A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 27

Guys u know I just don’t hav words to thank ull for all the love that u all are giving me…All I can say is that I really love ull and from the deepest core of my heart…ummm I hav a request… From now on I wud request ull to mention ur fav scene or dialogue in the epi so that I can add more of those kinda scenes and dialogue.

So here is the episode 27
Scene 1(sarna house)
Twinkle and Mahi greet guruji by touching his feet….guruji blesses them.
Usha: Guruji its good u came…today is twinkle and mahi’s first rasoi…I want u to first taste the food made by them.
Guruji agrees.
Bebe asks him to sit and signs twinkle and mahi to get their dishes.
They leave for kitchen.
Anita sees this and smirks…she goes near guruji and takes his blessings.
Anita: Guruji the dishes that u will eat today…u will remember its taste life long..after all sarna families loving bahus hav made it….she smiles evilly
15 mins pass but twinkle and mahi don’t come.
Usha: Bebe kitchen see khana laaney mai itna time kyun lag raha hai inn dono ko.
Bebe: Han usha rani…kahi kuch…
Maya signs bebe that she will check and come.
Anita thinks: How will they come out…with that burnt kheer and halwa…now no one can save this families name from ruining.
Maya brings twinkle and mahi along with her.
Maya : So here they are.
Bebe: Y did it take so much time girls…is there some issue.
Anita happily waits for her answer.
Twinkle: No bebe…vo…actually we are not use to this kitchen na…so we were not getting the glass bowls.
Usha: No problem twinkle… U shud hav called us na…ohk now let it be…serve the dish to guruji.
Anita gets surprised.
Twinkle and mahi serve the dish to guruji… He tastes it.
Guruji: Wahhh puttar waahh…dil khush ker diya tum dono ne…tumhare haton mai to jaise maa Annapurna ka vaas hai.
Twinkle and mahi touch his feet again
Guruji: Jeeti raho puttar…sada suhagan raho.
He blesses evey one and leaves.
Anita still can’t believe how did that happen… she stands there hell shocked… All leave for dining area to hav breakfast.
Maya comes to Anita.
Maya: Arey Mummy ji aap itni shocked kyun lag rahi ho…kuch huwa hai kya.
Anita: Nahi…kuch nahi…
She angrily leaves from there
Maya smiles.
A flashback is shown.
One side Anita enters the kitchen and other side bebe calls Maya in her room and asks her to go and check if twinkle and mahi need anything as they are new in this kitchen.
In kitchen Anita puts the burners on again.
Maya reaches the kitchen and sees her doing that…
Maya thinks: Mummy ji…..thank god bebe sent me here on right time…werna aaj pata nahi kya ho jata.
Anita leaves from the kitchen… Maya hides from her…then she quickly goes into the kitchen and puts off the burners.
Flashback ends
Maya: Ohhhh Babaji plzzz… Plzzzz remove all this dirt from my mothers mind…this makes me feel ashamed that I am her daughter… Plzzz Babaji.

Usha and Bebe call her in their room.
Maya: Kya huwa chachi ji…kya baat hai bebe…mujhe yahan kyun bulaya.
Bebe: Ohhh puttar…twinj aur yuhi ka honeymoon plan kerna hai….to humne socha tu aaj ke generation ki hai…to tujhse advice le lete hain.
Usha: O han Maya puttar…koi acchi si jaga suggest ker na plzzz.
Maya: Kya baat hai kitni lucky hain twinkle aur Mahi Jo unhe aap jaisi saasu maa mili hain….and about the place…let me think….(after 2 minutes) Paris…yes Paris best rahega….its a city of love…chachi ji…bebe Paris done pakka.
Bebe: Perees…ae kaunsi jaga hai puttar.
Maya: France mai hai bebe…Badi romantic si jaga hai…honeymoon k liye na best hai.
Usha: Accha accha to thik hai mai…kunj ke papa se bol ker tickets book kera leti hun….thank u Maya puttar..
Maya hugs both of them and gives a peck to both of them.

Scene 2(twinj’s room)
Kunj is sitting on the couch and playing football on his X box…(kind of a video game played on TV…sidhant mentioned in his interview that he loves to play it)
Twinkle enters with kheer bowl in hand.
Kunj is engrossed in playing and doesn’t see her.
Twinkle: Kunj….kunjjj….
Kunj: Kya huwa twinkle… Mai bohot busy hun….jaldi bol kuch kaam hai.
Twinkle: Nahi vo actually… Tum nichey nahi aaye na breakfast k liye….
Kunj: Han to…
Twinkle: To vo maa ne tumhare liye kheer leker bheja hai.
Kunj: Han yaar bohot bhook lagi hai.
Twinkle: Han to ye lo kha lo
Kunj: Yaar twinkle last 15 mins baaki hai match ke 2 goal kerna hai…tu khila de na plzzzz.
Twinkle (surprised): Maiii…mai kaise
Kunj: Arey tere pass haath nahi hain kya…khila na.
She hesitantly goes and sits besides him on the couch.
She takes some kheer in the spoon…he opens his mouth saying jadi khia yaar….she makes him eat…
Kunj: Wahhh aaj kya kheer banai hai maa ne…maza as gay….he opens his mouth again.
Twinkle smiles… She makes him eat another bite…some rice gets stuck on the corner of his lips.
Twinkle moves close to him and wipes it off with her hands gently….kunj feels her touch and moves his face towards her.
Their faces are extremely close to each other… Lips almost touching each other… They get lost into each other lips…twinj unconsciously move closer to kiss sajnave keeps playing in the background…. Suddenly there is a sound from the Xbox as the opponent team has made a goal….twinj come back to senses and feel very awkward thinking what they were about to do.
Kunj: Offfoo ek aur goal ho gaya.
Twinkle looks down and blushes.
Kunj: Jaldi jaldi khila yaar twinkle bohot bhook lagi hai…he too blushes.
Twinkle makes him eat.
Kunj makes the winning goal and gets super happy….in excitement he tightly hugs twinkle…sajnave plays again
Kunj: Yaaaayyy Finally we won….
he realizes what he is doing he breaks the hug….
Twinkle: I’ll go…I hav to help maa in the kitchen.
She gets up to leave but her leg gets stuck in the wire connection of X box and TV…and the glass bowl falls from her hand and breaks….
She quickly starts picking the pieces up.
Kunj: Be careful… Ull hurt urself.
Twinkle looks at him and picks a piece without looking at it and cuts her finger.
Twinkle: Aaaauucchhh !!!
Kunj quickly goes to her….holds her hand and sucks blood from her finger…to stop the bleeding.
Twinkle looks at him lovingly.
Agar tum saath ho plays in the background.
Kunj: Pagal hai na tu bilkul…bola tha na Maine dhyan se….dhyan kahan reheta hai tera…lag gai na chot..
Twinkle pulls her hand and says I’m fine…its just a small cut….I hav to go maa wud be waiting
Kunj holds her hand again.
Kunj: Chup chaap yahan baithi reh…I’ll get the first aid box.
Kunj brings the first aid box and applies the ointment.
Twinkle feels the pain…kunj immediately blows air on the wound… Agar tum saath ho plays again.
Twinkle thinks: Tum itne acche kyun ho kunj…agar tum aise hi mera khyal rakhte rahe to…to shayad mujhe….mujhe tumse Pyaar ho jayega kunj…han kunj…jab tum saath hotey ho to pata nahi kyun per mai apne aap ko special feel kerti hun…pata nahi ye Pyaar hai ya much aur…but ye dosti se kuch zyada hai Kunj…
She is lost in thoughts.
Kunj hand called out her name 3 times
He then holds her by her shoulder and shakes her…she becomes conscious.
Kunj: Ohhhh miss dream girl….jaaa bandage ho gaya….maa wait ker rahi hair na tera.
Twinkle: Hann….hannn jaa rahi hun…
She gets up and moved towards the door…suddenly she turns towards kunj.
Twinkle: By the way thanx a lot kunj
She leaves hurriedly.
Kunj(moving his hand on his head): Ye ho kya gaya hai iss siyappa queen ko…thank u bola…mujheee…aur vo bhi twinkle ne…I guess iss ko tabiyat kharab hai.

Scene 3(kitchen)
Twinkle is busy recollecting all what happened in the room just now…she gets a broad smile on her face.
Mahi and Maya notice this and laugh.
Listening to their laughter twinkle comes out of her thoughts.
Maya: Ahemmm Ahemmmm….aisa kya yaad ker rahi ho twinkle bhabi Jo chehere pe itni broad smile hai ???
Mahi: Kal ki ra…
Twinkle stops her in middle
Twinkle: Maya Dii, mahi Dii nothing like that ok…. Mai bas maa aur papa ko yaad ker rahi thi….
Mahi: Oooooo jhoooti….waise han yaar Maa papa ki yaad to bohot aa rahi hai.
Maya: Arey twinkle, mahi itni yaad aa rahi hai to jao mil aao na.
Twinkle: Nahi Dii actually Maa papa kal hi vaishnav devi chale gaye…maa ne mannat maangi thi…. Meri aur Dii ki shaadi acche se ho jaye to darshan k liye jayengi.

Suddenly they here bebe calling everyone in the hall.
They leave hurriedly.
Twinkle: What happened bebe…everything is all right ??
Bebe: let everyone come…. I’ll tell everything
All come to hall.
Bebe : Twinj and Yuhi come here.
Twinj and yuhi go to her.
She hand over their honeymoon tickets to them.
Yuvi: What is this bebe???
Usha: Tumhari aur twinj ki Paris mai honeymoon ki tickets.
Yuvhi get super happy but twinj are surprised.
All get happy.
Maya winks to bebe and usha.
And this time twinj are excited too.
They look at each other smiling and quickly fade the smile as if they are not interested
Twinkle thinks: Hmmm honeymoon…sadu sarna k saath.
She blushes.
Kunj: Hmmmm…honeymoon… Vo bhi siyappa queen k saath…
He smiles too
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Anita and cherry plan to cancel their trip.

So guys what will happen will twinj be able to go for honeymoon… Or will Anita and cherry succeed this time…we will see in the upcoming episodes.
Guys I hope u liked the epi….thanx once again….luv u all…stay blessed and plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments.

Credit to: Aakanksha


  1. Anushka

    Aakanksha di it is awsm as always. I don’t have to describe as it is Fantastic. I don’t like any 1 scene becoz I love all scenes.
    Love ur ff????

  2. phycho

    Nooo nooo i don’t want anita n cherry to win!!!
    I very my TWINJ will go for the honeymoon!!!
    btw awesome epi….loved it!!!

  3. esha

    My words can’t describe your ff is amazing dude love it
    And I love to see more romance on twinj
    Pls post the next episode fast

    • Aakanksha

      ohh god u almost gave me a heart attack by the first part of ur comment yukku…but the later half got me overwhelmed…thanx a lot….luv u too

  4. loveleen

    as u have asked fr the best scences here r they..
    the part where twinkle feeds kunj
    and the kunj caring fr twinkle part..they were jus awesome….
    akku can u plz leave a link of sidhant’s interview..m searching bt unable to find..

    • Aakanksha

      thanx loveleen im glad u liked those scenes and commented..and about the link sry dear I didn’t save the link I watched it through twitter

  5. tara

    oh my god oh my god oh my god……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa akku..my sweetheart…twinj was fab today i mean u put all the lovely moments in this epi..wow just wow….i loved the whole of twinj scene and at the end when they were thinking abt their honeymoon..nd i hope they will be able to go to paris…nd enjoy …uff seems that m going not then lol!! bt seriously excited…love u .muahhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Aakanksha

      thanx a ton tara….I just luv u..ur comments just make my day…lots of luv to u dear…stay blessed

  6. Ruchi

    You know Aakanksha i never have words to describe that how beautifully the epi is written…You are an amazing Writer… I Love your ff nd u too… 🙂 <3 😉

  7. panchi

    ur ff is superb as always …. u r jst superb… it was fantastic dear…. loved it vry vry much …. u r jst fab….????❤❤❤❤

  8. sonal

    Akkuuuuuuu.. ……your ff are just amazing dear …you are very good writer…. Keep writing ..
    Plzz akku tell me how to put smilies while commenting …..I want to use them….everyone is using…. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me……..

    • Aakanksha

      thank u tons sonal…actually dear if u comment using lapi then its not possible but if u use ur cell phone then on ur keyboard there must be an option of adding smilies

  9. OMG!!! Akkkuuuuu yr wht should i say u evrytim whenni read ur ff i find words to describe how it is nd how mch i luv it I ays lack of words Bcoz words lik amazingg wonderful.awesome fantastic r nothing in front of ur ff how u write!!!?? U said in ur previous ff tht i md ur day bt it should said by me tht u ays made my day wid ur ff?? nd fr tht dnt know how to thnk u❤❤ Nd m sooo sry yr fr late cmnt… Luv u loadss❤❤❤

    • Aakanksha

      omg suu shit manh….I srsly don’t know how to thank u dear…u hav again made my day with such a wonderful comment…I swear I don’t hav words to thank u..i just wanna meet and hug u yaar…luv u to da moon amd back SUU

  10. Awesome aakansha like it so much especially when you make Anita plan backfire you really knows how to teach her a lesson Luv you

  11. Simi

    Aaaaaaa main kya kahu aku di . dis was ur ffs cutestest episode. Air di aap yeh toh pucho he mat ki kaunsa scene sabse best laga , jus ask kaunsa acha nahi laga . overall agar aapne pucha he hai toh i wousay twinj scenes nailed d whole episode. Loved twinj . very different from any other scene I have scene till date . big sissy I jus love u for writing such a cute episode. Love u . muah . man karta hai apko hug karloo di . love ya . ??????

    • Aakanksha

      same here small sissy I too want to meet u and give u a tightttt hug…just the way kunj gave twinkle after his winning goal…luv u so so so much dear…stay blessed always

  12. sonal

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  13. Meenat Abubakar

    I was late, by couldn’t resist myself from commenting as d episode is just superb and awesome. luv it dear aakanksha!

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    You from 1 month I wanted to use these smilies and u told so easily you are very very very ………..



    I don’t have words to describe you ……..sorry…….


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