A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 16

Heyy guys thanx for all the lovely comments??…so here you go with the episode 16…I hope ull like it?.

Scene 1(Sarna house)
Anita is in her room and thinks I’ll hav to plan something else only now…god knows how that twinkle got saved after such a big accident…Sarey kiye karaye per paani pher diya us stupid kunj ne.
Cherry comes there.
Cherry: Saw mummyji that good for nothing kunj…how he saved twinkle… all my efforts went in vain on top I had to pay soo much to the driver for doing that accident.
Mahi was passing from there…she had come to meet twinkle as twinkle was still in sarna house…she hears their conversation and gets shocked… she thinks.
Mahi: Ohhh my god I never thought they were so dangerous ppl…what shud i do shud I inform twinkle about this…but she has just come out of coma…ohhh babaji what shud I do…she was thinking and walking towards twinkles room when she collides with yuhi and both fall on each other…sanam re plays…she says sry and gets up…yuvi also gets up and holds her lovingly but she jerks him and says I hav to go and meet twinkle…yuvi gets thinking whats the matter why is she behaving like this.

Scene 2.
Kunj was making twinkle hav soup and shouting at her as she was refusing to drink it.
Mahi enters there she asks twinkle how she is and looks tensed.
Twinkle notices this and signs kunj to go as she has to talk to mahi.
Kunj leaves.
Twinkle makes mahi sit besides her and asks her the matter…mahi is hesitant at first but wen twinkle gives her, her swear mahi tells her everything and twinkle gets shocked.
Mahi: But i don’t understand 1 thing what will they get by hurting u..?
Twinkle: Diii its very clear…if they hurt me and anything happens to me then our marriages won’t happen and that will make all the family member sad and they will be in pain…and thats exactly what anita aunty wants…she wants to snatch all the happiness from this family…. but we won’t let this happen.
Yuvi was standing outside and had stopped kunj also with him.
They hear the entire conversation and fume…. yuvi is about to go to cherry to kill him but kunj asks him to wait.

Kunj: Bhai wait that is not the solution to the problem… we will hav to use their style and plan in disguise… we will flop all their evil plans and let the girls feel that they hav done it…they will be extremely happy…what say bhai…??
Yuvi: Superb plan kunj.
They give each other high 5 and leave.
Scene 3.
Leela and Rt are taking twinkle back to taneja house as the marriage preparations will be starting from tomorrow….twinj look at each other and thier eyes say a sad bye to each other.
B4 leaving leela tells usha “usha ji kal humare yahan sangeet ka function hoga to aap sab zaroor aaiyega…waise to sangeet mai mundon(boys) ka aana mana hota hai but ab zamana badal gaya hai ji…aur waise bhi ye log to pehle se hi ek dusre ko jaantey hain ek dusre ke sath kafi waqt bita chuke hain to mai chahti hun ki yuvi aur kunj bhi aayen kal sangeet mai.
Usha: Han han ji bilkul…aap ne to mere muh ki baat cheen li leela ji. To fir kal miltey hai shaam ko 6 baje.

Scene 4.
Kunj and twinkle are in their rooms and thinking about each other…when both start getting hiccups.
Kunj and twinkle together: Ye mujhey itni hichkiyan kyun aa rahi hain. Yad to mai ker raha/rahi hun na ussey…to hichki muje kyunnn….kahin vo bhiii…
Both of them pick up their phones to call each other and call at the same time so it says the line is busy…they keep trying many times but the same thing happens….manchala man chala teri oore plays.
Finally twinkle keeps her phone aside but kunj calls again saying Ohk now this is the last time…and the phone gets connected….twinkle gets glad seeing kunjs name on her phone she picks it immediately.
Both together again: Kabse kall ker raha/rahi hun kiske sath baat kerne mai busy hai/ho…??
Together again: I was calling u only.
They understand what exactly had happened…as soon as they spoke to each other their hiccups are gone.

Kunj: Tell me why were u calling.
Twinkle: (Is about to say the actual reason but controls herself self)U hav called so u say first.
Kunj: (Notices his huccups are gone) I had just called to ask about ur health….and to instruct u not to trouble leela aunty for eating… everyone is not as patient as me to jhelofy(handle) all ur nakhras. Now u tell why did u call
Twinkle: Mr saran i don’t do any nakhra Ohk…and I had called bcoz…(she thinks for an excuse).. ya bcoz maa told me to thank u for all u did for me…(she sighs that she got an excuse)
Kunj: Ohhh accha so u want to thank me as leela aunty said and not from ur heart…wahhh wahhhh bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi hai bhai
Twinkle: No kunj actually on a serious note thankyou is a very small word for everything that u hav done for me…i don’t know how repay back ur favor… god knows what wud hav happened if u were not there with me.
Manchala man chala teri oore plays.
Kunj: (Is very happy to hear that but says) twinkle are u really fine i guess u r having fever plzzz check…YOU…Miss twinkle taneja is thanking me….My ears can’t believe it…plzzz say all that once again Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Get lost…I thanked u once na so be happy… how cud u even think I’ll thank u again…stop dreaming with open eyes mr sarna come back to reality.
Kunj: Waahhh ab lag raha hai na ki mai apni siyappa queen se baat ker raha hun…good night…mujhe pata hai tuhje neend nahi aa rahi hogi….8 din jo lagatar soyi hai…per mujhe bohot aa rahi…tere wajha se mai 8 din se nahi soya aaj finally chain ki neend sounga.
Twinkle Is really happy and thankful to him in her heart but says.
Twinkle: Han han zada sunane ki zaroorat nahi hai…jao soo jao na roka kisney hai tumhe…good night.
She cuts the phone.

They both look at the phone and hav a broad and contentful smile on their face.
Sajna ve plays and the screeen freezes in their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Twinj and yuhis sangeet function…anitas evil plan…twinj and Yuhis dance performances.

I hope ull liked it…as i always mention… plzzz share ur valuable views via ur comments… love u all…stay blessed.

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