A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 21


Thanx alot guys for all the love and support… I am really glad to get such good friends on this TU page…Luv u all….no more blabbering.
Here I am with the episode 21

Scene 1(sarna house)
Usha and bebe are busy grinding henna for twinkle and mahi’s mehendi function.
Kunj and Yuvi come there.
Yuvi: Maa ,Bebe whats all this…??
Kunj: Ya maa so much of henna
Usha: Puttar this is mehendi…we hav to make this and send this to taneja house for mahi and twinkle… today is their mehendi ceremony…. aaj unke haath per tumhare naam ki mehendi lagegi(they will write ur name on their hand with this henna)
Kunj: So Maa today we don’t hav anything to do right… so we are going to throw a bachelors party today evening with close friends.
Yuvi: Yup maa…plzz don’t say no…its the last day of our bachelor life
Bebe: Han han usha let them go and enjoy…Im on ur side boys go and enjoy.
Usha: Ohk Ohk…ull can go…but on one condition…. ull will come back b4 12 am.
Kunj yuvi together: Ohk done.
They hug and leave.
Cherry hears all their convo
Cherry: Ohhhh Bachelor party…interestinggg…he smirks evily.

Scene 2(taneja house)
Leela welcomes the beauty parlour girls who hav come to apply mehendi to twinkle and mahi…she makes them sit.
Mahi and twinkle come there…they look extremely beautiful in mehendi green lehenga… RT and leela make them sit for the mehendi ceremony….the function starts.
Scene 3(In the pub)
Kunj and Yuvi are enjoying in the pub with their friends…. the party gets over and they leave for home….suddenly 4-5 people come on bike and surround their car….yuvi was driving the car….he opens the window to ask whats the issue… when a goon holds a knife against his neck and asks him to come out.
Kunj and yuvi get out of the car.
Kunj: What happened… who are ull…and what do ull want from us…???
1 of the goon: Abey chup…itney sawal…mera bheja mat kha…chup chap chal humare saath (keep quite and come with us)
Yuvi: Ohhh just shut up…how dare u talk to my brother like this…we will not come anywhere.

Scene 4 (taneja house)
Twinkle and mahi are in their room…they are sleeping… suddenly twinkle sees a bad dream and gets up.
Twinkle:(Panting) Y am I feeling that something wrong is happening…Y do I feel that kunj is in trouble…. ohhh babaji plzzz Kunj ki raksha kerna…plzzz
Mai call kerke baat ker leti hun.. to mujhe tassali ho jayegi (ill call and talk to him so then i will be relaxed)
She calls him.
Kunj and Yuvi are fighting with the goons…kunj some how removes the phone from his pocket and receives the call…but just then a goon hits with a rod on his head…the phone falls from his hand and he screams in pain and falls besides the phone.
Twinkle gets shocked… she screams…kuuunnnjjj.
The screen freezes on kunjs head bleeding and twinkles tensed face.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Mahi rush to save kunj and yuvi.

Guys guess what wud happen next…how will mahi and twinkle save their to be husbands…will this accident affect Twinj and Yuhi’s marriage.
I hope u guya like it…plzzz share ur views via ur comments… and Im sry for the small Epi…actually im not well…but ill try my level best to make the next Epi longer…Luv u all…stay blessed.

Credit to: Aakanksha

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  1. Nyc epi dear… Take care… ??

    1. Thanx ruchi

  2. Awesome aakansha…..

    1. Thanx rashi

  3. good one dear :)…how are you doing

    1. Tysm gauri….I’m not well…but I’ll be good soon

  4. its short n sweet…

    1. Thanx loveleen

  5. Aaakansha post the next episode today itself…….it’s amazing..loads of love………keep it up

  6. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode. Maybe their marriage will postponed.
    And dosti will be change into love.

  7. aakanksha u have made me a fan of urs awesome yaar….this is first tme that i am waiting eagerly for ur ff….very nic….short and interesting!!!! justmake it lil big no…..

  8. what happened akku?? i hope u r not too ill…get well soon..
    abt the epi..its bit scary..i hope kunj will be alright…bt neva mind as u are a brilliant writer..

    1. Actually tara I hav migraine problem so Im having severe head ache from 2 days but dont worry I will be fine….thanx for the concern… luv u?

      1. ohk dear..i can understand my mom also has that prob..take care..love u..

      2. Tc dear…get well soon…take ample rest and think less loads of love

  9. awesome! !!!
    chummeshwai ff

    1. Thanx sanam….I know its not that gud but thanx

  10. get well soon dear

  11. Di pls take care ha mah mom too has migraine problem so I can understand how bad it is n pls if u can’t u pls don post d episode . have rest pls . di d best thing BT ur ff is u don show DAT d heroes of d ff will always win matlab villians ka bhi kuj kam hona chahiye n m to chilled coz I know mahi n twinkle will save dem both………?

    1. Tysm simi…thanx for all the concern luv u dear

  12. so…one more awesome and stunning episode by a excellent writer…it is very nice…i too has migraine problem…soo i know how paining it is…take care..get well soon aakanksha…love u….

    1. Thanx gopika…im really glad u liked it

  13. Really good episode dear.mindblowing!!!And care of ur health.

    1. Thanx alot dear

  14. I am a big fan of ur ff its awesome. .aakanksha u have migrane problem so eat apple , grapes or 10-12 almonds.u will get relief ….I can understand how much it pains bcz I also have migrane problem

    1. Thanx alot…chehak…I’ll surely try out eating that…thanx 1ce again luv u dear

  15. Hey Akku take care nd dont think too much!! Nd take rest too BTw epi’s mindblowing as usual!! Get well soon loads of luv❤❤

    1. Tysm suu…thanx for ur wishes?

  16. Nice epi dear,get well soon….donno why but i feel uv will b ok but kunj will hav sm prob…i hope my intuition is wrong

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