinkle.
Twinkle understands that he is angry as he got jealous as she didn’t give him any attention and was with arnav all the time.
Twinkle thinks: Mai bhi kitni stupid Hun na apne honeymoon pe maine apne husband ko side ker diya aur apne best friend k saath Time spend ker rahi thi….m very sry kunj.
Kunj opens the almirah to search for a pain relief gel…but the first aid box is kept in the lower shelf…he bends to pick it and feels immense pain in his back.

Twinkle immediately goes to him and makes him sit on a near by couch.
She brings the first aid box to him
Kunj snatches it from her…
Kunj: Thanks !!! But I’ll do it myself…no need of ur help
Twinkle snatches the box back….she removes the gel tube from it and keeps the box aside.
Twinkle: Don’t act funny kunj… U hav hurt ur back how will u apply ointment on ur own….let me do it.
Kunj: No plzzz just let it be…I’m fine.
Twinkle goes and sits besides him.
She start unbuttoning his shirt…he moves her hands but of no use.
Kunj looks at her and eyes her lovingly.
Sajnave plays.
Twinkle removes his shirt and turns him around to apply the ointment on his back.

The lovingly and gently applies it
Kunj gets a smile of relief on his face…he feels her gentle and and loves the feeling.
Tum Jo aaye zindagi mai baat ban gayi plays.
Twinkle is done… Kunj gets up to leave but twinkle holds his hand and makes him sit facing her….she cups his face…he looks at her…she looks at him..they share an eye lock (sajnave plays)
Twinkle: Kunj I’m very sry…my intention was not to hurt u…I’m sry actually I met him after 10 years and had so much to talk…that’s y…I am
Kunj stops her by keeping hand on her mouth.
Kunj: Bas ker siyappa queen..kitna bolti hai…and who told u I’m angry for that…I’m thankful to arnav that I got a break from ur Bukbuk
Twinkle: Hawwww kunj…ur so bad.
She turns her face from him

Kunj pulls her close to him.
Kunj: But I missed ur Bukbuk siyappa queen.
She hugs him… He hugs her back.
Both get a content full smile on their faces.
The screen freezes on twinj hugging happily.

PRECAP- Paris sight seeing… Some more jealousy…lots of fun.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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