A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 2

This is the 2nd Episode hope ull like it

The Epi starts with Taneja family reaching the hall where the engagement will be done. All look great but the 3 sisters Twinkle, Mahi and Bubbly(Raman & Pinni’s daughter) look extremely gorgeous. Twinkle is wearin a blue and pink long anarkali and has curled her hair. Mahi is wearing a green and light pink lehenga and looks great, Bubbly is wearin a pretty red gown. Leela asks every one to sit and goes to see the arrangements
Twinkle: Diii the hall is decorated so well everything is soo beautiful just like you.
Mahi: Yeah It’s all Yuvi’s choice (she blushes)
Twinkle: Wow dii jiju’s choice is soo good now i know y he fell in luv with u
Bubbly giggles listening to this
Mahi: pinches twinkle and says shut up
Twinkle: Arey what wrong did i say.
Just then sarna family enters. Twinkle sees them and runs towards yuvi saying kya baat hai jijuuu !!! Her leg twists…she is about to fall wen kunj holds her. They share a romantic eye lock sajna ve plays (firts sajna ve moment).
Yuvi: ahem ahem…!!!
Kunj and twinkle compose themselves.
Twinkle says jijuuu ur looking soo handsome(Yuvraj is wearing a green shervani wid golden dupatta nd kunj is wearin a blue blazer with black shirt nd black jeans)
Yuvi: Thanx saali ji. Even u r looking gorgeous
Twinkle: Let it be jiju u r not able to move ur eyes from dii nd complementing me. Kahin pe nigahein kahin pe nishaana
Everyone laugh.

RT asks sarnas to come and get seated
Leela comes and greets every one and says muhurat ka time ho gaya hai to rasam puri karein.
Usha: Yes yes leelaji. Let’s start the rituals.
They all stand up for the engagement. Leela and usha ask twinkle and kunj to get the rings. They get the rings in beautifully decorated plates, twinkle gives the ring to mahi nd she makes yuvi wear it. Everyone clap, then kunj gives the ring to Yuvraj nd he makes mahi wear it. Everyone clap again nd get glad as the engagement is done. Yuhi smile looking at each other (Raabta song from agent vinod plays)
Pinni: Ohhh my love birds ull hav the entire life to look at each other and smile. But now u 2 will tell us ur love story.
Yuhi look at each other.
Mahi: Mami not in front of everyone plzzzz.
Yuvi: Its ok jaan …oops !!! I mean mahi
All laugh and twinkle says its ok jiju u r engaged now.
Yuvi tells every1 how they met the 1st time while stopping twinkle and kunj’s fight. He says it was a love at first site for both of us and looks at mahi.
Mahi blushes.
V met 1 or 2 times more and then i finally decided to confess my love
Kunj: Excuse me bhai i pressurized u, u were not at all ready…all thanx to me.
Twinkle: Apni taaref apne hi muh se kerna kab band karega tu.
Kunj: Kabhi nahi (he smirks in a funny way)
Mahi: Then i accepted his proposal nd that’s how our love story began….don’t ask anything else now if everything is done then lets go to have dinner.

(Twinj together)No no our dance performances are left.
Everyone is amazed and say then what r u waiting for.
Kunj and twinkle dance on the song matargashti (same dance wich they did in 1 of the mahasangams of tei nd jamai raja) every1 clap nd cheer for them.
Bubbly dances on the song jhalla whalla from the movie ishaqzade. Every1 appreciate her dance and clap for her
Then they play the song gallan goodiya (movie dil dhadakne do) and every one dances and enjoys. Kunj takes a groupfie and all go to have dinner
Kunj pulls twinkle and takes her out of the hall
Twinkle: What happened…wer r u taking me.
Kunj: Holds her mouth with his hand and asks her not to scream.
She bites his hand…he moves his hand nd is about to screm in pain wen twinkle covers his mouth nd says arey u told me not to scream nd u r screaming urself. She starts laughing.
Kunj: Hahaha very funny. Ur teeth is so sharp do u brush ur teeth or sharpen it instead.
Twinkle: It was very lame as usual…now tell me why did u bring me here nd don’t waste my time i hav to go in and eat im very hungry.
Kunj: You r always hungry.
Twinkle: Just shut up and tell me why did you call me here.
Kunj puts his hand in his pocket and removes a ring and shows it to twinkle
Twinkle is SHOCKED

PRECAP: Leela announces kunj and twinkle’s engagement. (Think wat wud hav happened.)

Hope ull liked it
Plzzz share ur views through ur comments.
Luv u all.

Credit to: Aakanksha


  1. Aarti

    Omg…. Precap is solo amazing and last part or twinj… Love you Akanksha…. Pls post the other part asap… Waiting eagerly!!!☺

  2. Ruchi

    Amazing episode… 😉 🙂 ??
    oh u didn’t tell ur full name…
    i was asking so that i can search u on fb…

  3. Aakanksha

    My school name was Marol education Academys high school
    It will be easier for u to search along with school name

  4. Aakanksha

    Thank lara nd sana
    I hope ull r not disappointed by my next epi coz there is a lil twist in it
    But i guesss ull will like it

  5. Aakanksha

    I’ll try lara actually im in 12th std and hav my boards in a week so it’s a lil difficult for me to write longer Epis but ill surely try

  6. Aakanksha

    who ever is going to watch todays epi at 8 plzzz update it on tellyupdates actually I wont be able to watch it but im eafer for the update so plzzz doo update if u can

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