A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 24


Friends u know what I don’t have words to thank u all…ull are seriously a gift of god…..I mean I have met none of u….none of u know me in person…..but the amount of love and affection I have received frm u is overwhelming me….thanx for all the love and concern and as many of u requested me to write only once I’m completely fine let me tell ull that I have recovered now and hope this migraine doesn’t trouble me again soon though I know it’s not completely curable.
Ooooopppsss I forgot its my ff and not a thanks giving….. So here it is the
Episode 24
Scene 1(taneja house)
All are hell shocked to see the girl there.
Kunj and Yuvi are shocked too but later they get a broad smile on their face.
Kunj and Yuvi together: Maya Dii you !!!

(Yes the new entry is maya…she is kunj and yuvi’s elder sister but not real…cousin….yes u got it right she is anita’s daughter…aaaahhh aaahhh wait a second she is just opposite her mother and brother…she is very pure by heart and kind and loving by nature…she loves kunj and Yuvi a lot and is very well aware of her mother and brother’s nature)
Maya: Yes me…what did u think I won’t come…bebe called me yesterday to confirm if I was coming and that’s wen I asked her to tell everyone that I can’t come as ur jiju isn’t well….(Maya stays abroad and is married)
Bebe: Ohhhh han mennu sab pata tha per maya ne kuch bhi bata ne se mana kiya tha….sry sry everyone.
Usha,manohar,leela and rt welcome her.
Anita looks at her all tensed.

Maya gives Anita a angry glare/look and moves towards the mandap.
Pundit- Plzzz tie the knot of the elder couple first.
Maya ties yuhi in a knot and wishes the be together forever.
She then heads towards twinj’s mandap.
She ties twinj in a knot too.
She blesses them and wishes they are together for 7 lives.
Pundits: Now both the couples stand up for the Pheras.
Twinj and Yuhi start taking the rounds…the pundits explain them the vow(vachan) that they are taking by every round.
Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu plays again in background.
After 3 pheras pundits ask the brides to come in front of the groom and complete the remaining 4 pheras(rounds)
All shower flower petals on the couples and bless them.
Leela and Rt get teary eyed.
The 7 pheras get completed and the pundits call the girls parents for Kanya Daan.
Leela and Rt first do mahi’s kanya daan.

Leela and mahi get teary eyes looking at each other.
Then leela and Rt move towards twinj’s mandap.
They do twinkle’s kanya daan too.
Twinkle and leela cry… Rt controls his tears and they both bless twinj.

Pundit ji claims that the marriage us complete now and ask the couple to take blessings from elders.
Yuhi take blessings from the elders.
Twinj join them…. Leela,Rt,Raman,pinni and bubbly hug twinkle and mahi and cry.
Usha and bebe console the ladies and manohar consoles Raman and Rt.
Kunj goes to leela and wipes her tears.

Kunj: Maa….u know na that for me u and usha maa are the same…..I can’t see u cry…and what’s the worry…I promise u one thing today….I will never let tears come in twinkle’s eyes….she will always smile and be happy….whenever she will be in problem I will always stand by her side…I won’t ever let anything happen to her maa….ye ek bete ka vada hai apni maa se.
Leela bkesses him and smiles.
Twinkle looks at him and smiles sajnave plays.
Twinkle in her mind: Thank you Babaji…aaj ye sab bol ker kunj ne ye prove ker diya ke vo duniya ka sabse accha husband hai…I just hope humari married life mai kabhi koi tension na ho…hum ek dusre se Pyaar to nahi kerte per humari dosti iss rishtey ko aur bhi special banati hai….aur Pyaar to Shaadi ke baad bhi ho sakta hai na..(she smiles)
Pinni gives a pat on twinkle’s shoulder.
Pinni: Offfo Babaji.. .you wud be the worlds only bride who is smiling on her beedai.
All laugh.
Bebe: Ae tey changi gal hai pinni ji(that’s really good)….and btw they both are best friends and twinkle is very familiar with us so why wud she cry…she will obviously smile.
Leela hugs twinkle and says.

Leela: Hamesha yuhin hasti rehena puttar…rab ji tennu her buri nazar se bachaye.
They hug each other and cry.
Usha: leela ji I can understand ur pain but beedai ja muhurat ho chuka hai ab humey nikalna chaiye.
Twinkle and mahi move towards the car.
They take akshat/holy rice from a plate and throw it back wards… Leela collects it in her pallu…all cry.
Babul Jo tumney sikhaya…Jo tumsey paya sajan ghar leee chaliii…sajan ghar mai chaliii plays in the background
Twinkle and mahi look back and cry bitterly…they go and sit in their diff cars.
Yuhi’s car leaves.

Twinkle sits in the car and cries….the car leaves from there
Kunj holds her hand and wipes her tears.
She quickly hugs him quickly and holds him tight…kunj hugs her back and consoles her….Sajnave plays.

Kunj: Yaar siyappa queen to rootey huwe bilku acchi nahi lagti….and yes rona band ker werna agara in aansuon ke wajha se make up utar gaya na to tera asli chehera…I mean bina make up wala chehera dekh ker sab dar jayenge.
Twinkle wipes her tears and breaks the hug.
Twinkle: Excuse me….mai bina make up ke bhi super cut aur hot lagti hun… Ohk….so plzzz tum mere make up ki tension to lo hi mat.
Kunj: Hot to tu hai
Twinkle: (surprised)what…???
Kunj realises what he said.
Kunj: Baat to puri honey de….hot to tu hai hi nahi….sirf tera dimag hot hai…..kyunki dimag hai tere paas na ke barabar aur tu uss per intna zor daalegi to hot to ho hi jayega na..(he laughs)
Twinkle: Hahahaha kya sense of humour hai….sadu sarna ka.
Kunj: Ye khadoos sarna se sadu sarna kab ho gaya mai…han ???
Twinkle: Aaajjj se…balki/infact abhi se.
Kunj: Twinkle tuuuu….
The car stops
Driver: Sahab ghar pahunch gaye hum log(sir v have reached home)
Twinj get down down the car.
Twinkles leg gets entangled in her dupatta and is about to fall wen as usual our Hera Kunj Sarna holds her.
The share an eye lock….sajnave plays.
The screen freezes on twinj in that position.

PRECAP: Twinkle and Mahi’s greha pravesh…After marriage rituals and lots of fun….mahi to confront Anita but for what….???

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Credit to: Aakanksha

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  1. Its awesome. .♥♥♥luved it..
    I am upset bcz of tei new promo nd precap.is it true that kunj will marry rajjo nd leave twinkle plz plz tell

    1. no no chehak chill….rajjo’s role is only for a few days just like that purvi…I read it on insta so just chill….btw thanx alot

  2. Nice one dear…Good to see your update…how are feeling now tc of your health…

    1. im perfectly fine now gauri…tysm

  3. I’m tired praising but still can’t stop akku…luv it & luv u…

    1. hehehe thanx prapti…luv u too dear

  4. Awesome aakansha….jaldi se better ho jao…stay blessed….????

    1. thank u so so so much rashi…luv u dear

  5. Nice epi keep writting bcz i love ur writting & tc of ur health & always remain fit & fine

    1. tysm rupam…sure I will keep writing and tc of my health too

  6. Ummmm guys….according to me the upcoming tei track will be like this.
    its just a guess I can possibly be wrong.
    kunj will be forced by the chaudhris to marry rajjo….kunj will hav no option left with him…twinkle also will hav to do all the arrangements of the marriage as if she doesent….then her and kunjs life and their business will be at stake….rajjo and kunj will almost get married wen twinkle will get rajjos original lover there…ummm yes I guess rajjo is lying to her parents as she loves some one else and her parents are getting her married to some one of their choice…whatever might be the story line up I just hope they don’t drag it and end this crap soon before holi

  7. Awesome aakanksha you are an amazing writer luv your Ff
    I am so happy u recovered

  8. Wown aakansha as usual mindblowng. Yeh chehak even I am very upset wid promo and precap but don’t worry I assure you that kunj won’t marry rajjo after all he is the hero and twinkle is the heroine so no one can snatch kinj from twinkle

  9. Love ur ff di i mean u write so good and well..take care?

    1. thanx a lot…muskaan,ritzi and harshi…luv u all

  10. nice di . be fit and fine . and one more thing . as u know that i m actually dont comment much . so dont mind if i dont comment

    1. Thanx Chandra na I really don’t mind if u don’t comment..its perfectly fine even I’m a silent reader of many ff’s

  11. love u too dear…. and ur episode is jst osssummmm…. bt u take care of urslf dear….???????

    1. Tysm Panchi…I will surely tc of my self dear

  12. Akku how r u now?? Hope u r fine.. Tk cr yr.. For Epi: Dnt know how to praise ur writing skills!!!!!! i ays gt lack of words!! I jst cn sy tht i luv ur ff a lot nd yeah u too!!! <3 😀

    1. Thank u soooo much suu…I’m perfectly fine now…. Luv u too dear

  13. Wonderful epi di as laways!!!
    update the nxt part soonish!!
    Cant wait!

    1. Awwww tysm phycho…ull get the next epi NY tomorrow evening only as I’m advised not to strain my eyes much by the docs as well as all my caring friends here

  14. Hey di hi . I jus loved twinj nok jhok ,too gud ,I was thinking Mayas character would be negative but too many villain bhi ache nahi lagte . her character has a cameo role or she’ll stay there only now with her family? Love ya di . keep on writing like dis . muah . ?

    1. thanx a lot simi…and sry actually I replied to ur comment on my previous ff but idk y it didn’t get posted…nyway all I want to say is luv u sis….im really thankful to tu page forgiving me such a darling sis like u…luv u…and about mayas role not decided anything yet

      1. Di too love sooooo sooooo much . when we get replies from u ppl it really feels great . love ya loads n loads n pls tc OK . ☺

  15. Akanksha I m very very. Sorrryyy for not commenting these days as my exams are going on they will end on 19 then I will free but I m sorry and tell you are fine n? why this pain yrr you are so nice ……you are recovered n?? your ff are just awsome ….no words to express you are vry nice …keep writing my dear I was so restless without your comments ..I was not visiting TELLYUPDATES daily becoz of Xmas that’s why mujhe pta nhi tha that you are not well mujhe aaj pta chala…….so sorry and luv u mmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……♥♥♥♥♥

    1. sonal plzzzz dear… plzzzz don’t be sry…u are really a very kind and cairing friend…thank u soo soo soo much for all the appreciation and concern dear….luv u aloads….and once again plzzzz don’t be sry yaar

  16. Meenat Abubakar

    Am So happy u are now fine dear and pls take care of yourself. D Episode Is Splendid

    1. thanx a lot meenat…yup I recovered and that’s bcoz I had blessings of such lovely friends…I had to…luv u dear…thanx once again

  17. mujhe rona ahara hain…m again late…bt m happy ur fine nw….nothing to say abt te epi…u r so good that no word can xprss u….love u nd take care…

    1. offfoo tara plzzz don’t feel bad for being late dear…ur my best and first friend here…luv u to the moon and back…and tysm im glad u liked the epi

      1. aww thats really sweet of u dear..love u muahhhhhhhhh

  18. It’s amazing like always….keep it up…….lots of love……..and I hope you will always be healthy……..May God bless you…….

    1. Tysm esha

  19. Aakanksha m really sorry that I wasn’t able to cmmnt on it last part as I was preparing for maths….but how r u now….Nd btw I told u not o write but u r really stubborn na like our twinkle Sarna…btw this epi is awesome and I m so happy that u have recvrd now…!!! Luv u dear Nd take care Nd migraine Ko bhi pats chal gya yoga Ko uska kaunse twinjfan ke saath paala pad gaya…?????..lol…!!!!

    1. Tysm rakshita….lollzzz ur last line…I so agree…..and yup I srsly couldn’t stay without writing

  20. Nice yaar

    1. Thanx aarti

  21. Awesome aakansha … But dear i m not on insta.. But i promise i will make it soon ….

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