A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 28


Thank u so much everyone for all the comments and love….plzzz keep showering ur luv in the same way….and very sry for the late update….and yea plz do comment ur fav scene/dialogue.

Scene 1(Anita’s room)
It’s night time.
Cherry: Ohhhh god mummy ji….we will just be sitting and watching and this twinj and yuhi…will nicely go and enjoy their honeymoon.(He grins)
Anita: Ohhh just shut up cherry…nothing of that sort is gonna happen…mai unka honeymoon to kabhi nahi honey dungi…U just see what I do now.
Cherry thinks: I don’t think this time mummy ji will me able to do anything…I will only hav to do something.

Scene 2(yuhi’s room)
Yuhi are seeing the hotel in which they are going to stay in Paris on yuvi’s laptop.
Mahi: Wooowww its so beautiful… I’m so excited… This is the first time I’m visiting France.
Yuvi: Pulls her close…I’ll make this trip ur most memorable one love…he plants a kiss on her forehead.
Mahi hugs him tight.
They get intimate again.

Scene 3(twinj’s room)
Twinkle is lying on the bed…while kunj is seated on his couch.
Both of them are seeing pics of the hotel wer they’ll be staying in Paris.
Twinj are thinking at the same time.
Twinkle thinks: Wooowww its such a romantic place…omg I can’t wait to go there….but see this khadoos sarna… He looks so not interested.
Kunj thinks: Ohh god this place is just amazing…and super romantic too…ugh m so eager to be there…but look at that siyappa queen she looks so not interested.
They both look at each other at the same time… they share an eye lock… sajnave plays.
They break the eye lock.
And turn their face opp sides and act like sleeping.
Twinkle thinks:Aaj ye wahan couch per kyun so raha hai…ufff Babaji mujhe kyun farak pad raha hai…jahan sona hai soye mujhe kya…maine to bas apne guilt ke liye usey bed per soney bola tha.
She suddenly feels some 1 tapping on her shoulder…she shouts with her eyes closed.
Twinkle: Aaaaaaaaaa…
Some 1 keeps hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming.
She opens her eyes and finds kunj there.
Kunj: Ooyyeee are u mad…aise koi chillata hai kya…huh…dara diya bande ko.

Twinkle hits him with the pillow….kunj holhs the pillow and his hand gets placed over twinkle’s hand… They get lost into each other (sajnave plays)

Twinkle: Maine daraya ya tumne…tum aise suddenly aaker mere shoulder per tap keroge to mai dar hi jaungi na.
Kunj: Daregi kyun..?? Iss kamre mai mere aur tere alawa aur kaun hai yaar twinkle.
Twinkle: Han mana bas mai aur tum hain per tum to wahan couch per so rahe the to fir achanak yaha…
Kunj: Vo mai…umm…Maine socha ki kal to Maine Maa ko andar aane se rok kiya tha per bar bar to nahi rok sakta na…aur agar Maa mujhe couch pe aur tujhe bed per sotey huwe dekh leti to hum kya jawab dete….waise bhi pata nahi Maa ne kal kya socha hoga (scratching his head)
Twinkle: Ohh accha sidhe sidhe bolo na ki bed per sona tha….
Kunj: Ohhh plzzz tere saath bed share kerna na mere liye saza hai saza…..kitna laat Marti hai yaar tu…sidhey to so hi nahi sakti….kabhi laat maregi to kabhi… ekdum paas aaker pakad legi…u know I feel meri ijjat pe khatra hai…fir bhi Maa aur bebe k baare mai soch ker sona padta hai tere saath.
Twinkle: Hawwww liar…aisa kuch nahi kerti mai…aur tum ne bhi to kal…
She stops.
Kunj: Maine kal kya twinkle.
He moved closer to her.
Twinkle: Ttt…tuummm…tumey bhi tttooo…kal mera haath pakad liya tha neend mai…per Maine to kkk..kuchhh nahi kaha na.
Kunj moves back.
Kunj: Haan to ho jata hai kabhi kabhi…neend mai insaan ko pata thodi chalta hai ki vo kya ker raha hai.
Twinkle: Wah wah Maine kiya to galat aur tumney kiya to sahi….very bad kadoos sarna.
She takes the blanket and goes to sleep.
Kunj smiles looking at her childish angry face….sajnave plays.
Kunj goes to sleep too.
Its morning…the rays of sun fall on twinj’s bed….they are sleeping peacefully hugging each other….twinkle is holding kunjs waist and kunjs hand is on twinkle’s shoulder… The are in the exact hugging position in the bed.
Maya comes outside their room to call them for breakfast… she sees the door open and thinks may be they are getting ready…. She enters the room…and finds twinj sleeping like that…she smiles.
Maya: Awwww they look so cute together… I shud capture this sweet moment… She clics a photo of them.
The flash light and click sound of the camera wakes kunj up.
Kunj gets surprised to see himself in that position with twinkle and is hell shocked to see maya there… He tries waking up twinkle but twinkle is in deep sleep and she pulls him by his shirt back to the bed and places hand on his chest and sleeps.
Kunj looks at Maya and is speechless(funny tune plays)
He just smiles tensely feeling helpless.
Maya: Says no problem ull enjoy…I mean sleep I’ll tell chachi ji that ull are busy and I’ll send ur break fast to the room itself.
Kunj: No no no Dii…give us 2 mins we are coming.
Maya smiles and leaves.
Kunj tries moving twinkle but she is holding him tight
Kunj(shaking twinkle): Oyeee kumbh karan ki nani uth….if we don’t go down for breakfast within 2 mins then….
Twinkle gets up and is surprised to see herself in that position.
Twinkle: Pushes kunj….kya ker rahe ho tum kunj.
Kunj: Mai….mai kya ker raha hun…tu mere upar chadhi jaa rahi hai aur mujhe pooch rahi hai mai kya ker raha hun….huh ye sab chod agar hum do min mai niche nahi gaye to Maya Dii…
Twinkle: What Maya Dii saw us like this….ufff Babaji how will I face her now….its all ur fault y didn’t I close the door b4 sleeping at night.
Kunj: Mujhe pehle se pata tha kya ki tu iss tarah mujh per chad jayegi.
Twinkle: Ohk ab time mat waste kero jaldi se ready ho aur nichey jaao mai aati hun.

Scene 4 (dining area)
Twinj enter together.
Maya looks at them and smiles.
Twinj feel awkward and lower their heads and get seated for breakfast.
Bebe: Itna time kyun lag gaya puttar.
Twinj together (pointing at each other): iski wajah se bebe.
All laugh.
Usha: No problem…cmon hav ur break fast fast and go and start packing ur stuff as ull just hav todays day…kal dopeher/afternoon 12 ki flight hai na tumhari
Twinj and yuhi nod in affirmation.
Anita and cherry look at them and smirk.
The screen freezes on their smirking faces.

PRECAP: A guy comes with the airplane tickets of twinj and yuhi….twinj and yuhi get shocked seeing it.
So guys what must hav happened… Y were they shocked…. Hav Anita and cherry succeed in their plan this time.
U will see that in the next episode.
I hope ull liked this 1…plzzz plzzzz plzzz do share ur views via ur comments…. Luv u all…stay blessed.
Ummm forgot to mention this is episode 28

Credit to: Aakanksha

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  1. Seher Mushtaq

    Its really awsom but plzz add some twinj scenes but yoj are really a fantastic writer !!!

    1. Tysm seher I’ll surely add more twinj scenes

  2. Awesome Superb Fantastic ff Aakansha……hope to see twinj cute moments

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  3. Anchali singhania

    Awesome di. Twinj moments were really tremendous.nd u write dialogues so well di.waiting for the next one.BTW r u studying or working

    1. Thank u tons anchali actually I’m just 17 and I hav given my 12th boards just now

  4. I felt the best scene was of twinj hugging & sleeping…… So cute….. Waiting to see why twinj&yuhi are shocked…… Update soon……

    1. Thanx a lot yukku…I’ll update the next 1 asap

  5. Aakanksha di it is fabulous as always???????????U r an amazing writer di. Love u and ur ff tons

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    loved the part when kunj was hesitating to sleep on bed..and the hugging part was awwwww sho shweet and romantic..I was visualizing the whole scene..nd blushing…u wont believe..how much I enjoyed this..I wished this was the current track..!! love u Akku….muah..muah nd muah..

    1. And once again I’m on cloud 9…Tara how do u always manage to do that yaar…ur comments always get me flying in happiness… Luv u dear

      1. it comes out automatically after reading ur ff

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  9. Oh akku……..today’s ff was so sweet and romentic ????
    And twinj scene were fabulous??
    Keep writing my dear …
    And once again thankewwwwww for emoji keyboard ….luv u mmmmmmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh??????????????????????????????

    1. Luv u to dear..and plzzz don’t say thanx yaar…and yea thanx a lot dear

  10. Amazingggggggg episode dear

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  16. Akku! !!!!!!
    I didn’t like today’s episode 🙁 🙁
    But loved it 😉 B-)
    U r soooooooooo brilliant! !!!!!♥☆★♡
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  22. Oh mah god di I was literally imagining every scene of twinj n d best scene when kunj gets embarrassed seeing Maya n in d mrng when twinj r sleeping in tat position, I loved dis as I had a perfect picture in mah mind how they would be really sleeping. N dialogue ” u know meri izat pe khatra hai ” although we have heard dis dialogue many times before , I still love it . I think next episode mein twinj airport phunchege toh unki tickets Paris ki nahi kisi aur place ki hogi . it’s just a guess ha . love u di for writing such a nok jhok wala episode with full of fun in it . keep on writing like dis . love ya di. Muahhh.?????

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    d episode is just superb and marvelous, bt d Hindi part not mush understood

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