A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 14

Hello lovely readers here v go with the 14th episode… this one is something different hope ull like it.

Scene 1.
Kunj and Twinkle are in exam hall writing their papers…Kunj finishes his paper 15 minutes early…he submits the paper and signs twinkle that he is waiting outside near the bike parking slot…twinkle nods and signs him to go she will come.
Kunj is waiting outside near the parking stand and speeking on phone with usha.
Twinkle comes out of the college and is extremely happy as her exam was superb…she happily runs towards kunj…kunj doesn’t see her and is talking to usha…Just then he hears a noise and turns to see…he is shoked…twinkle gets hit by a car…people gather arround twinkle… kunj rushes to her and see her bleeding badly through her head… he is shocked too see that state of her.
Kunj: Ye kya hogaya…kaise hogaya ye sab…(he falls on his knees and holds twinkles face) I won’t let anything happen to you. Today even if god comes down to take you I won’t let u go…I won’t let u go far from me ever…and thats a promise.
He rushes her to the hospital.

Scene 2
In the hospital the receptionist asks him to fill the consent form first…he gets extremely angry and screams.
Kunj: (holding twinkle in his arms)What nonsense is this…cant u see her condition…its worsening every second…and all that matters to u is this consent form…if any thing happens to twinkle i swear to god i will get ur hospital closed and not leave anyone of you.
Receptionist: But Sirrr…
Listening to the noise the doctor comes there and asks whats going on
Kunj: Doctor.. doctor she is my fiance…she got hit by a car…she is bleeding badly doctor…plzzz save her doc plzzz save her…plzzz don’t let anything happen to her.
Doc: Nures..ward boy take her to the OT(operation theatre) right now.
They put twinkle on the stretcher and take her to the OT…kunj is holding twinkles hand and doesn’t want to leave it..he requests doc to let him come inside the OT but he refuses…they take twinkle inside and kunj hesitantly leaves twinkle’s hand…He falls on his knees and cries bitterly.
Kunj: Twinkleeee….plzzzz jaldi se thik hoja meri Siyappa Queen…plzzzz
Sarna and taneja family come there.
Kunj: Maa…papa aap log yaha.

A flash back is shown.
Looking at twinkle’s accident mobile falls from kunjs hands. Usha was still talking to him but she was not getting any response.. so she cut the phone and tried calling him again…at first no one answered but later a man from the crowd saw the phone ringing and picked it up and told Usha everything what had happened…usha gets shocked she asks the man if he knows which hospital they r taking twinkle to..the man says there is only one hospital close by ie city hospital so they might take her there only…usha informs leela about it and all of them rush to the hospital.
Flashback ends.
Kunj hugs usha and cries bitterly… usha bebe and leela console him.
Bebe: Kunj puttar Rab per bherosa rakh…rab sab thik kerega…teri twinkle ko kuch nahi hoga.
Leela: (Sits on the chair and starts crying)Babaji plzzz keep my twinkle safe…if anything happens to her even I will die.
Rt and bebe console leela.

Rt: Leela don’t take tension nothing will happen to our twinkle…she is a fighter… she will fight this situation also and will become totally fine.
Mahi can’t control her tears any more…she cries and runs from there…yuvi goes behind her.
Mahi:(in front of ganesh ji’s idol)Bappa everyone calls u vigna harta as u don’t let anything bad ever happen with good people. Then why are u making twinkle suffer like this…bappa plzz plzzz dont let anything happen to her…plzzz save her bappa plzzz.
Yuvi comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. She turns back and hugs him and cries…yuvi consoles her and says my saali is a fighter as rt uncle rightly said…she will show her tigress avtaar and even death will fear and runaway.
Mahi smiles a little and yuvi takes her with him.

Outside the OT everyone is waiting for the doctor to come out.
Doc comes out and kunj holds his hand and asks him if twinkle is fine.
Doc: She is out of danger partly as we hav removed all the blood clots from her head but she is still in danger as she has slipped into coma.
Everyone get shocked.
“She has slipped into coma” these words echo in kunjs ears…he runs to the OT and this time looking at his state the doc doesn’t stop him.

Kunj goes near twinkle and takes her hand in his hand.
Kunj: Twinkle mujhey pata hey tu na sirf drama ker rahi hai…tujhe na mujhe pareshan kerne mai maza aata hai…dekh ho gaya mai pareshan vo bhi bohot pareshan…. ab to tera maqsad pura ho gaya na…ab to uth jaa siyappa queen..dekh agar to abhi bhi nahi uthi na to mai tujhse kabhi baat nahi karunga…aur…aur maine vo jo teri favorite waali chocolate laai hai na tere liye vo bhi mai bhabi ko de dunga…uth ja na twinkle plzz.Tears fall from his eyes…he shakes twinkle and says…mai tere bina nahi jee sakta twinkle…plzzz mujhe chod ker mat ja plzzz…he keeps his head on her hand and cries(Agar tum saath ho plays)
He comes out and asks doctors as to how much time will twinkle take to recover.
Doc: I can’t give any definite answer… it may take days..weeks..months or in worst cases even years.
Everyone cry.
Kunj says I’m fine with it…i will take care of her till she gets up and speaks to me…fights with me…doc I will take twinkle home…u send whatever things are required and a nurse for medical assistance… all other care will be taken by me.
Doctor agrees.
Kunj: Tujhe thik hona hoga twinkle mere liye sirf mere liye…jab tak tu thik nahi hojati mai chain ki saans nahi lunga…zameen aasman ek kerdunga but mai apni siyappa queen ko kuch nahi honey dung…ye mera wada hai khud se.
Screen freezes on kunjs face.

Precap: Twinkle is shifted from hospital to kunjs room…kunj takes immense care of her.

Hope ull liked the episode guys…plzzz share ur views via ur comments… and let me know if it was boring as there were no twinj scenes.

Credit to: Aakanksha


    • Aakanksha

      OMG komal thankyou soo much….that’s soo sweet of u…plzz wait till 4th march after that ill promise ull get atleast 2 episodes a day or maybe more…luv ya

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    Nice Aakanksha di…As u already know u r a good writer . And yes . I m a girl . And call me Chandra . My nick name . U r just like my lovely elder cousin .Love u .

    • Aakanksha

      yesss gauri pakka….by tomorrow evening or 1st march early morning…im glad and extremely happy that u…the great writer gauri is commenting on my ff

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        gauri that’s just how talented people are they are unaware of their greatness…and so r u…for me u r my fav writer that’s all I know

  3. sonal

    Akanksha you are very nice your ff are mind blowing I m very happy to have a friend like you thanx ……
    Why there is no written update of nagin plzz update nagin serial kl ka bhi update nhi hua aaj ka bhi nhi hua plzzzzz update I want to read…..

    • Aakanksha

      thanx a lot sonal im glad u consider me as ur friend…are u there on any of the social networking sites..if yess plzz tell me we can connect through that

  4. Simi

    Awwww kunj is sooooo imotional . di I think u should be a dialogue writer . I love d dialogues in dis episode. N. M eagerly waiting for the next episode. R u post in it tomorrow?

  5. Aakanksha

    thankyou sooo muchhh simi that’s a really big complement for me dear…I will post it by tomorrow evening or 1st march early morning

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    Aakanksha……what a fabulous,outstanding,awesum,mind blowing,superb,beautiful, and amazing episode…it has touched my heart what an episode Aakansha..hats off to u..????

    • Aakanksha

      and there u go once again u hav put me on cloud 9…..smc u make me feel blessed yar I srsly don’t hav words to thank u…al I can say is luve u from the core of my heart

  8. tara

    omg aakanksha..what an epi..so heart wrenching..the way u described kunj’s behaviour was out of the world….btw sorry for late comment i was bit busy..bt u r superb..love u muahh!!

    • Aakanksha

      no regrets tara yaar plzz don’t say sry….ur such a good friend of mine and what matters is ur comment and not how quick or late…im glad u liked it…luv u tara

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  9. Aakanksha u’re superbbbbbbbb….. Vry heart touchingg epii.. Bored not at all. Everytime when i read ur ff i love it more nd more nd i becomemore big fan of u nd ur ff.. Really luv u yaar…

    • Aakanksha

      sunaina thankyou sooo sooo sooo much….im srsly extremely happy that all of ull liked my ff…thanx for all the support….luv u….btw wud u mind me calling u SUU…sry han if u don’t like it actualy I hav a frnd of this name and that’s what I call her…plzz don’t mind

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    hey aakansha…i m a silent reader bt ur episode forced me to comment…u r such an amazing writer…plz update soon…waiting eagerly….n plz make twinkle fine soon…

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    Entertaining keep it up I like it but what will happen to twinkle i am so curious to know can you please upload the next update as fast as possible
    Thankyou ?

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    Thanx sanvi…tina…and my bff tara thanx for the love… I just posted the next Epi u will get to read it soon

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