A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 25


Guys I’m am really happy today as it is the silver jubilee of my ff ie. it is the 25th episode of my ff…I know its not something great but…I’m really happy that u guys liked my ff and supported me…that’s the reason y I’m able to complete 25 episodes today…thank u sooo much all of u…luv u all.
Ohk so let’s start with the Episode 25.

Scene 1(outside sarna house)
Yuhi see twinj in that position and cough.
Kunj leaves twinkle(twinkle was in kunj’s arm yesterday wen the epi ended)
Yuvi: Offo…v are waiting for the 2 of u from so long…and u 2…can’t ull wait a little… Sab kuch abhi ker logey to raat ko kya macchar marogey.
Twinj get shy and look at each other and then look diff ways.
Mahi hits yuvi with her elbow…and signs him to stay quiet.
Mahi: Ohk now let’s go all are waiting for us inside.
Twinj and Yuhi go to the entrance of sarna house.
Usha does aarti and tilak of the 2 couples.

Bebe asks usha to keep the kalash filled with rice in front of twinkle and mahi.
Bebe asks twinkle and mahi to gently hit the kalash by their right leg and enter the house.
Twinkle and mahi do as instructed and enter in.
Kunj and yuvi enter along with them.
Maya then places a plate filled with alta(red colour water) in front of both the brides and asks them to dip their feet in it and move forward.
Mahi and twinkle dip their leg in alta and move forward.
As twinkle moves few steps she is about to slip as her legs are wet but kunj holds her on time…they get lost into each other(sajnave plays).
Maya coughs…. Twinj compose themselves.
Manohar : So welcome u 2 to this sarna family… U are like my daughters…always be happy.
Both the couples touch his feet and he blesses them.
Yuvi: Maa so now can v go to our room…I am very tired.
Maya: Aaahhhh Aaahhhh wait yuvi…now 2 more rituals are still left bro….intni bhi kya jaldi hai.
Kunj: Uffff 2 more rituals.

Maya: Kya baat hai mere dono bhai apne room mai jaane k liye itne utaavle kyun hain..?? She laughs.
Kunj and yuvi give her a angry stare…twinkle and mahi blush.
Maya:Ohk ohk m sry…now cmon finish the 2 rituals soon so that I can free ull asap.
They all go to the hall.
Usha asks them to sit…and explains them the first ritual… Its the most famous 1…finding the ring in milk…who ever gets the ring will rule over the other.
Yuhi do it first…mahi gets the ring and yuvi holds her hand.
Bebe: Offfo yuvi puttar haar gaya.
Yuvi: No no I didn’t loose…mahi got the ring and I got her hand so she will rule over me and I will rule over her heart.
Mahi blushes.
Maya: Waahhh waaahhh…kya baat kahi hai…taaliyan…ohk now its twinjs turn.
Twinkle and kunj too place their hand in the big bowl to search for the Ring… Kunj gets the ring inside the bowl but b4 he cud remove his hand out…twinkle holds his hand…he gets shocked and stares at her…she stares at him loving (sajnave plays) she slowly takes the ring from kunjs hand…kunj is busy staring at her…twinkle immediately removes her hand out and shows the ring to everyone.
Kunj realises what twinkle has done
All clap for twinkle and Maya declarers twinkle as the winner.
Kunj: No no no wait…twinkle did cheating.
Maya: What..?? what did she do.
Twinkle: Hawww liar…tell everyone what I did.
Kunj: Sheeee…sheer
He thinks if I tell everyone than all will make fun of me it’s better is accept my defeat.
Kunj: She did nothing… I said that in anger as is lost.

Twinkle gets happy and winks to him
Kunj gives her a fake and not so happy smile.
Bebe: Ohk ohk so now let’s move on to the 2 rasam.
Usha: Now this is a very diff ritual…. it’s not done every where…both the couples will be given a cloth…1 of them has to tie a knot in the cloth and other one has to open it…Ummm but with 1 hand…if u r successful in doing this then u will be together for 7 lives.
Yuhi and twinj try together.
Yuvi and kunj decide to tie the knot.
They try several time but fail.
Twinkle has seen this ritual earlier on TV she signs kunj that the trick is to use 1 leg along with 1 hand…kunj does as she says….bebe notices this and gets glad.
Kunj finally ties the knot… Looking at him yuvi gets the trick too and he too ties the knot…all clap.
Maya: Wow I’m impressed…now its the turn of the brides.
Twinkle too uses 1 hand and 1 leg and easily opens the knot…mahi follows her and she to succeeds.
All clap again.
Usha: Areyy waah… Mere dono bacchon ki jodi saat janmo wali hai…iss sey accha aur kya hoga.
Anita and cherry get irked seeing all this.
Cherry leaves from there.
Anita is about to leave wen Maya holds her hand.

Maya: Arey mummy ji what happened…are u not happy to see ur daughter here….u didn’t ask me how come I’m here….what did u think if u won’t inform me I won’t come to know about kunj and yuvi’s marriage.
Anita: Nnnn…Nnnnooo…Nothing like that beta…I’m really happy to see u here.
Maya: Ohh just let it be mummy ji…I know u very well…wen bebe asked u to call me in marriage…u did acting of speaking to me on phone to show bebe that u have informed me…u didn’t want me to come due to which there wud be no one to tie the couples in a knot as I’m the only sister…and if I don’t come there will be problem in the marriage.
Anita: No no maya ur getting me wrong
Anita gets tensed.

Maya: Plzzzz stop lying In front of me mummy ji….vo toh accha huwa bebe called me yesterday to confirm if I was coming… that’s wen I understood all ur plan and asked bebe to tell everyone I can’t come so that u don’t come to know that I’m coming… luckily I got a ticket of the next flight and I reached on time…Mummy ji plzzz stop this…just leave this revenge and all…and live in peace and let others live too.
Anita: No that can never happen.
She leaves angrily.
Twinj here all this.
Maya sadly goes to her room.
Twinj go behind her…Maya is sitting sad on the bed.
Kunj keeps hand on her shoulder.

Kunj: Diii…we herd everything…dii plzzz don’t get sad…we all very well know Anita aunty but u don’t worry I will never let her harm our family by any means.
Twinkle: Yes Dii…and I and Mahi Dii will try our level best to change Anita aunty and remove all the hatred from her heart…u plzzz don’t worry.
Maya gets up and hugs both of them
Maya: Kunj u r really lucky to get such an understanding and supporting wife…I pray to lord that u too always be together and ur love flourishes by every passing day….Acchha acccha now go…don’t think about all this… Just forget everything and think about ur First Night…
She laughs and pushes them to go to their room.
Twinj look at each other with all awkwardness in their eyes.
The screen freezes on their shy faces.

PRECAP- Twinj cute First night moments…Twinkle and Mahi’s first rasoii…Anita’s evil plan.

Thank u once again guys for all ur support and love….luv u all…stay blessed…. and plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments.
All sorts of comments are most welcome.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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