A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 12

Heyyyy Guysss I’m back with the 12 episode…. I can’t stay for long without posting any ff…though my exams are going on but i still find out some time to write… Hope ull will like it.
Scene 1 (Sarna house)
Guruji tells everyone that U all will hav to start the preparations as soon as possible bcoz there are 2 marriages that will be happening together.
Leela and Usha assure guruji that they will manage everything and ask him not to take tension. Guruji blesses twinj and yuhi and leaves.
Kunj: Maa I’m going in my room i hav to study there are ony 2 days for the final mba exam.
Twinkle: Maa give me the keys even I’ll go home and study.
Usha: Arey twinkle why will you go there to study…why don’t u and kunj study together… its better to study together… u can help him and he can help you.

Twinj look at each other thinking what to do now.
Leela: Ya usha is right go ull go in kunjs room and study I’ll get something for ull to eat.
Twinj leave from there hesitantly.
Twinj are sitting in the room on the bed all surrounded by books…they were about to starts studying when yuhi come there…mahi gives them snacks and is smiling.
Twinkle: What happened dii..??
Mahi: Nothing ull continue(she leaves)

Yuvi: (Smiles at kunj) Enjoy urself. …i mean study well (he leaves)
Kunj gives him a angry look.
Twinkle is trying to study but her hairs are open and are coming on her face…she can’t tie it as she has papers in her hand and if she leaves it…they wud fly off…she is trying hard to tie her hair with one hand…she searches for something to use as a paper weight… kunj sees this and gets up and goes to her…he sits in front if her as there is no place behind her….she looks at him…he moves towards her and ties the rubberband to her hair…he is really close to her.. she feels something and closes her eyes…he looks at her closing her eyes and looks at her lovingly(sajnave monent)…. twinkle’s hands grip loosened and all the papers started flying.
Twinj come back to sense and start catching the papers….while going to pick a paper twinkles leg gets twisted…she is about to fall when kunj holds her…they share a romantic eyelock (ankhon mei teri from Om shanti Om plays).

Bebe comes there to ask if the need anything…she looks at them in that position and coughs.
Twinj compose them selves.
Bebe: Both of u are supposed to study…and u are busyyy…
Twinkle: No no bebe nothing like that…actuallyyy.
Bebe: Its Ohk I don’t mind…ull are engaged and will get married in few days…but concentrate on studies aswell…if ull need anything tell me.
(she leaves)
Twinj resume studying… they get engrossed in studying and don’t see the time…suddenly twinkle gets Leela’s call.
Leela: Puttar its 11pm don’t u want to come back home.
Twinkle: Omg…sry maa I just didn’t notice the time…I’ll come in 5 mins u don’t take tension.
She gets up…says bye to kunj…and starts leaving.
Kunj holds her hand…and stops her.

Twinkle: What happened let me go…maa is waiting for me.
Kunj: Oyeee siyappa queen time dekha hai…11 baj rahey hain itni raat ko akele jayegi…ruk mai bike ki chaabi leker aat hun.
Twinkle thinks in her mind kunj is so caring… he is tired and his body also might be paining as he has got hurt but still he is coming to leave me…she smiles.
Kunj asks her where is she lost.
Twinkle: Nowhere lets go.
They reach taneja house..twinkle wishes him goodnight and walks towards the house…kunj is still there she turns and asks him to go…he takes his bike a lil ahead but still waits to see her entering inside the house safely.
Twinkle sees this and is very happy.
Twinkle: Kunj…we are just friends but i can say 1thing without any doubt that i cud never get a better husband than u.
The screen freezes on her smiling face.

PRECAP- Entry of the Villains of my

Cud ull guess who wud be the villains…i know ull will definitely guess it right.
Hope ull liked the episode.. plzz share ur views via ur comments… I know todays episode is quite short and I’m sry for that. Next Epi will be bigger for sure…lots of love to all my readers.

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  1. i guess anita , cherry and surjeet

    1. u r perfectly right saibo

  2. Hey di hi . the rubber band part was something different. I really liked it…… Sooo cute tat was …….????????

  3. i agree wid simi..i have cmmnted in the grp as well so u will see it there..bt this one is really super se bhi uper..!!

  4. thankyou so much simi and tara…luv u both

  5. Its realy a adrble epi..
    Btw akanksha hers no tahsan..i mean ur title is tahaan e dosti to tahsan e ishq so where is tahsan yaar???i know dono eak dusrw ko luv nahi karte bt dono k bech mein toh tahsan hi nahi hain aur na hi dono family k beech mein..
    Agar mene tumhe hrt kiya toh m rly rly rly rly rly sooooorrrryyyy…me galat bhi ho sakti ho aakti ho bcz m new here so mene tumhare ff k sirf 5/6 epi hi dekhe hai..agr pehle tha toh i dnt know..

    1. preeti pehle tha in dono ke beech tashan but they hav started realizing their luv for each other….btw I agree no tashan right….I will surely try to put in some scenes of tashan but now that I hav started showing them getting feelings for each other I don’t know if adding tashan wud be possible….but yesss ill try my level best….and plzzzz don’t be sry preety im glad u shared ur view and spoke ur heart….actually I just never thought about it….im a lil tensed now as to how will I show tashan but ill try for sure….thanx a lot preety luv u

  6. really awesome episode…….waiting for next episode

    1. thanx gopika will post the next one by today evening itself

  7. guys plzzz comment and let me know how many of ull need tashan….actually im a little clueless right now…plzzz help

  8. really twinkle and kunj are always made for each other and the way they care for each other is really nice nice epi akanksha

    1. thanx sudha I totally agree with u

  9. So romantic keep it up….

    1. I’m glad u liked it akankhya

  10. Guys I don understand tat from 22 Feb this whole week the sbas,SBB,SBS were giving segments of tei . I mean d whole week . there’s a segment today also where kunj will sav twinkle in d swimming pool . its on fb …….do all of u lyk to see d spoilers n then watch d episodes. I mean lyk once OK but not everyday. We get to know d whole episodes story before we watch the episode.??????????

    1. hmmmm simi u r some what right but they do that so that we know what wud be happening next and we will watch the epi…those are trp increasing stunts….but I like to see the segments it makes me happy…but even ur point of view is right

      1. Di actually I toooo cannot resist them . my problem is only tat . then after watching I think they o mah god I saw d spoiler . …….tats d problem I have but still I love dis show. ya di trp also rose from 2 to 2.2 dis week…….. Love tei ??????

  11. Wow! Dear aakanksha your episode is so execellent am so much happy i can’t explain you how much am happy god bless you make a got first class…….. Your ideas are amazing nd twinkle and kunj scence was amazing…., but your exams is also their but you don’t forget to post your episode how u are happinies are giving to your comment people……once again am telling you your episode was mindblowing……… :-):-):-P;-):-):-)

    1. aarush u r seriously going to make me get diabetes by sooo sweet comments….ur comments always make my comment…btw if u dnt mind may I ask u if u r a boy or a girl actually I hav this question in my mind since quite long

  12. Very nice aakansha

    1. thanx sanu

  13. Wow akanksha u r such a grt frnd for me..
    Lovvvvv uuuuu yarrrrrrr????????

    1. I luv u too..and sry if u didn’t like my ff actually I thought that people wud love to see more of love and less of tashan….I know the heading and content of my ff don’t match and im really sry for that

  14. lovely episode♥♥♥♥ 🙂

    1. tysm sanam…luv ya

  15. Hey Aakansha , you write good….keep it going…you have the ability to tell stories keep it going dear 🙂

    1. omg omg omg….so u hav kept my words…thank you soooo sooo sooo much for commenting….u r so sweet…luv u….what cud be better than getting such a good response from an amazing writer like u….thankyou once again ….I just luv u gauri

  16. Epi is amazing as always…

    1. thanx ruchi

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