A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 3

This is the third episode of my FF
Scene 1(outside the engagement hall)
Kunj removes a beautiful ring from his pocket and shows it to twinkle.
Twinkle is SHOCKED and says”Its soo beautiful but y r u showing it to me..??”
Kunj: Actually its mom’s birthday in 2 days so when v had gone to buy bhabhis ring i secretly bought this for mom.
Scene 2:(Dining area of the hall)
Usha: Arey ye twinkle aur kunj kahan reh gaye(wer are twinkle and kunj)
RT: I hav not seen them after the dance program.
Leela: I hope they are not fighting again…i will go and check.
Scene 3:(outside the hall)
Twinkle: Show it to me(she is just about to take the ring from kunj’s hand)
Leela comes there and is surprised and shouts twinkleeeee kunjjjjjj what are ull doing…???
She holds them by their ears and is taking them inside the hall.
Twinkle and kunj keep saying”Maa/Aunty jaisa aap sooch rahe ho waisa kuch bhi nahi hai” Leela doesn’t listen to them and tells them to keep quite.
Scene 4 (Dining area)
Leela brings Twinj by holding their ears

All are shocked
Raman: What happened behena…what have they done
Leela: I hav stopped them from doing the biggest mistake of their life
Twinj: But Maa/Aunty
Usha: Tell us leela ji what happened
Leela: I m soooooo soooo soooo happy today that i can’t explain it to u all. My elder daughter got such an awesome husband like yuvraj and now my younger daughter has also chosen the best husband for herself.
Twinj are SHOCKED
Manohar: What do you mean leelaji
Leela: Twinkle and Kunj love each other and kunj proposed twinkle right in front of me. I’m so happy that twinkle chose kunj as her husband.
Twinkle: maa its nothing like that, u r thinking wrong.
Pinni(interrupting twinkle) But didi ji u said they were going to do the biggest mistake of their life and now u r telling u r  verry happy. I didn’t understand anything.
Leela: I’ll make u understand….i m still saying that they were going to do a big mistake. Coz if twinkle wud hav accepted the wring and worn it then they wud hav missed the chance of having a grand engagement with the blessing of all the elders which they wud hav missed if they got engaged like that.
All laugh and say ohhh so thats the matter u scared us leela.
All congratulate twinj by making them eat sweets.
Twinj try to explain what the actual truth was but every1 fill their mouth with sweets and they are unable to say anything.

By the time they finish the sweets in their mouth Manohar announces that he spoke to guruji and guruji said that tomorrow morning 11:47 am is the best muhurat and there is no good muhurat till the next 6 months.
Twinkle looks at kunj angrily
Kunj signs “what did i do”
Twinkle signs “Do something to stop this or else see what i do”
Kunj signs “I’ll try”
Leela: Ohk manohar ji so tomorrow morning’s muhurat is fixed.
Raman: But behena how will everything happen in so less time…???
Leela :Don’t worry I’ll manage everything. Manohar ji , Usha ji aap log bas kal samay per aa jaiyega.
They all leave.
Scene 5:(Twinkle and mahi’s room)
Mahi: Yaar twkinkle u r soo clever. U kept showing that u both are just friends and always kept fighting with each other. And behind our back all this was going on.
Twinkle: Diiii u now v r just good friends and nothing more nd i don’t love him. I swear.
Mahi: let it be twinkle u should hav atleast told me about (she acts that she is angry and goes to sleep she turns her face awaya from twinkle and smiles)
Twinkle: Diiii sunoo naaa
Mahi:Good night twinkle let me sleep and u also sleep its ur engagement tomorrow
Scene 6 (Kunj’s room) Yuvi comes to kunj’s room and says
I m verry happy for u kunj but u shud hav informed me earlier i thought we were first friends and the brothers but i guess u hav forgotten that (he to acts to be sad)
Kunj: No bhai its nothing like that

Yuvraj turns and laughs silently nd goes to his room.
Kunj And Twinkle are stressed
The screeen freezes on their stressed faces

PRECAP: Twinj meet late at night in a garden and police catches them.

Hope ull liked it.
Plzzz share your views via ur comments
Thank you.

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  1. omg..aakanksha..what a twist!! i mean u had just started writing and u have decided to take the writers job..!! amazing!!
    btw is this concept a bit from zindagi milegi na dobara’s abay deol’s story??

  2. Awsm episode aakanksha?

  3. Nice twist….lovely..
    .u r a brilliant writer….keep it up…muaaahhjj?????

  4. Exactly u r abso-freakin-lutely awesome

  5. thanx tara and yes u got I write I got the idea from ZNMD. tysm rashi means alot

  6. SMC ur comments make me feel soo good thanks a lot
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  7. yeah smc if u r ther plzz tell us..

  8. Nyc episode Aakansha… 🙂 😉

  9. Akansha itss fabb !!?

  10. thanx ruchi luv u
    thanx sunaina im happy u all liked it

  11. Thanx Anushka.

  12. Aakanksha I just love your ff
    Keep it up
    Lots of love
    Btw thanks for adding me on Facebook

    1. thanx a lot esha and now v r friends so plzz don’t be formal but now that u hav said thankyou you are most welcome

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