A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 18

Here we go….with the Epi 18…sry for troubling ull with the suspense…but i guess it was fun….no more blabbering heres the episode.

Scene 1(Taneja house)
In the lawn Anita sees twinj leaving and laughs evily…. cherry comes there.
Cherry: Ohhh mummyji did they(twinj and yuhi) leave…??
Anita nods and they give each other a high5.
Anita: Btw cherry I must say ur plan is just superbbb….this time they won’t get saved.
A flashback is shown.
Cherry fails the breaks of a car and calls Anita and informs her that the work is done…. Anita then goes to bebe and convinces her to send Twinj and Yuhi on a long drive…she butters bebe with her sweet words and bebe agrees…she gives bebe the key of the car whose breaks hav been faulted by cherry.
Flashback ends.

Scene 2(In the car)
Yuhi are sitting on the back seat and cuddling with each other.
Kunj is driving the car and twinkle is sitting in the front aswell but peeping out of the window… twinj are harly having any interactions….kunj gets bored and annoyed and puts on the fm and a romantic old song plays…twinj look at each other and both go to change it at the same time and twinkles hand gets placed over kunjs hand and they share and eyelock(sajnave plays)…kunj changes the fm and another romantic song plays… kunj is about to change it wen yuvi asks him not to change as its his fav song. Twinj are staring at each other…. suddenly mahi sees a kulfi stall ahead and asks kunj to stop the car as she wants to eat kulfi.
Kunj tries applying breaks but the car doesn’t stop.
Yuvi: Kunj y didn’t u stop the car ur Bhabhi wanted to eat kulfi.
Kunj: Bhai I’m trying to apply breaks but the car is not stopping… I guess the breaks hav failed.
All are shocked.
Twinkle: How’s that possible… today morning wen u came to give me the medicine u had brought this car only i remember…. so know how can the breaks fail suddenly.
Kunj: We will think about that later…right now lets think how will we stop the car.
They get thinking.

Suddenly twinkle shouts kunjjjj seee thattt.
There is a big tree and they are moving towards it.
Kunj says im some how reducing the speed of the car…ull jump out…they refuse but he shouts at them saying its not the time to be emotional.
Kunj slows the car a little and yuhi jump out but twinkle doesn’t.
Kunj: Twinkle what are u doing jump damn it..!!!
Twinkle: I won’t jump leaving u alone…don’t try to force me…u know how ziddi i am…i said i won’t means i won’t.
Kunj: Twinkleee….
Twinkle: Kunj open ur seat belt quick.
Kunj does as she says.
Twinkle: As soon as i say 3 open the door leave the axi and jump out.
They are really close to the tree.
Twinkle: 1…2…..3eeee
They successfuly jump out.
They get hurt especially kunj as the doors corner gets a big cut on his leg.
Twinkle is also hurt a lil but she gets up and runs towards kunj.
She looks at his wound and cries… he stares at her looking at her concern.
Twinkle immediately tears a piece of her pallu and ties it arround the wound to stop the bleeding(typical bollywood style?)(sajnave plays).
Kunj wipes her tears and says he is fine and asks her if she is fine…she nods.
Yuhi come there running as they had jumped off quite a distance behind.
Yuvi hugs kunj and mahi hugs twinkle and cries.
Yuvi: I don’t understand one thing kunj how did the breaks fail…wen u used it in the morning it was perfectly fine right.
Mahi pulls twinkle far and asks her the same question which yuvi asked kunj.
Kunj and twinkle think and then answer together: Anita aunty….who else can we expect this from…but now its enough now we will not leave them.
Twinkle and mahi go to kunj and yuvi and ask them to leave from there as its too late and everyone wud be waiting for them.

Scene 3(Taneja house)
All are about to leave…wen manohar asks wer are kunj and yuvi.
Bebe says I has sent them and out with twinkle and mahi to spend some time with each other…. but its tooo late…wer did they get stuck….I hope they r fine.
All worry for them.
Anita and cherry look at each other and smirk.
Anita thinks….till now they wud hav already reach wer I wanted them too…she lifts her one eyebrow up and gives an evil smile.
Just then Twinj and Yuhi enter….all are shocked seeing their state….everyone asks them what is the matter and how did all this happen..???.
Yuhi are about to say but twinkle holds mahis hand and kunj holds yuvis hand and stop them.
Kunj: Actually a drunken truk driver was driving very rashly and to prevent our car from hitting the truk I took a sudden left and we banged into a tree thats how we all got hurt
Twinkle: Yaa thats what happened… ull plzzz dont take tension we are fine except kunj he has a lil deep cut but it will be fine too…maa can i take kunj to my room to do his first aid.
Leela: Ofcourse puttar… jaaa chetti(fast) ja.
Anita and cherry are shocked as to how they got saved and why didn’t they tell the truth to anyone.

Scene 4(twinkle’s room)
Twinkle is applying ointment on kunjs wound he slurrs as it burns…twinkle immediately withdraws her hand back and starts blowing air on it….(sajnave plays) kunj looks at her concern and gets happy and smiles.
Twinkle: Tum hans kyun rahe ho…dard ke jagha gudgudi ho rahi hai kya.
Kunj: Very funny… aur mai koi hans wans nahi raha ok.
He holds her hand and takes ointment from her hand and applies it on her back as she had got a big scratch…. this time b4 twinkle cud feel the pain…kunj blows air on her wound…twinkle gets glad and smiles…. he looks at her smiling and smiles too(manchala man chala teri oore plays).
Kunj: Btw twinkle why didn’t u jump of the car with bhabi and bhabhi…??? Why twinkle..?? What if something wud hav happened to u…??.
Twinkle: And what if something wud hav happened to u…how cud I leave u alone…did u forget we are best friends… and best friends dont leave each others hand in difficulty times.
Kunj: Ohhh so that is the reason….hmmm….nothing else na…??.
Twinkle: No kunj actually the real reason is something elseeee…
Kunj: (Makes her face towards him and both are very close)….tell me twinkle what is the actual reasn…tell me..
Twinkle: The actual reason is….
Kunj: Tell me twinkle… say fast(comes close ti her)(sajnave plays)
Twinkle: The real reason is that i knew u don’t hav brains and so u couldn’t think of any idea to escape and wud hav landed in hospital…. so i stayed back to direct u what to do…and see u did as i said and both of us are safe…she laughs badly.
Kunj: (Moves back…and gives her a sarcastic smile) Hahaha very funny….siyappa queen stopped the siyappa…Lol .
And he gets up but has severe pain in his leg….twinkle gets up immediately and puts his arm across her shoulder and gives him support…. they both share an eyelock (manchala man chala teri oore plays). The screen freezes on them looking into each others eyes.

PRECAP- Twinj and Yuhi’s haldi function and twinkle and kunjs naughty plan against anita and cherry.

Soooo guys hope ull liked it…plzzzz don’t forget to share ur views via ur comments
Lots of love to all of u.

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