A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 17


Hello lovely people… thanx for all the support…and the lovely comments.
I am back with the episode 17 of my ff.
Hope ull will like it.

Scene-1(Taneja house)
Twinkle is in her room…engaged in selecting which saree she must wear in the sangeet…. kunj comes there to give her the medicine which she had left in sarna house bymistake….kunj sees her confused between 3 sarees and stops outside the door admiring her.
Twinkle: All three of them are soo pretty…how can i choose one…ohh babaji plzzz help…she asks mahi but mahi is busy with her stuff and asks her to decide on her own….twinkle says I hav to chose 1 fast as its already 4 and everyone will come by 6…she sits on the bed with a confused face.
Kunj sees that 1 saree is Green…1 is Royal blue and 1 is Dark pink…He says my coat is navy blue…if she wears the royal blue saree we will get along well…but how shud I give her a hint…I cant say directly as mahi bhabhi is sitting there…he gets an idea.
He knocks the door and enter inside the room pretending that he is talking on the phone.
Kunj: (On phone)Hellloo…ya bhai my favorite colour is blue and thats why the coat I’m going to wear today is navy blue…but y r u asking… helllooo bhai are u there.
Twinkle gets his hint and shows him the royal blue saree and smiles… he winks to her and acts like the phone got cut.
Mahi: Kunj…u…here…what happened.
Kunj: Actually bhabhi…this stupid girl(twinkle) left her medicine there only in my room so I had come to give that…Ohk so I’ll leave now…. he gives twinkle a naught smile and leaves.
Twinkle blushes and leaves to get ready.

Scene 2(taneja house again)
Sarna family enters and everyone welcome them… Kunj and yuvi take blessings from elder and all go a sit in the lawn where the sangeet ceremony will be done.
Kunj and Yuvi are continuously looking at the entrance in search of twinkle and mahi.
Just the bubbly and pinni bring Twinkle and Mahi there….Twinj and Yuhi look at each other and are mesmerized in each others beauty/looks.
Bubbly and pinni cough and both the couples come back to their senses.
Twinkle lools super hot in the royal blue saree and black shiny off shoulder blouse….and mahi looks no less in her wine colour saree….Mahi is shocked to see twinj colour coordinated.
Mahi:(Pinching twinkle) I and yuvi had already decided of wearing the same colour but how come u nd kunj too.
Twinkle: What a coincidence… coincidence diii…nothing else.
Mahi remembers kunj coming to their room and giving twinkle the hint.
She laughs and says ya I exactly know how this coincidence happened… Nyways come lets sit…the function is about to start.
The go and sit besides their partners.
Yuvi complements mahi and kisses her hand…she blushes.
Kunj looks at twinkle and thinks…kamal lag rahi hai aaj siyappa queen… per agar taarif ker di to Chaney k jhaad pe chad jayegi.
Twinkle looks at kunj and thinks… kitna hot lag raha hai iss blazer mai…per agar taarif ker di to Chaney k jhaad pe chad jayega.
They come out of thoughts and say together.
Tu/tum bhi thik thak hi lag rahi/rahe ho.
They give each other a anger look and say thankyou.

Raman comes on stage and says so we start the sangeet function… all of ull are most welcome.
Dancers hav been called who dance and entertain everyone.
Everyone asks bubbly to perform aswell as all had loved her dance in Yuhis engagement.
Bubbly dances on the song London thumakda and all praise her.
Pinni goes and says that this sangeet is special and to make it even more special even our couples will dance today….all clap and are excited.
Yuhi and twinj deny as they hav not prepared but they are forced by everyone so the had no choice left.
Yuhi dance on sanam re….they dance beautifully and all are happy for them.
Then its twinjs chance and the dance on gerua….their dance is very sensual…. and they are lost in each other….at the end they are facing each other and having a ball dance….they are really close and almost kissed when the song gets over and everyone happily clap for them….twinj come back to senses and move away.
Rt announces that dinner is ready and asks everyone to come for dinner… all leave for dinner.
Bebe stops twinj and yuhi and gives them car keys and says…go ull go out on a long drive…ull won’t get this time back…go and enjoy.
Twinkle: But bebe maaa…
Bebe: You don’t worry for that puttar I will handle everything ull leave.
Yuvi hugs her happily and thanks her.
They leave.

Anita is shown standing there…she looks at them leaving and smile evily.
Anita: Now no one can save thi family from destruction and sorrow…. she laughs.

PRECAP- No precap guys keep thinking what has anita planned….and how will our twinj and yuhi get saved from her evil plan.

I hope ull liked it….plzzz share ur views via ur comments… and keep guessing.
Lots of love to all of u?

Credit to: Aakanksha

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