A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 15

Guys i just can’t explain it to u all how happy i was with the response on my last ff…I was surprised really…the episode which i thought ppl will find boring was loved soo much by u all. Thankyou to each and every1 who commented and also to silent readers. Luv u all. Ohk so enough of blabbering now lets start with the 15th episode.

Scene 1(sarna house)
Twinkle has been shifted to kunjs room along with all the machines required and a nurse(let me name the nurse ganga).
Manohar: Kunj its a very big responsibility that u hav taken on ur head…I hope u handle every thing well(he moves his hand over kunjs head)
Kunj nods in affirmation and hugs him.
Manohar consoles him saying everything will be fine and leaves.
Kunj: Ganga ji(as she is quite elder to him) u don’t need to be here all the time…u can stay in the guest room…and don’t take tension about twinkle…im there here to take care of her…u can come time to time for giving medicines, checking bp etc.
Ganga complies and leaves.
Kunj sits besides twinkle and holds her hand.

Kunj: Kab tak yun chup chap leti rahegi Siyappa queen…mujhe pata hai to zada der tak chup nahi reh payegi…jis ladki ko 24 ghantey boltey rehne ki aadat hai…wo kitni der tak chup reh payegi bhala.
Btw pata hai mujhe to bada maza aa raha hai…ab jo mere man mai aaye mai bol sakta hun…kyunki tu to kuch bolegi nahi…pata hai kitna sukoon mil raha hai mujhe…kitni shanti hai aahh haaaa haaa.

He had controlled his tears all this while but he cud no more do so. He burst out in tears.(channn se jo tutey koi sapna from om shanti om plays)

Kunj: Twinkle uthhhh…uthhh na twinkle(patting her face and shaking her)

Abbb aur nahi sahi jaati teri ye chuppi…teri aawaz suney bina zinda to hun per pal pal mer raha hun teri ye halat dekh ker….twinkle tu apna best friend maanti hai na mujhe to kam se kam meri ye haalat dekh ker mere liye hi uth ja.
He hugs her and cries.
Yuhi come there and see this.
Mahi is about to enter the room when yuvi stops her.
Yuvi: Mahi don’t go right now…let them be together…u know love has the power to make anything possible… maybe kunjs love will cure twinkle more then all these medicines and treatment.
Mahi hugs him and cries bitterly. They leave.
Kunj breaks the hug and gets up.

Kunj: Ohhh ab mai samjha tu ye sab kyun ker rahi hai tu mujhse apni dekh bhaal kerwana chaahti hai na…attention seeker kahin ki…to thik hai tere liye vo bhi kerne ko tayyar hun mai.
Kunj takes immense care of her…from combing her hair to making her eat medicines he does everything… all the family members see him and cry.(mujhey teri zaroorat hai song plays)

7 days pass but twinkle shows no sign of improvement… kunj is broken completEly…he has lost all hopes…he goes to the gurdwara to pray for twinkle. There he finds a priest. Tje preist comes to him.
Preist: I know u r very sad and heart broken as someone whom u really love is not well…but i can help u.
Kunj: (He is shocked) But guruji how do u know this…??
Preist: Don’t question me and waste ur time…u hav to go to a far off jungle and get yellow colour small flowers that grow there…those flowers bloom only in moonlight and fall off as soon as the suns rays fall on it…u hav to go and get those flowers…if u make the ill person drink a spoon of the extract of those flowers the person will become fine in no time…those flowers hav the power to heal any disease… but remember u cant waste any more time as it already dark and u hav to come back b4 the sun rise.

Kunj herb him patiently and asked him about the jungle.
The preist explained him the route and without wasting any time kunj left in his car. But after covering a particular distance the cars tire got punctured… kunj was very angry he cud not waste time in changing the tire so he got down the car and started running towards the jungle…the jungle was quite far but kunj somehow managed to reach there for his siyappa queen but its already 3am and the sun rises at 6 am he had to reach home b4 that.
He goes to the jungle and starts finding the flower…mean while stem of a thorny tree rubs against his arm and he gets a deep cut but he doesn’t bother to even look at it and he continues finding.

He finally finds the flowers and starts plucking them he doesn’t hav anything to keep the flowers so he removes the shirt and starts keeping the flowers in it…the plant was very thorny and his hands got cut all over but he didnt hav ant time to attend to his wounds right now. He covered up the flowers well with his shirt and ran out of the jungle to reach home asap….he was hell tired and had many wounds but i cud not afford to stop…he some how reached sarna house by 5:40 am sun was just about to rise…all were tensed as kunj had not come home since evening and everyone was waiting in the hall for him to return…every1 was shocked to see kunj in that state…bebe asked him what had happened but he straight away rushed to the kitchen crushed the flowers took the extract in a bowl and ran towards his room.
Kunj: See twinkle what i hav got…now u will be perfectly fine…he goes to her and puts the juice/extract in her mouth… all come to his room behind he.
Kunj now finaly takes a breat and explain everything to the family members… all are proud of him and yuvi hugs him emotionaly.

All wait for twinkle to open her eyes…but an hour passes and twinkle doesn’t open her eyes…kunj loses his temper and picks a nearby glass of water and throws it on the ground…saying twinkleeeeee. He falls on his knees and cries bityerly sitting beside her bed.

Twinkle opens her eyes at once.
All see this and get happy…but kunj didn’t see that twinkle with much difficulty lifts her hand and places it on his head…he recognizes her touch and looks at her at once…he can’t believe his eyes.
He gets up and sits near her holding her face.
Kunj: Twinkleee…twinkle tu thik hai…twinkle plzzz kuch bol mere kaan taras gaye hain teri awaz sun ne ke liye..(tears roll down his eyes)…tu nahi jaanti ye 8 din mere liye 8 saal ke barabar they…plzz kuch bol twinkle plzzz.
Kunj is delighted and kisses her forehead. Twinkle smiles…while all others clappp.
Usha says Ohk so ull be together we will leave…i will inform leela ji she will be glad to know this.
They leave.

Kunj hugs twinkle.
Kunj: Twinkle tuney to meri jaan hi nikal di thi…tujhe kuch ho jata to mai tooo…

He suddenly realises that he cant tell her anything…he breaks the hug and gets up.
He asks her to takes rest and tries to leave but twinkle holds his hand and stops him she says.
Twinkle: Kunj u know what i was in coma and my entire body cud not work but my ears cud…I cud hear everything but cud not respond….Thankyou kunj thankyou so much for everything if u wud hav not done all this for me I wud hav di…
Kunj keeps finger on her lips.
Kunj: Till I’m alive that is not possible… don’t even think about it Siyappa Queen.
Nd btw don’t take my words seriously han u were not well so i had sympathy towards u nothing else…kuch aisa waisa mat sochna samji.
Twinkle:(Smiles) Han bilkul samajh gayi. Wahi to mai sochoon ye mera khadoos sarna itna sweet kab sey ho gaya.
They both smile and the screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Twinj and Yuki marriage rituals start.

Guys hope ull liked it….plzzz plzzz plzzz do let me know via ur comments. Love u all.

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